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Star Trek: Asteroid Field Overview

Season One: Part One - 2385 to 2386

"Diplomacy doesn't fail. People do."

Four months since Olivia Taylor won the special election for the Presidency, senior officials in the Government and Starfleet Command have agreed to continue operations in the Accobar System, despite potential political repercussions. Empowered to succeed and recover from a monumental public-relations disaster, Starfleet elects to put a civilian face on the frontlines in the Tyrella Sector.

Deputy Chief of Staff Renee Hampton and Starfleet Commander Mark Chaplain are tasked with putting together the team to head-up Pioneer Station. As the focus shifts away from Asteroid Base: Alpha, the new facility looks to serve as the first port of call for new arrivals in the system - while heading up all diplomatic and commercial negotiations. All the while, the science project is rebooted and Accobar Three remains a source of wondrous information surrounding a mysterious civilisation which departed from the star system long ago.

New and familiar faces populate The Last Outpost's return to Accobar following the abrupt cancellation of Star Trek: Asteroid Base. Utilising maps and technologies not available prior to the rpgxEF migration - with a new version of RPG-X looming - experience the continuation of a journey through means not previously possible.

Season One: Part Two - 2386

"Code Black"

The peace treaty has been signed - a landmark achievement for the Taylor administration as it enters it's second year. Back in the Accobar System, Jemma Etis returns to work as the search for Ryan Burke continues. For once, it appears to be business as usual. However the final eight episodes of the season delve in to the lives of these characters even further while seeking an answer as to why all roads have been leading back to one star system. In the biggest leap forward since Asteroid Base's pilot, that question will finally be answered in a big way by the time we're done.

We're giving Daniel Thrace a new friend. We're playing war games with Asteroid Base: Alpha. We're hunting for ghosts on Accobar III. We're taking a tragic trip on the Athena. We're unveiling G'rath's masterpiece as the disgraced President steps foot on Pioneer Station. We're saying goodbye to a tortured friend and we're introducing a brand new one. We're entering a world of deceit and trickery. We're running an election (of sorts), in which you will cast your vote and play a part in the outcome. Zeus will wield the Blade of Olympus and Paris will make the hardest decision of all.

We're raising the bar since the day the sky fell.

Season Two - 2386 to 2387

"Justice For All"

Two months have passed since G'rath broadcast his ultimatum to the entirety of Federation space and Starfleet continues to adapt to an increasingly psychotic enemy, now backed up by General Walter Peirce, who has not been sighted since his return. The Government fights a remorseless campaign to eliminate the Illuminati conspirators despite an on-going debate as to where to draw the line. Pioneer Station has faced radical changes since the disappearance of Asteroid Base: Alpha and Mark Chaplain's burden has grown even more prominent. The new year sends the crew on a journey of personal discovery, both literally and figuratively.

What happens when Daniel Thrace returns, and what is he hiding in his quarters? What happens when Jemma Etis locates her sister in the most unexpected place? What happens when the origins of the Tyrella nano-virus are revealed? What happens when Professor Fox leads a search and rescue team to the most unstable of regions? What happens when Alicia Costello & Jack Willis are contacted by Melia Clarke? What happens when the largest gathering of Federation-allied ships amasses? What happens when the Hobus star collapses, changing the political landscape forever... and what happens when the Narada Mining Vessel wages a campaign of terror across the region?

What happens next?

Season Two: Part Two - 2387

"Last Light"

A biological attack on several worlds in the Tyrella Sector brings change to the Accobar System, Asteroid Base: Alpha and Pioneer Station. Determined to reignite the core values that the station was founded upon, a newly appointed Station Commander strives to repair the damage caused by the Illuminati's final act and the Halkonian stand-off. With civilian and allied traffic returning to the system, the major races bound by the Taylor-Taval peace accord begin to establish a permanent presence in the region - making good on promises made in 2385.

But Pioneer's trials and tribulations don't come to a halt there. Daniel Thrace leads an expedition through Accobar's history. A fugitive whistleblower takes a great interest in a senior member of the crew. The heir to a royal throne enjoys unpresecended freedom aboard the station. An original member of the team is accused of treason - with compelling evidence. But to top it all, 2387 delivers a day of judgement which will either unite the region, stronger than ever before - or break it apart once and for all.

In the last four years, the Accobar System has transformed from a remote outpost which few had heard of, to a vitally important and hotly contested hub of diplomacy and scientific discovery. Although many of it's figureheads have departed in the race to establish a strong presence, the struggle to secure it's future has only just begun.

Season Three - 2387 to 2388


A political knee-jerk reaction comes around in the immediate aftermath of the Hobus supernova - causing the destruction of the Romulan homeworld and sending the Star Empire in to disarray. Now a frontline outpost, Pioneer Station becomes the hub of a new staging area as Starfleet forces cross the Neutral Zone as part of a vast and on-going aid effort. With the Taylor Peace Agreement all but nullified in disputed space, convoys and their escorts are regularly attacked and raided while en route to outlying colonies and refugee fleets.

Meanwhile, in light of recent events, the Accobar System has become an inadvertent tourism hotspot. The potential return of the Accobarian race has boosted expectations and provides new Commanding Officer, Sophia Mason, with an opportunity to rebuild Accobar's reputation and raise up Pioneer as a dominant position in the sector. But the station's crew, now with a new resolve and determination, must first deal with scandalous family histories, observers from the future, a threat far from the Delta Quadrant and a brief encounter with the mighty Narada.

Season Three: Part Two - 2388

"Gods and Monsters"

Despite intending to make a fresh start by welcoming Romulan refugee fleet to the Accobar System, Captain Mason has inadvertently set in motion a chain of events that will lead to disaster. Tensions have never been higher and what starts as a minor dispute with the neighboring Klingon force only escalates due to Red Dawn interference. Both Leona Mason and Renee Hampton are summoned to Pioneer Station to diffuse the situation through differing means. But one member of the crew has been playing a dangerous game which may have fatal repercussions.

Allegiances will be forged and broken before a threat from the past emerges from the shadows to face a day of reckoning.

Season Four - 2389

"Halkonia Rises"

Events set in motion long ago come to their explosive conclusion in the seventh season of the Accobar-centric storyline as the rogue Halkonian contingent under the leadership of Denara Clarke return to put an end to the Accobarian threat once and for all. The superpowers of the Alpha Quadrant and beyond are forced to put their differences well and truly behind them as an unpredictable flash-point causes conflict to erupt on multiple words - threatening to leave known space in chaos. A deadly warning from Daniel Thrace puts the crew of Pioneer Station on high alert as zero hour approaches.

When it ends within the ruins of Accobar III, it will end in fire.. prepare for the most unpredictable and ambitious run of episodes to date.

Season Five - 2389-2390

"Personal Responsibility"

As Pioneer puts Accobar on the road to recovery, the crew find that the journey they have embarked upon is not destined to be a smooth one. Doctor Rogan tests his leadership skills in command of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), before Pioneer falls victim to an elaborate heist, with a personal connection to a member of the senior staff. The Etis family history is blown open while the Hera finds itself in an unprecedented encounter at the border of Telosian space coinciding and Captain Mason finds herself battling a stressful physiological change in the wake of her reprimand for actions taken during the Halkonian conflict. All the while, the station adjusts to it's latest First Officer and other new arrivals.

In the background, green-blooded machinations build to a startling turn of events on Federation Day. Ambassador Taval will see you now...

"Dark Star"

Season Five, Part Two - 2390

Pioneer is once again open for business, but a suspicious Starfleet death on the Promenade brings the Federation under fire as the incident is soon linked to the deaths of Romulan Ambassador Taval and Walter Peirce. As the Romulans provide evidence that the Klingons were responsible - with the Klingons believing that a Federation conspiracy has placed them in the frame - Mason's hopes of reuniting all three parties at Accobar seem a distant possibility. But when the Captain is abruptly summoned to what she believes to be a Starfleet inquiry, Renee Hampton returns to Pioneer in order to help prevent the work she started five years ago from becoming obsolete.

However, the investigation and reaction to Taval's death has been fabricated from the start. The Director continues to manipulate the situation from behind the scenes, preparing to blindside the Alpha Quadrant with a firestorm that even she may not be able to control - and will cost Pioneer's crew dearly by this season's end... and all in the name of peace.