Been a while...

Started by Kaialinn, January 01, 2018, 07:56:13 AM

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Hi There
  It's been a good 10 years since i first started role playing with the rpg-x community and the STO community.   Some time ago I ran the Voyager-A roleplay as captain Chakotay and prior to that I ran my own role playing community called ST-O-RP and had a great deal of involvement in building communities through roleplay.  I've taken some years out to get down to work with my new career and to raise a family of my own.  It's really nice to see a community that is still buzzing and still as exciting as before after all this time!  Hopefully I will recognise some or some will recognise me!  I'll be seeing you around thank you for having me.



Hey Kaialin - it has been a while, indeed!  ^-^


Long time no see--welcome back! :)


Welcome back to the world of RPG-X! -- And welcome to TLO!

Stay At Home, Be Safe, Save Lives, Wear a Mask


Thankyou all.   Looking forward to getting stuck in!


December. Cheer for everyone!