Run server off old computer

Started by Jack Telford, April 18, 2016, 10:33:51 PM

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Jack Telford

Would it be possible to run a server for RPG-X on my old computer  and if so how? Nothing big just 4 or 5 players for a few friends and me.

Martin Thompson

Yes, that is possible!

There is two options here, local or dedicated server.

You can start a local server from the game's UI. The server will be up aslong as you are running the game. When you close the game the server closes.

A dedicated server is basically the server without an ui (so it just starts a console and runs on the background without rendering the game for you). This would be accessible 24/7 as long as your pc is powered on and the server is running. I don't currently know how to run one on windows though, i know it is possible but I havn't done so for ages.

Scott Archer

You could potentially run a virtual box with a linux distro in to run a dedicated server as well

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Jack Telford

I can run linux or Windows depending on what's needed. If I can't go through windows does anyone know how to do it through linux? Thanks. :)