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Started by CoS Tuvok, April 22, 2017, 08:19:45 PM

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CoS Tuvok

So, I was RPing with Shoot and JDESRO-23, and I had this idea. How about TLO does a Star Trek Voyager SRP? I would run it, the RPG-X Staff would too but I'd reserve the CoS Position for me. We could play the stories of the TV Show or just make up our own. Lemme know how you feel.


Personally, I have never been a huge fan of taking on Cannon characters. Largely because I feel we would fail to portray them correctly.

I have, in the past, taken on a character or two (IN Daedalus - we currently know that the Director is Khan Noonien Singh - and I have written an episode That involves a meet up with Enterprise - with a major part for a cannon character)

However, a small handful of exceptions aside - I personally try to avoid Cannon characters as much as possible. I believe we are all creative enough to come up with our own characters and stories - and as such, we should :)


 I agree with Klaw. We risk either just portraying the characters with gross inaccuracy or we play strongly on that character's few major traits without exploring underlying motivations (playing any Vulcan character as your stereotypical Vulcan, using Data's gimmick of misunderstanding things as the extent of your characterization.

I try to craft every character I play to be unique, and find it a fun challenge to create unique characters. I would hope my work towards characterization shows in my performances!

CoS Tuvok

So true, but what about we play the next generation of Voyager's crew. Like new officers still onboard Voyager... we'd portray them ourselves and restructure the command structure, but it'd be quite an adventure.

Arron Dominion

A Voyager SRP would be cool if you played characters that were not really at the forefront such as Crewmen/Ensigns.  The few episodes in TNG and Voyager that did focus on the lower ranks were just as prolific as your regular senior staff, and gave a different perspective.  It might be beneficial, especially for those newer to RP to have a SRP in that vein.