Sooo.... How many of you remeber the old days?

Started by Ste00, April 13, 2017, 04:35:18 PM

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Any of the old STRP / BCRP lot still around or am I just a wandering ghost?


That was barely a bit before my time

Nice to see some old timers coming back :)


You want old days? What about ERP (which is a hilariously unfortunate acronym today) and FR?


Arron Dominion

I hail from the ERP/ST-RP/FR/ST-P days pre-RPG-X.  Those were good times when the RP scene was still developing.

Scott Archer

I do not remember the olden days (although I do remember dial up!)

Welcome back to RPG-X all the same!

Election Watch and IA Assistant

The Investigator

Smyth Wesson