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Started by Arron Dominion, May 14, 2017, 01:23:20 PM

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Arron Dominion

Hello everyone!

I am Arron Dominion, and I have been a part of older EF Roleplay (back before RPG-X was a thing if that is telling).  Star Trek is something I keep coming back to, and wish to do more Star Trek based roleplaying when free time permits.

I made a few maps back when I was modding Elite Force, and the best RPG map I released (even if it was not finished entirely) is probably http://www.nexusmods.com/startrekvoyagereliteforce/mods/6/? |  I have always been more comfortable with scripting as opposed to level design.  I still do some game modding, but that is primarily for Skyrim. 

I am a 26 year old programmer, currently at a place that does propane accounting software (queue the propane and propane accessories jokes).  My degree is in Software Engineering from a place called Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  My job is primarily based in C#/SQL, but I have past experience with C/C++/Java/Python/JavaScript/HTML5/Ruby/Scheme/BlitzMax.  Recently got a HTC Vive, and my programming background is part of how I happened on The Last Outpost.

Looking forward to future roleplaying, catching up with veteran EF RPers that are still out there, and being a part of the community.


Ahoy there - and welcome!

incase you haven't found it yet (this is a semi-shameless plug :P) We have a few Serial Roleplays that run on the weekends - that you may like to check out :)

It's nice to see some veterans coming back :)


Hey, Arron! I went by Genesis back in the Federation Reborn days. Nice to see you here!


Hello, welcome to TLO, glad to see some EF RP veterans!

E-Mail: shoot@last-outpost.net
Web: www.last-outpost.net
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Scott Archer

Welcome back into the fold!

Election Watch and IA Assistant
Email: scottarcher@earthelite.co.uk


Welcome back! Glad to have you with us again.


Ahoy there--I remember you ^_^ Welcome back!  :bye:

Arron Dominion

Going to revive this dead topic, as I just started becoming active again, and to help with the newer members who don't know me.  Hello everyone, I am amongst the older crew here(just turned 30 on 7/28), and regained my rp legs.

I am active with the USS Odyssey SRP commanded by Tuvok in a subordinate rank role, and Helmsman on the USS Archer Mini SRP commaned by Brashnard.  I want to thank Tuvok for reaching out to me for joining with Odyssey, as I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his help.  I also want to thank Brashnard for creating an awesome Bolian captain with an exploration mission having the chance for creating new ideas (Pil'Tridon being part of that).

I have been primarily active on Discord more so than I have been on here, and can be added with Arron_Dominion#3851

Glad to be back for real this time!