State of Development - 5/21/2016

Started by Telex Ferra, May 21, 2016, 01:06:01 pm

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Telex Ferra

Hello everyone, sorry that I haven't posted an update in over two weeks due to a lot of stuff going on IRL. Nonetheless, Martin and I have continued making progress on RPG-X, moving closer and closer to our RPG-X 2.4 milestone.

Testing Environment

Martin has created a staged testing environment so that we can test out some of our more risky changes before we push them to the teriyaki testing server. This will allow us to catch fatal bugs before you run into them yourselves on the test server.

Various Bug Fixes

- An issue that would cause the game to crash when loading the server menu has been fixed
- An issue that would cause the game to crash for all clients when one client disconnected from a server has fixed

Station Iowa

The Station Iowa self-destruct crash has been fixed. 'Nuff said.

Tab Menu IDs

Zeroed-out IDs are now a thing of the past. The only person who will show with ID 0 will be the person with that ID. When you press tab you will see the correct IDs for all players on the server from the moment each person joins. This means no more pm spamming looking for the right ID, and no more disruptive conversations over pm or global chat over who has what ID.

What's Next?

Martin is continuing his work on a pre-configured development VM that would allow anyone who wants to join our project to hop right on with minimal configuration required.

Martin and I will continue trying to get new builds of the game pushed up to the teriyaki server. Due to the opacity of our server host's (Escaped Turkey) servers, we have had difficulty even getting the server to start with the new code. We intend to overcome this obstacle ASAP so we can get 2.4 code running serverside for testing.

We will also begin tackling some more map-specific problems that have made certain favorite maps unplayable on the current release of RPG-X. By the time 2.4 is released, we intend to make both station asteria (the full version) and rpg_voy4 fully playable.

Lastly, we are about to wrap up work on a slight UI fix that would force the game to auto-load the quick server list at launch so that you don't need to press refresh.


I hope I would be able to upgrade my RPG-X to 2.4 with a patch.

Scott Archer

 Awesome work! :D
I've been running an Asteria based RP elsewhere running the 2.2 8.4.6 Beta and the Asteria map is a fantastic map to RP on, so if you could get the full version running and stable in 2.4 than that would be awesome :)

Election Watch and IA Assistant

Telex Ferra

Quote from: minebuild02 on May 21, 2016, 01:19:54 pm
I hope I would be able to upgrade my RPG-X to 2.4 with a patch.

We will be working with Serris to release the final 2.4 version via a patch for RPG-XUE/RPG-XCE.

That being said, we will also be distributing development builds when the time comes, but those will require manual installation.