Dawn of the New Age

Started by Rapid_Starr, September 30, 2017, 05:06:48 PM

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Howdy, folks; It's been a while - about 03 years around now, almost 04!

I used to skulk around here wayyyy back in 2011 as a new-blood, then popped out and returned for a short time in 2014. I used to go under the name JamesMoriarty, if anyone could recall - but I've decided to finally settle everything down and return.

I hope to see some more familiar faces than I already have, and look forward to speaking & playing with you all!  :)


hi there, I think I had seen you once before but I can't remember, but welcome back all the same ^_^


We have met before, and i want to officially welcome you back to our ranks!


Welcome, on to the forums aswell!

E-Mail: shoot@last-outpost.net
Web: www.last-outpost.net
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Welcome back; glad to have you back with us!  :bye: I would recommend contacting Criminula, who is the Head of Internal affairs. He can get you set back up with your old account and rank.

Martin Thompson

I remember your old alias. Welcome back!