The End of September Game-a-thon!

Started by RadioActivitii, September 17, 2017, 08:29:28 am

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The End of September Game-a-thon!

From the 25th of September to the 1st of October, the division will be playing various games, while we have no formal timeslot for these activities, they will all be coordinated from the TLO Discord Server (which you can join here). The current lineup of games is, but not limited to:

  • Star Wars: Empire at War
  • Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn
  • Star Trek: Armada III (requires Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion!)

If you have any suggestions for games over the week, be sure to mention them!

But that's not all! From the 22nd of September to the 25th of September, Dendo Hellen will be hosting various Overwatch related activities to go alongside its free weekend!


I suggest the following games because of the quality of their multiplayer experiences relative to their low entry cost:

   •   Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
   •   PULSAR: Lost Colony
   •   Rocket League
   •   Split/Second
   •   The Jackbox Party Pack 3

I'd be happy to host QuipLash 2 and Fibbage 2 from Jackbox via Skype or Discord screen sharing. No one else would have to buy anything.