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Started by Callum603, October 01, 2018, 07:41:37 pm

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Technical Report - 02/10/2018

New TLO Site released

The new TLO website has been released, there are likely to be a few bugs, if you do find any then either open a topic on the forums or PM me directly and I will try my best to squash them ASAP.

The site is not currently fully optimised for mobile devices, so you may find it a little hard to navigate on mobile for the time being, this is top of my list to get sorted over the next week or two, I intend for the site to work seamlessly on desktop and mobile, so if you have any suggestions please do send them to me (even if it's not mobile optimisation related, suggest away, this site should work for you guys, no point me making work how I like and make it un-optimised for everyone else).

Welcome to the new site, I hope it lives up to any expectations.

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