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Started by Klaw, April 30, 2017, 01:18:18 AM

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I have an interesting problem...

I have uploaded the new vslider image for Daedalus (Something I've done nearly 100+ times.)

For whatever reason, it will render in the topics - but not on the Vslider.

Any old Image I put up will render (I assume it may be cached on the site somewhere) but the new images won't.

near as I can tell nothing has changed on my end.

I apologize for breaking the site, but I wanted you to see what it was doing...

The vslider image size is 650x220 (Like ever other one I have ever made)
The image hosting service is Photobucket.


It looks like the site doesn't like the image links unless they are https.  I will look into it as it should be using a proxy if the image is being served over non https.  From looking at the image URL when it's in the vslider it adds some of the sites style code to the link, which is likely making it error out.

A temporary solution is to use https links for images that will be put into the vslider, but I'll try and get this fixed ASAP.

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Great to know Callum - Thank you for the workaround :)