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Here you will find the Episodes recaps and overviews for the following episode!
Dorothy Xio


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Episode 1-

In episode One of Trouble in Paradise we learnt that the Romulan Tal Shiar are linked to the destruction of the Hobus system and are actively attacking allied command vessels and outposts, we joined Captain Latrell and some of Her senior officers as they led the search for the secret Romulan Base hidden on the surface of whats left of Romulus.

We were introduced to the stations explorations reconnaissance vessel USS. Ariana we were also introduced to several key characters who will play vital narrative points in the plot and we will be seeing more of over time, one of these was Admiral Hillary Quin, she will be taking command of Allied command in episode 2.

Captain latrell will be Relived of duty waiting a hearing after breaking protocol and stealing the USS. Ariana against Commands orders and led an unauthorised search of the Romulus system, We will be joining Captain Latrell as she searches the Romulan base and finds secrets to her telepathic presence to the entity in the asteroid field surrounding allied command.

Hold onto your seats its going to get bumpy and will have lots of plot twist so join Latrell and her Crew as they search for evidence of Tal Shiar interference in the hobus disaster!

Again Thank you to all who came!
Dorothy Xio