"Pioneers Ad Finem: The End" - SERIES FINALE, PART 3 - 15/10/17

Started by Grizz, October 08, 2017, 05:34:32 pm

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Production Code: 7x12 - SRP FINALE
Writer: Grizz
Air Date: 15th October 2017 @ 20:00 BST

"Accobar Rises!"

The Gateway opens.

The Accobi-Halkonian war reignites and the final sacrifices are made.

The story concludes as the Accobar saga draws to a close after ten years of RPG-X storytelling.

You Will Need:

Colony 7   [ Included in Ultimate Edition ]

You May Want:


Out of curiosity, how badly would people be affected if this started 30 minutes sooner? I'm wary of how last week's overran that much.


That'd work for me. I just need to remember to have dinner before, rather than during, this time..


That wouldn't really impact my chance of attendance. I should be there either way.


I won't risk a surprise earlier start - just be aware that it's probably going to run over again.

I don't want to rush through all the story beats and then throw up "THE END" without giving you guys a chance to let your characters breathe during their final outings.


Pioneers Ad Finem: The End - Five Thoughts

1. Mason's Mission: I admit that Sophia's character development largely stalled after Season Three - since becoming simply a propeller of the main storyline. In earlier seasons, I filled her with quirks and hinted at her right-royal childhood on Telos. She used the floor instead of chairs. She strategised as though life was one big game of chess. She had a complex relationship with her mother. She wanted to clear a path for a brighter, safer Accobar. All of these things (apart from maybe the chair thing) all converged in the Season Three finale, Honor For All - which brought Mason's season-long investigation in to the Klingon faction Red Dawn to a close - ultimately leading to the capture of the traitor Walter Peirce.

Mason was robbed of that victory the day Maria Vega turned Peirce to ash within the confines of his cell. Ever since, she has been focused on shining a spotlight on those that have manipulated Accobar from the shadows. Though she was able to learn of Maria Vega's allegiance to Section 31 - that knowledge was stolen from her deteriorating mind. Yet she was then able to publically expose Starfleet Chief of Operations Mark Bonchune as being a pillar of the Cabal.

Now she has her biggest prize - the head of the Cabal and the instigator of a fifty year conspiracy that has encircled Accobar, the Federation and possibly the whole galaxy. Charles Kort. Whether viewed as a man who had an impossible task thrust upon him or a schemer who capitalized on the situation in a quest for power... Mason will want to ensure he makes it through this final hour alive.

2. In a Rush: Doctor David Rush was a central figure in the Accobar mystery, working alongside Daniel Thrace to unlock the secrets of that ancient civilization. Sadly, like Thrace, his departure from the series simply came about as a result of the departure of the member playing him. I did what I could to keep both Thrace and Rush in mind. Rush, especially, I made an integral part of the build up to the final season. It was a gamble which ultimately paid off when Vanguard expressed an interest to return for the final episodes - and I am very thankful for that. It also gave way to a return for our resident Ferengi after a long absence on the Promenade.

3. Going Viral: All credit to Andzzy for having one of the longest running threads of the entire saga dumped at his feet. In 2008, the original Asteroid Base featured a two-part story in which an infection spread across the base. In 2012, the idea was revisited as Doctor Rush's team inadvertently set loose a nanovirus laying dormant under the surface of Accobar III. Thus began the long running suffering of our resident Doctor and also Chief Engineer as the now Borg-Halkonian hybrid of the infection courses through his very being. Now here we are, armed with a new weaponised version of the virus that the good (??) doctor has been working on for quite some time - just in case.

4. Elections, Privateering and Coronations: Sadly when Season 7 was downsized, it took some storylines with it. The big three were the Arcadia payoff, the Presidential election and Mason's return to Telos. I threw Arcadia in to the first part of the finale as a cheap condolence, though Marks is still out there somewhere. We're in Telosian space and there are still going to be hints of what the future holds for Federation-Telosian relations, while there is also going to be some response to how this season started - with James Wright being encouraged to run for office with Renee Hampton as his VP.

5. It's a wrap: At the time of typing this, I'm also running through the maps we will be using on Sunday in order to make final tweaks to the way the episode will be running. It's tough. It has obviously been a sprint to the finish, so wrapping up the main story while also honoring the contributions of all the members past and present in the space of two hours isn't going to be easy. There will be bumps. It may not be smooth. But the important thing is what we made it. Whether you jumped on in 2012, 2016 or even 2007... I hope this has ultimately been a journey worth taking.

It's going to be weird not doing this any longer. If you have any last requests... now is the time to make them known to me.

Martin Thompson

I might not make the 30 mins early, maybe ill even be late, something came up for tomorrow and i dont know how long it will take but obviously i will try to be there for as much of the episode as possible.

Looking forward to this Grizz :)




I've always wondered whether I should ask for Rogan to live or die in the adventure, and to that end I have created in my head an arc for him should he survive. However if the story demands that there must be one final CMO sacrifice, that is also something that I am prepared for. My only hope is that there will be an after-party thread, just so I can share some thoughts that are too long for an episode thread, including a small snippet of what would happen in the days after these final events should Rogan survive.

December. Cheer for everyone!