Protection Area Zoning

Started by Callum603, November 24, 2017, 07:08:36 PM

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In an effort to prevent greifing on the server, we have added a mod that gives the server administrators more control over the TLO server.

One nice feature of this mod is the ability to zone 'safezones', in these areas only someone who owns a block inside that area can build/hack/damage blocks inside the area.  Now this doesn't stop ships or structures being pushed out of the zone, but if you dock ships etc to a central base inside the zone, they will be protected.

Without trying to overstep my authority here, I'm opening this thread for users of the server to request an admin to come and zone their areas.  For the time being, I feel a 2KM spherical zone is more than adequate, but I will leave the official zoneage regulations to Thon & Andzzy.

Only an admin can zone areas, so please post here or contact an admin providing the X, Y, & Z coordinates of where you'd like the centre of your zone to be.


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