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Started by Callum603, October 10, 2018, 03:10:56 PM

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Technical Report - 10/10/2018

All pages on the main site apart from Home & Downloads

A bug was found on the main site that was making it impossible to access anything other than the Homepage, Download, Forums & Ex-Astra without being redirected to Ex-Astra, this was a bug in the code.

With the move from Wordpress to the new site some images for the RPG-X page were accidentally archived, the images required have been added back and the page should be displaying properly (especially now that it doesn't redirect to Ex-Astra).

A bug with HTTPS was detected during this and that too has been fixed, which has also fixed the bug with the Discord Link displaying an error regarding connection.

A minor bug with Admin control panel of the main site still remains, for any admins trying to view a pages source, please contact me.

Head of Technical Reporting: Callum603

Web: http://last-outpost.net
E-Mail: technical@last-outpost.net

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