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Personnel Records / Solek
June 13, 2018, 02:02:51 pm
Solek (Golic Vulcan: s'oluhk, derived meaning "from the snake clan")

Date of Birth:
April 29th, 2297

97 (at 2387)



Primary Assignment:
Chief Engineer, Station Asteria

Service History:

Skill Sheet:

Constitution: 7
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 4
Presence: 4
Intelligence: 7
Luck: 2

•   Logical (naturally)
•   Clarity of Purpose
•   Introverted
•   Athletic

•   Communication Systems: 2/6
•   Deflector Systems: 3/6
•   Engineering Systems: 6/6
•   Propulsion Systems: 6/6
•   Propulsion Theory: 3/6
•   Shield Systems: 6/6
•   Tractor Beam Systems: 5/6
•   Transporter Systems: 5/6
Archives / Daedalus Uniforms?
October 31, 2015, 07:33:20 pm
What uniforms is Daedalus utilising? If it's ENT, what models come with that included?
Personnel Records / Personnel Records - T'Lona
April 08, 2015, 10:15:16 am

T'Lona (meaning lady of great thought, surname unpronounceable)
Date of Birth: 2275
Age (by 2310): 35
Birthplace: Vulcan, Alpha Quadrant
Species: Vulcan
Rank: Lieutenant J.G, Provisional
Serial Number: SK-461-095

Average Efficiency/Coind Rating:

2305-2308 Utopia Planetia Shipyards, Second Assistant Team Leader, Warp Engine Emergency Control Systems
2308-2310 Assistant Team Leader, Plasma Venting & Control Systems/Local Installation

Previous Assignment: U.S.S. Geronimo, Engineer

Current Assignment: U.S.S. Geronimo, Chief Operations Officer

Jalhal Award, Warp Field Engineering
Okuda Award, Engineering Mechanics

T'Lona entered Starfleet Academy in 2301 and graduated in 2305 at the request of her parents, who came to the conclusion a brief yet fulfilling career in Starfleet would be "character-building" for their daughter, before returning to Vulcan with knowledge to be applied in the Vulcan Science Academy. They were displeased when that daughter found a higher aptitude with engineering, which they considered a "low career path".

Nevertheless, T'Lona applied herself in engineering, minoring in starship operations. Her first assignment was at Utopia Planetia Shipyards, merely one engineer of many helping to refit and retrofit Constitution and Excelsior-class vessels, the main yet aging bulk of Starfleet ships. After five years, and at the cusp of promotion T'Lona felt she had sated her requirement of knowledge regarding Starfleet vessels, and requested her first real assignment aboard the U.S.S. Geronimo. Her knowledge in particular of Excelsior-class vessels will be put to the test.

Following the tragic death of Lisa Armstrong, T'Lona was provisionally promoted to Lieutenant J.G. and a department change to Chief Operations Officer, giving her much more broad oversight over ships systems.

Psychological Record
Like many Vulcans, T'Lona is aloof and socially distant, preferring to go days without sleep or sustenance in pursuit of knowledge, and only does either when ordered by a superior or required to by her body. As an engineer, T'Lona feels she has but one purpose - to ensure the peak efficiency of any space-faring vessel she is a part of, no matter the personal cost.
Station Logs / McClintock, Craig LTCMDR
February 02, 2014, 07:50:19 pm
STARDATE: 91694.97

Deep in the deepest bowels of Pioneer Station, McClintock slumped at his desk in Engineering, rubbing his forehead. The number of padds on his desk had not flucuated - he had barely been able to make a dent in it since his arrival the day before aboard the Hera. Several empty mugs of the strongest raktajino were scattered amongst the civilian repair requests.

He spoke into the air.
"Computer, begin recording." and waited for acknowledgment.

"Chief Engineer's Personal Log, stardate nine-one-six-nine-four-point-nine-seven. I've been on ma' new station for forty-eight hours and already pretty damn exhausted. Didnae' help we cruised in after battle stations, trying ma' damnest to keep things together. The Hera is a fine ship - sleek, but outfitted fur' science and exploration, nae' warfare. Perhaps I can propose some upgrades tae' her tae' Captain Mason, but I've already got ma' hands full." gesturing at his desk as he spoke. "Including defense upgrades fae' Klaw and Thrace needing his wee sensors tweaked."

"Speaking of which, it seems the Captain..Sophia and I hit it off kinda well - already on first name basis! Although tae' be honest I'm nae' sure if I was getting in trouble on ma' first day, or she was just showing me she's as overwhelmed as I am. I sure hope it's the latter."

McClintock rose slowly from his chair and made his way to the replicator, ordering yet another coffee before continuing, sipping between sentences.
"I've served aboard starbases for eight years noo'. I left Starbase 39-Sierra in a wee bit of disrepair, but that due tae' a bloody star going supernova. Minor damage. Pioneer Station's apparently been so lang' without a chief, I dinnae' kin' where' ti' start. I haven't left Engineering since I came aff' the boat - I dinnae' even kin' where my quarters are." he spoke as he stared out of his panoramic window of the system for the first time.

"It seems the crew's been through a lot recently - I can tell jist' by looking at their faces, never mind the mission reports I read. You never know just how much until you move fae' the pan straight into the fire. But I can also tell they're solid as the station. I'm proud ti' be reassigned here, even though it doesn't show yet - that'll come as soon as things get straightened oot' down here."

Turning to his left he saw Lieutenant Archibald doling out the new shift assignments, the floor of Engineering hectic with two-thirds of his staff before him on shift change.
"Archie seems capable enough, a fine officer. We've only just begun together - no doubt though he's done an interstellar job before I got here, but I sense he's a wee bit angry, or maybe overwhelmed. Perhaps he's just sore he didnae' get promoted.."

His coffee consumed, McClintock decided to get out onto the floor and lead a team fitting new power generators for a few hours. Sleep called to him dearly and he would answer soon. He was reminded daily that people depended on him to keep things together - as always - but a tired engineer is a dangerous engineer, even more so the chief since he has to make decisions and provide a role model to his boys.
"Time ti' set things straight. Computer, end log."
Crew Records / McClintock, Craig Allan
January 31, 2014, 01:07:19 am

Name: Craig Allan McClintock
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Pioneer Station, Chief Engineer
Previous Assignment: Starbase 39-Sierra, Chief Engineer

Gender: Male
Species: Scottish
Age: 36 (2387), 40 (2390)
Place of Birth: Inverness, Scotland
Date of Birth: 30 June 2350

Height: 6'4" / 193 cm
Weight: 173lbs
Physical Description: Blond hair, blue eyes. Tall and bulky.

Mother: Alice Alexander McClintock, Civilian
Father: Frank McClintock, Civilian
Siblings: Moira McClintock, Lieutenant (JG), U.S.S. Olympic
Spouse: None
Children: None

Education:  Starfleet Academy, 2369-2375.
Advanced Studies: Majored in Engineering with Minor in Turn-of-the-Century Technology.

Service Record
2350: Born on Earth, Sol System.
2366: Enrollment into Starfleet Academy at the age of sixteen.
2371: Ensign, Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards as Warp Drive Technician.
2374: Lieutenant (J.G), U.S.S. Ajax, NCC-11574 as Engineering Officer.
2377: Lieutenant, U.S.S. Lexington, NCC-30405 as Assistant Chief Engineer.
2380: Lieutenant Commander, Starbase 39-Sierra as Chief Engineer.
2387: Re-assigned to Pioneer Station as Chief Engineer.

During his most formative years as a cadet, Craig McClintock held Montgomery Scott - the jovial Scottish engineering officer in the same annals of legend alongside Kirk as his idol. His decision to take to the stars was therefore pre-destined, yet as the first of his family to enter Starfleet it was still quite a rupture to leave behind his quaint rural life. As a boy he held apitiude towards the repair of his father's farming equipment, a career in engineering all but certain.

After graduation Craig found his expectations tempered after being assigned to the shipyards of Utopia Planetia. He hadn't even left the solar system, and found the work tedious and mundane. Yet he knew his work was nessesary towards the construction of new ships - ships which would become the front line of the war to come.

Craig finally found his chance towards the end of the war and the final push for Cardassia. With Starfleet suffering a manpower shortage he was thrust into the fierce melee aboard U.S.S. Ajax that was the Dominion War, undergoing his most trying trials yet as an engineering officer attempting to keep a starship battle-ready and living to tell the tale. He found it such a test of his skills - and such fun - that McClintock requested to stay aboard for three more years.

Yet he longed to experience what another more recent idol, Miles O'Brien had as the chief engineer aboard a living, breathing station. Raised rurally in the highlands of Scotland Craig McClintock wished to set down roots in a firm place, and build it with his own two hands. Eventually his long-sought wish was granted along with a promotion to chief engineer. He worked harder and longer hours than ever before in order to prove himself worthy of such a posting, and as the years rolled by McClintock grew to love life aboard a starbase.

As the closest senior engineer with a long practical service record of starbases, Craig was shortly and swiftly transferred to Pioneer Station as Starfleet forces moved across the Neutral Zone, to take charge of the undoubtable repair work nessessary to the station. Despite the minor damage done to Starbase 39-Sierra by the Hobus Supernova, McClintock knew a greater task lay beyond the border - and a bigger challenge.

Psychological Assessment, LT Alyssa Stark, Starbase 39-Sierra
[Dated 2386, extracted from patient notes]
Fierely independent yet loyal, McClintock absorbs himself in his work like any typical Starfleet officer. He views his promotions as hard-won victories, constantly reminding himself of a humble upbringing and beginning after graduation. Confident in his engineering prowess after years aboard starships and starbases alike, he measures his successes against his idol Montgomery Scott, tending to become frustratated and hot-headed when he finds himself perpetually short of his goals.

Physiological Assessment, LT Timothy Rogan, CMO, Pioneer Station
[Dated 2390, extracted from log]
On the topic of McClintock, his condition has noticeably improved since we returned to the station. His anxiety appears to be fading, and his bloodlust for Maria is finally over. Physically, his technology has adapted to his biological systems exactly as a drone's would. The only difference is the technology created by Denara Clarke and inserted during an operation aboard the Orion, as well as being enhanced after the fact. He has shown remarkable courage, strength, and will during this time. Being turned into an interface for the nanovirus ... I can't fathom the strain he's been through. I can only thank the powers that be that he has not turned on us for if he did, nothing short of an execution could stop him. Of that I am certain. However, I prefer to think of him as an extremely valued ally, someone who truly belongs on this station and who will continue to serve us with excellence.
Personnell Files / Aegeus, Leandros
January 26, 2014, 03:41:02 pm

Name: Leandros Aegeus
Position: Chief Tactical Officer
Alliance Rank: Major
Olympian Command Rank: Unknown

Status: [ALIVE]

Gender: Male
Species: Olympian
Age: Unknown, Immortal
Place of Birth: Olympus

Height: 6ft"7in
Weight: 29st 8lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Description: Typically tall physically-built chiselled Olympian, bred for warfare.

Father: Adonis Aegeus
Mother: Ilithyia Philander
Brother: Patroclus, Menelaus, Icarus
Sister: Selena

Employment History
Character Name: Craig McClintock
Character Race: Scottish
Most Desired Position: Chief Engineer
Second Most Desired Position: Security
Model: TBD
Accepted Applications / Mutatio Nomen
September 23, 2013, 06:54:03 am
Name: Craig McClintock
Race: Human
Model: Crim stole mine, TBD.

Desired Position: Engineer.

Bio (optional):

Other Comments:
Crew Bios / Ensign Craig McClintock
April 13, 2013, 04:38:36 pm
Name: Craig 'Clint' McClintock

Date of Birth: June 30, 1997 (Age 29)

Birthplace: Inverness, Scotland

Position: Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

Education: [NONE FOUND]

Bio: Born in the small city of Inverness nestled in the Scottish Highlands, Craig is the latest member of the McClintock clan to dedicate his life to warfare. Growing up he listened attentively as he learned of the family line; the McClintock in the Nile Expedition, the McClintock in WWI and WWII, all the way to the Battle of the Hook during the Korean War, and subsequent peacekeeping operations since then from Malaysia, and Northern Ireland. He was proud to learn during his birth, his father was one of the last people to leave Hong Kong during the 1997 handover to China - he would later tell Craig it felt like capitulating to the Communist enemies.

Craig worshiped the ground his father walked on, along with the McClintock soldiers who went before. He studied hard during his schooling in order to live up to the McClintock name - to make his father, and his forefathers proud. He was therefore understandably crushed when his father Malcolm McClintock was killed in action on June 24, 2009 during Operation Panther's Claw in Iraq, shortly before his son's twelfth birthday and end of tour. Distraught at the loss of his seemingly superhuman idol, Craig never got over it, his grief festering over his most formative years into hate for any enemy, foreign and domestic (but mostly foreign).

In 2015 at the age of eighteen, against the begging protestations of his mother, Craig enlisted into The Black Watch, part of the newly-established Scottish Army stationed at his Inverness hometown. It was there that he learned just how grueling life as a soldier can be. As a grunt Private he trained and learned the art of warfare, taking to the book Art of War by Sun Tzu like a duck to water - he still prizes the small 'manual' as one of his most treasured possessions. As he climbed the ranks to Gunnery Sergeant he slowly became more detached from reality as the multiple warzones and theaters of war took it's toll on his mental psyche, rotating through girlfriends as often as deployments. His battle honors include the 2017 Iranian War, the Second Korean War in 2021 and latterly multiple peacekeeping operations among the African flashpoints from 2023.

It was then that Master Sergeant McClintock caught the eye of the European Space Agency (ESA), who wanted a solid dependable soldier who would defend the S.S. Ironman from foreign and domestic enemies alike. Given his impressive record and numerous commendations and medals, plus his dedication to the the chain of command, they had found their man to maintain the status quo, as well as law and order. Transferring to a naval hierarchy, Craig's rank was transferred to Ensign - creating a new first for the McClintock's; the first to go into space - and underwent astronaut and tactical training in preparation for his biggest deployment yet - one he may not return from.
Resolved Support Requests / Protocol 59 [RESOLVED]
April 13, 2013, 02:50:19 pm
Hey all,

Whenever I try to connect to the Enhanced server I get "Server uses protocol 59." and simply continues counting down "Awaiting Connection" along the bottom. I can connect to the Original Server no problem, but then I keep getting spammed "Connection Interrupted" and have a ping of around 800. I note I get the same on the TS client. :(

Furthermore, when I click on Favorites the two server addresses return as NO RESPONSE, so I'm not really sure when I click Connect which one I'm going into!

I'm using V.2.2 BETA 2 Paris, if that helps.
Transporter Room / Mutatio Nomen
April 09, 2013, 04:19:07 pm
I'm aware ST: Dauntless is coming to the end of the road, but since SCI is wide open, perhaps I might get in for the final hurrah?

Character Name:
Nuhir D'mora

Character Race and Sex:
Half Romulan, Half Human, Male.

Desired Position No. 1:


Character Bio (Subject to alteration):
Born in 2377, Nuhir witnessed the destruction of his home at the tender age of ten from one of the last freighters escaping the doomed Hobus star. Joining his father - who was even unaware of his existence - in Memory Alpha, it is there where Nuhir fell in love - with science. From advanced theoretical physics to astrobiology, he learned everything he could from his father, an Associate Professor in Quantum Mechanics himself, all to further his one goal - to avert the Hobus catastrophe from ever occurring again.

He entered Starfleet Academy in 2385 and graduated with honors in Astrophysics and Probability Mechanics, to further that goal and thirst for knowledge. Nuhir believed traveling the stars on long exploratory missions would grant him long sessions of study and research, as well as garnering new life, new civilizations, and new knowledge.