April Promotions and Awards

Started by criminula, May 04, 2017, 11:51:21 am

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After the rather quiet month of March, April brought an increase in activity, and here we have some promotions to award.

CoS Tuvok has been promoted to the rank of Provisional Officer
Ramsey has been promoted to the rank of Chief
JDesro-23 has been promoted to the rank of Recruit


Callum603: Community Service Award for his work in migrating the site and getting everything set up with our new webhost.

Congratulations to everyone issued with a promotion, or in receipt of an award. I'm sure I can speak for the entire community when I extend to you our gratitude for your contributions.

As ever, if any member wishes to nominate another for an award (see list of possible awards here), please send me a PM, with a little accompanying text covering why you nominated them. Any member is welcome to do this at any time, and they can be added to the month's list.

Whether you've received new pips on your collar or not this month, you may feel like a change in colour. Tired of your uniform colour? Make a request to change it here.

Until next month,
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Jack Telford


I will admit...i didn't have my glasses on and thought i was promoted to chef...... xD

Thank you!....

*starts lunch*

CoS Tuvok

Scott Archer

Election Watch and IA Assistant
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Thank you for the award.

And congrats everyone!

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