RPG-X Community Update - August 2019

Started by Grizz, August 09, 2019, 07:36:26 AM

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August 09, 2019, 07:36:26 AM Last Edit: August 09, 2019, 08:07:06 AM by Grizz

Hello everyone and welcome to a (sort of) quick update on how things have been progressing in the RPG-X division over the last few weeks.

First Steps

As I laid out when running for the position of RPG-X CO, my immediate goals were to improve our ability to attract and retain members that arrive to check out Star Trek: RPG-X. As such, we have a new RPG-X landing page - which has been shared in a number of locations - which I intend to ensure is kept up to date to allow new arrivals to see what we have on offer and how to take part. If you're an existing member of TLO, please consider sharing this page with your friends or anywhere you feel it may be welcome to promote Star Trek: RPG-X.

As part of this, I have also performed a general cleanup of the RPG-X boards and amended a number of posts that were displaying vastly outdated information either about RPG-X itself, our staffing team or running events. This has also been extended to the download system as a number of our links to download Star Trek: RPG-X had been broken or were redirecting to nonexistent files and pages. Thank you to Callum for enduring my nagging during that time.

I have been pleased to see a few new arrivals on the Discord channel and the website since the new page went up, plus we have made contact with a few returning members either from TLO or indeed further back in to RPG-X's past. So a big welcome and welcome back to you all - I hope you will be sticking around.

We also readvertised for the position of RPG-X Community Leader. As he promised during his stepping down from RPG-X CO, Scott Archer applied for the position and I am happy to say that Scott has been appointed as our new RPG-X Community Leader. As set out in the refreshed Job Posting, this position is designed to support all of our members involved in RPG-X, both on the server and off it. I look forward to working with Scott and implementing his ideas of how to take the RPG-X division forward. Applications remain open for our second RPG-X Community Assistant to join Tanglepaw and the RPG-X team.

I have opened a consultation thread looking for your feedback on the RPG-X division and how we can improve moving forward. There has been a lot of passionate discussion recently about activity levels and how we can progress as a group, but so far this thread remains bare. I would like to think that means we're doing okay so far, but things can always be better. So if you have any ideas to share, please check it out.

Serial Roleplays

Both with and without my RPG-X CO hat on, thank you to everyone who has made the launch of Star Trek: Tyrella a success. It was daunting coming in from the cold to launch a new roleplay - especially one set in an already expanded universe - but both installments so far have been well attended, with ten players on the server last week despite two absentees. It has been great to see new members on the server after all this time and I hope that we have made a good impression.

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNBG90ZkzMk[/youtube]

This week we also see the long anticipated return of Star Trek: Temporal Leap! It may be the final season, but don't let that deter you from jumping in to the action. A few new faces have been added to the crew manifest just this week so I am looking forward to seeing a really healthy turnout for what could be a big day on the RPG-X server this Sunday. Thank you to Callum and Scott for their hard work on this series and if you haven't seen it already, check out their spiffing trailer below for the Temporal Investigation Starship Ariana's final jumps!

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3U4pAqfSHQ[/youtube]

One of my other stated goals for the division was to encourage new arrivals to try their hand at leading roleplays themselves or indeed submitting their mSRP ideas. One member, Bacon_Season, did just that. I'm delighted to welcome him to The Last Outpost and also to see a new adventure - Star Trek: Scorpion - preparing to embark from these shores. Scorpion is slated to run Saturdays @ 19:30 BST / 14:30 EST, so if that's a time which works for you, please head on over to check it out and give Bacon_Season our support with his debut series!

What's Next?

We still have to determine a timeslot for it, but my proposed weekly RPG-X Roulette event is still on the cards. The basic premise is that every week, a new CO and setting will be selected via dice roll to give us a brand new adventure every week and perhaps give less experienced COs a chance to tell their own stories. There are ongoing discussions about this event and it could be expanded to alternate with the return of a regular Holomatch fixture - with rotating gamemodes - though I'm not in the position to sign off on that alone, I think it is a course worth pursuing.

Serris has been hard at work on the second edition of the Star Trek: RPG-X Companion Skill System. I look forward to seeing its release and also what future events it may be used in conjunction with. Our experience with the RPG-X Shared Universe SRP was valuable and opened up some possibilities too exciting to ignore!

We are going to continue to expand our promotion of Star Trek: RPG-X and revisit some former locations in which we have advertised to hope that a streamlined welcome package and an active roster of events will encourage a few new faces to check us out and stick around with TLO for the near future.

Can I take this opportunity to again thank everyone who voted for me in the RPG-X CO election and also to Shoot for his assistance in getting set up. I hope to see you all on the server over the next few days!

Happy roleplaying!