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The Accobi Conspiracy is the label given to a 50-year clandestine project to facilitate the galactic return of an ancient superpower - The Accobi.

1. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a powerful omnipotent entity roamed the galaxy. It was captured by the Accobi - a spacefaring humanoid race native to Accobar III in what became known the Tyrella Sector. The two races formed a parasitic link. The Accobi tortured and used the entity's power to revolutionise and exponentially advance their civilization. Following the collapse of the Iconian civilization, the Accobi expanded and became a dominant and oppresive force in the galaxy, collecting a vast empire of servitor races. Their closest rivals were the Halkonians, who relied on their intellect and guile to subert and resist the Accobi during a drawn-out war. The Halkonians' most powerful weapon was a highly potent and adaptive nanovirus which drained the Accobi of their power. This weapon would exist in some form in the galaxy up until the present day and both hinder and aide those forced to resist the Accobi once more in the late 24th century.

At the end of the war, on the cusp of their final victory, the Accobi simply vanished from the galaxy. The Halkonians occupied Accobar and vowed to keep watch to ensure they would not return. Unbeknownst to them, the Accobi had encountered a Human scientist - David Rush - who had been accidentally thrown back in time following a shuttle accident. His memories and knowledge of the state of the galaxy in the 24th century led the Accobi to plot their dominance of the future. They exploited Iconian technology to create a back-door in to the future galaxy - referred to as The Gateway - and set out using their invasive and corrupting abilities to set the stage for their return. During this period, the Accobi were led by a figurehead later referred to as 'The Architect.'

2. The first major target of their corruption was Charles Kort, Captain of the Starship Ares in 2343. The Ares responded to a signal of unknown origin emanating from the Accobar System - the legacy of which was unknown to the Federation. Kort encountered David Rush drifting in a shuttlecraft which hadn't yet been designed, who warned him of an impending galactic invasion. The Accobi staged a terrifying attack on the Ares, demonstrating their power, and invaded the mind of Kort - setting him on a path to prepare the Federation for future submission. Through Kort, they gained a foothold within the Federation. Advancing through seniority, Kort founded the Starfleet Office of Special Projects, designed to operate with an unprecedented level of impunity. In public, the OSP was vital in Starfleet's response to numerous crisis - including the Dominion War. In private, it was an ever-growing web of corruption designed to manipulate galactic events - big and small - to clear the way for the Accobi's resurgence in return for humanity's survival.

3-4. Kort spent two decades seeking the the location of the Accobi's Gateway, eventually narrowing the search to the Telosian Expanse. The Telosians are an advanced warp-capable humanoid species whose empire bridges the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, skirting the edge of the Tyrella sector, with a powerful military force and ruled by a Monarchy. At the time of Kort's discovery, the Telosians were official allies of the Federation, with envoys frequenting the capital system - Telos. In a bid to secure The Gateway, Kort delivered the Accobi's warning to senior Telosian military officials. Promising that they too would be spared following the invasion, Kort had set in motion a military coup on Telos. The ruling House was overthrown and the Federation's ambassador to Telos was sent back to Earth. All ties between the Federation and the Telosians were severed.

The Federation Ambasador, Leona Mason, returned to Earth and retook her place within Starfleet. However, she also returned with her young daughter, Sophia (4), who was admitted in to Starfleet Academy. Since her appointment to Telos, Leona had embarked upon a romantic relationship with the head of the Telosian royal household. Their child had been raised in great secrecy for her own protection. By inadvertently setting Sophia on course for a career in Starfleet, Kort had unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that would lead to his future exposure and that of the Gateway he had intended to keep one of the galaxy's greatest secrets.

5. To truly keep the Federation and Starfleet in check, Kort needed to consolidate his power. He did so by enlisting an extremely intelligent and ambitious politician. Governor G'rath. Kort used the increasing power and resources of the OSP to further G'rath's political career. Charismatic and outspoken, G'rath became a popular figure amongst the outer colonies. A figure large enough that couldn't be ignored. He accepted the offer to be placed on a Presidential ticket and the electoral result was favourable. As Vice President, G'rath surrounded himself with allies. In a break from tradition, his personal protection was handled by the coming Chief of Starfleet Intelligence - the Vulcan Admiral Venn (10). Assisting them was the future Chief of Starfleet Operations - Mark Bonchune (11). Together, Venn and Bonchune shielded G'rath's affiliation with Kort and slowly and quietly maneuvered Starfleet resources in order to secure another vital location - the Accobar System.

6. Kort reached out to a noteworthy splinter group within the Romulan Navy. This group was led by Subcommander Sel'tar. A private meeting was arranged, in which he promised her the downfall of the Federation and Romulus' survival during the invasion to come. With the Accobi's corrupting influence still as potent as ever, Sel'tar agreed to use her personal forces to quietly breach the Neutral Zone and secure the Accobar System. They succeded - and Sel'tar's forces remained undetected in Accobar for many years. It was there that they discovered and occupied what appeared to be an old and abandoned listening post disguised as one of many asteroids lining the wide orbit of Accobar III. Over time, however, as Kort's corruption of Sel'tar faded given time and distance, her distrust and hatred of the Federation outpaced those around her. She used her forces to strike out at Federation expansion - exposing her position in the Accobar System. By now she was well enshrined and begun converting numerous objects of the asteroid field in to potential weapons of mass destruction with the help of her Chief Scientist Tek'lor (8). She was disavowed by the Romulan Star Empire and her forces became known as a terrorist organisation. The Federation and the Star Empire agreed to work together on ousting Sel'tar from Accobar with minimal casualties.

Kort could not prevent the Federation going after Sel'tar - she had after all become a liability even to him - but he could influence the means in which they did so. Kort and Venn concocted an elaborate and risky intelligence operation. As part of an operation left in the unwitting supervision of her own father, a young Starfleet graduate was groomed to undertake an undercover reconnaissance mission in Accobar. Amber Munro (9) was installed in to Tek'lor's scientific community with help from the Star Empire. She was absorbed in to his project and was stationed on the Accobar asteroid base. As the scale of Sel'tar's plans were reported back to Starfleet, Munro was eventually pulled out. But by then, the physical and mental effects of the mission had taken their toll. She had been forced to bear a son who was left behind when she was suddenly extracted. Her relationship with her father was irreparably damaged. The next stages of her Starfleet career were clouded by distrust but she kept her silence. She recieved a double-promotion and a new science posting far away from the Tyrella Sector - only to eventually return to spearhead the operation to oust Sel'tar many years later with the personal intention of being reunited with her child.

Star Trek: Asteroid Base - Season One

When Starfleet finally moved in to Accobar in 2383, Sel'tar was forced out. The listening post recieved the provisional designation Asteroid Base: Alpha and now Captain Munro was installed to oversee the facility alongside her crew. Within the year, they worked to locate Sel'tar's new base of operations and cripple it. However, Munro's son - identified and deemed a traitor - was executed by Sel'tar before they could arrive. Despite their orders to capture Sel'tar, she was killed by Munro in her Operations Centre. Her crew - who had witnessed the execution of Munro's son - did not stop her, having recently endured a blistering attack by Tek'lor and taken on casualties of their own. Privately, far away, Kort had succeeded in eliminating Sel'tar and removing any threat she came to post to his plans. Accobar was now under Starfleet control.

As Starfleet began excavating the ruins of Accobar III, Kort began to worry. The early discovery of the Accobi civilization was not intended. His concern grew further still as plans were drawn up to construct a Starbase in the Accobar System as part of a collaboration project with the Romulans to mark they recent collaboration. Pioneer Station would be a scientific and diplomatic hub given its proximity to the boundaries of both the Romulan and Klingon empires. This would put backwater Accobar on the map for good - and significantly increase traffic in the region. Kort had one ace card to play - Munro's First Officer, Walter Peirce. Not long after Sel'tar's demise, Peirce attempted to assassinate Munro. She was critically wounded, but survived, and Peirce made his escape. The botched plan further enraged Kort and only confirmed Munro's fears that Starfleet was compromised.

Star Trek: Asteroid Base - Season Two

As fragments of the Accobi civilization were uncovered and first contact was made with the previously dormant Halkonian nanovirus, Kort feared everything was about to unravel. Munro was tipped off that she was to be replaced and, fearing the worst, abandoned Accobar and carried out a private investigation of her own with the help of her partner and father of her daughter. Sure enough, Munro's replacement - Ian Campbell - arrived on Asteroid Base: Alpha and made numerous operational changes to limit their access to Accobar III. When Munro's partner, Commander Matthew West, provides evidence that Campbell is attempting to track down Munro and had been communicating with an unknown third party, the crew stages a mutiny against West. Unable to contact his "superiors," and in a desperate bid to flee the station, West suffers an airlock accident. Despite the crew's efforts, West is killed. The senior staff are immediately summoned back to Earth pending an investigation. But one would not be forthcoming.

Upon arriving on Earth, Munro reunites with her crew and exposes Admiral Venn as Campbell's superior - with linking evidence to Walter Peirce. Before the evidence can be presented, Kort makes a bold play for further control of the situation. Walter Peirce attacks the Office of the President before appearing to take his own life. The President barely survived the attack but was left unable to carry out his duties. G'rath - one of Kort's most trusted lieutenants - was sworn in as President of the United Federation of Planets. In the chaos, Munro's crew fled Earth to return to their ship while Bonchine and Venn conspired with Kort's asset within Section 31 - Maria Vega (7)- to seize control of the black flag organisation and used the assasination attempt as reason enough to begin redeployment of several fleets. In order to seize Accobar for good, evidence was provided linking Munro to the attack on the President.

Munro's crew evaded capture for long enough to build their case linking senior Starfleet officials to the attempt on her life. This included a recorded communication between Peirce and G'rath. James Wright, Head of Starfleet Operations in the Tyrella Sector, allied with Munro and presented the evidence against the President to those that would recieve it. Munro and Wright together returned to Earth with a fleet of supporters to oust G'rath from office. His loyal followers threatened a civil war - which sparked a battle over Earth. But with the undisputable evidence of G'rath's corruption broadcast to the Federation, the President was removed from office and the situation was calmed.

Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Season One & Two

Development of the Accobar System has pushed ahead in the wake of G'rath's removal from office. Newly elected President Olivia Taylor sends her Deputy Chief of Staff - Renee Hampton (12) - to head up Pioneer Station in the Accobar System with the intention of sealing the final details of a new peace agreement with the Romulan and Klingon Empires. Many of Asteroid Base: Alpha's senior staff make the transfer to Pioneer and resume their research in to the Accobi and Halkonian civilizations. The fragile peace is shattered when forces seemingly still loyal to G'rath break ranks and strike out at Accobar. Desperate to quash all remaining allies of the conspirators, Taylor and Hampton enact a dangerous plan to make a deal with G'rath himself in return for information he has thus far been unwilling to share. G'rath is transported to Pioneer Station, which is the opportunity Kort had been waiting for to tie up another loose end.

Pioneer is attacked and G'rath is spirited away to the sanctuary of his homeworld - with Hampton in tow. A rescue team tracks both down, but unbeknownst to them, Amber Munro arrived ahead of the fleet - having been tipped off over G'rath's location. She confronted him, blaming him for the attempt on her life, the threats to her daughter and the loss of her son. G'rath taunts Munro before moving to strike her with the very blade Peirce had used against her. But Munro reacts quickly, disarming G'rath and instinctively using the weapon against him. G'rath staggers back and tumbles over the edge of a precipice and down in to the lava-filled canyon below. Munro disappears from the scene before the Starfleet forces make it to rescue Hampton.

Believing the conspirital faction within Starfleet and the Executive Branch to have been neutralised, Pioneer's diplomatic mission is a success and research on the Accobi civilization begins anew. However, in doing so, they attract the attention of the Halkonians who begin to emerge from the shadows amid their nanovirus being accidentally reactivated and spreading to numerous worlds throughout the sector. With Tyrella quarantined, Doctor Timothy Rogan battled to reverse the effects of and neutralise the virus. He succeeded, but not before disaster struck aboard Pioneer which claimed the life of its first officer Mark Chaplain. In the aftermath, Hampton left Pioneer to return to work for the President on Earth and the current Head of Starfleet Operations in the Tyrella Sector - Leona Mason - temporarily appointed her newly promoted daughter Sophia to fill the vacancy.

Anniversary Special - 'Scattered Reflections'

It was revealed that a rift in spacetime has fractured the Accobar System. Previously lying dormant, it was inadvertantly activated. The resulting events provided the Accobi with an unexpected inroad. The crew of Pioneer got their first glimpse of an Accobi vessel attempting to pierce the rift and come through to our time. During the opening of the rift, David Rush was caught in a shuttlecraft accident and presumed dead. Multiple scattered versions of the station and ship crew banded together to seal the rift - but Asteroid Base: Alpha was destroyed in the process. Thankfully, the station was evacuated in time. With that, it was speculated that Munro would take command of Pioneer - but instead, she stated her intention to leave Starfleet. Sophia Mason's appointment was made permanent

Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Season Three

Sophia Mason's tenure in the Accobar System began amid the growing threat of a hostile Klingon faction working to undermine the peace treaty with the Romulans. Moreover, it was revealed that Walter Peirce was alive and well and shortly prior to Mason's arrival had turned himself in aboard the station. However, it was a trap. Peirce was aiding the Klingon sect known as 'Red Dawn.' The attack on Pioneer by Red Dawn was quashed by the arrival of Klingon Ambassador Ka'teth (13) but not before Peirce escaped with them - taking vital information on the Accobar research project from Pioneer's computer core with him. Before Starfleet could set about tracking Peirce down, their investigation was sidelined by the collapse of the Hobus Star and the destruction of Romulus.

Pioneer and Accobar became a staging post for the Romulan aid effort. The crisis offered Kort a chance to regroup - his allies dwindling and time to secure both Accobar and The Gateway running out. He reached out to Maria Vega to construct a means to take Accobar by force quickly, but her plans would take time to come to fruition. He instead bought her time by allowing Peirce to roam freely with Red Dawn and strike again at Accobar by kidnapping Chief of Security Alicia Costello for her alleged role in taking down a prolific Red Dawn official in her past. Thankfully, Pioneer located Costello in time and Mason herself arrested Walter Peirce - hoping that he could finally shed more light on the events surrounding Accobar since 2383.

Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Season Four

Before Peirce could be properly interrogated, the Federation was thrown in to turmoil when the Halkonians returned in force to retake Accobar - believing that the Federation was aiding the Accobi to return to the galaxy. It was a relatively short conflict, but one which produced a siege on Pioneer and notable casualties. The final conflict revolved around an important piece of Accobi technology - a control bracelet that could easily be mistaken for elaborate jewelry. With it, the ancient technology buried on Accobar III and scattered throughout the system could be reactivated. During the attack on Pioneer - a leading figure of the Halkonians, Denara, stole the bracelet that had been in their posession since it was excavated by the crew of Asteroid Base: Alpha years prior. In activating Accobi defences, Pioneer had unwittingly activated a spatial regulator buried underneath the planet's surface - and it was reopening the spatial rift that tore through the system.

Denara and the Halkonians finally joined forces with Mason's crew to locate and destroy the regulator before the rift could be opened. On the surface of Accobar III, however, a legion of Accobi 'Guardians' woke from their slumber and set about trying to stop the away team. A firey battle ensued on the surface. Were it not for the sacrifice of Daniel Thrace, Lexi Etis would have perished. Were it not for the intervention of Denara, Mason would have fallen to her death. The Accobi Architect revealed himself to the crew for the first time. But before he could strike, the regulator was destroyed and the rift was sealed for good. The Accobi Guardians were defeated and the Architect fled. Denara and the Halkonians left Tyrella believing their work to be completed. They took the control bracelet with them.

Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Season Five

As Walter Peirce was transported in custody, he was executed by Maria Vega on Kort's instructions. Klingon Ambassador Ka'teth was also found dead following the exposure of his connections to Kort's Cabal. With Pioneer distracted by a host of issues throughout the year, Vega put her plans to seize Accobar in to motion. She abducted Captain Mason and placed her in Section 31 custody before moving to take her place aboard Pioneer alongside a large security contingent said to protect the rest of the crew. In truth, these security officers were the result of years of experimentation. They were disguised Borg drones operating within their own collective at Vega's command. Undetectable when disguised, they could be sent to any corner of the Federation and go unnoticed prior to activation. In one fell swoop, Vega had taken control of Pioneer and Accobar. Vega had the crew removed from the station - giving them the supposed coordinates of Mason in the process.

The crew did indeed reach Mason aboard a Section 31 facility. It too was a trap, ready to self destruct. The team escaped in the nick of time and Starfleet acted quickly to assemble a task force to take back Accobar. But Vega was more than prepared - with a refit Borg Sphere at her disposal. The Starfleet task force was crippled and the USS Hera was destroyed. The crew abandoned Accobar, with Mason promising that they would one day return victorious to stop Vega's plan - whatever it may be.

Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Season Six

For a time, Kort believed everything was in place. Vega had secured Accobar - with Starfleet fallen back to Starbase 215. The time to activate The Gateway was fast approaching. What he didn't count on was one of his lieutenants betraying him. Having seemingly broken free of Kort's corruption and seeing his and Vega's strategy to contain Accobar as disasterous, a whistleblower within the Office of Special Projects (codenamed 'The Truth') reached out to Mason to support her attempt to retake Accobar and allow Doctor Rogan to counteract the modified Halkonian nanovirus which had been integrated in to a Borg assimilation virus to spread rapidly and add to Vega's drone army at will. It took months, but with a little help from the Halkonians themselves, they finally broke through and reclaimed Accobar - driving Vega out aboard her sphere to a fallback position.

Tracking Vega down to her Section 31 lab, they found it partially assimilated. Vega herself had become a defact Borg Queen. But she was faced down by Lieutenant Commander McClintock and destroyed - along with the Sphere. However, before her death, Vega exposed the existence of the Office of Special Projects and its purpose. She claimed that she too had moved against Kort and intended to use her army to protect the Federation from the Accobi - following Section 31's mandate. Mason vowed to expose what was left of the Cabal and locate whoever had been pulling the strings for decades.

Star Trek: Asteroid Field - Season Seven

Now knowing what they were looking for, Mason and her crew dedicated everything to exposing the Office of Special Projects and preventing the alleged and imminent Accobi invasion. In a desperate move to delay Mason - and with all but one of his lieutenants now dead - Kort took the unusual step of intervening personally by contacting Doctor Rogan and threatening the life of a former colleague if his research in to the Halkonian nanovirus was not stopped. Ultimately, that colleague was former Asteroid Base: Alpha ACMO Nicole Williams. Rogan was unable to protect her and she perished in an explosion on Pioneer's Promenade.

The attack on their home and their family failed to delay Mason, only motivate her further to strike back. Having traced the origin of Kort's contact with Rogan, an away team undertook a stealth mission to infiltate the Office of Special Projects only to find it recently abandoned. Whatever attempt there was to wipe the databanks had almost been successful, however the work was rushed and sloppy and numerous records were recovered by Costello and McClintock. Mason pieced together what pieces she could to link Sel'tar, Peirce, Venn, Campbell, G'rath and Vega to the same Cabal. Moreover, the team discovered a stasis pod revealed to have been occupied by David Rush since Kort discovered him drifting decades in the past. Through Rush, Pioneer was able to put the final pieces of the puzzle in place and set about locating The Gateway to stop Kort and the return of the Accobi.

On Earth, coerced in to action by 'The Truth,' Amber Munro returned to the fray to expose Mark Bonchune as the last Starfleet Chief connected to Kort. With that, the Office of Special Projects was shut down and all known to be connected to it were identified and ordered to cease operations. But Kort was nowhere to be found.

Back on Pioneer, David Rush was picking up the work he started on Asteroid Base: Alpha years ago. Pioneer had set about creating a new interface for Accobi technology to replace the control bracelet taken by Denara and the Halkonians. They believed it would be necessary to access and disable The Gateway. When news of this reached Kort, he had no choice but to set a course for Accobar himself with the Sixth Tactical Wing - the last ships under his command. Kort and Mason finally faced off as he provided a full explanation for his actions - believing that by aiding the Accobi, the Federation would be spared. He explained how others beneath him had betrayed him or had spun off on paths of their own. He implored Mason to travel with him to The Gateway - inadvertantly revealing its location in Telosian space in the process. Mason refused, but she could not prevent Kort from leaving, with Pioneer at the mercy of the fleet.

Kort was spirited away to The Gateway and Pioneer was attacked by the Accobi entity known as The Architect. Once repelled, however, the Hera gave chace to Kort - assembling allies both Klingon and Romulan along the way - alongside Amber Munro - to make a collective final stand against the Accobi if it came down to it. They made the perilous journey sneaking in to Telosian space and taking a treacherous shortcut through a region of instability known as The Maelstrom. Though some ships were disabled en-route, Mason and her crew finally made it to the monolithic, circular Accobi construct known as The Gateway.

An away team infiltrated the facility just as it began to power up. A massive spacetime vortex erupted in to life, with multiple Accobi vessels beginning to emerge in to the 24th century. A hoarde of Accobi Guardians swarmed The Gateway. The away team used every trick they had learned over the last decade to delay, defeat and bypass them in order to reach the control room. There, they found the most unexpected sight.

The powerful entity that had been captured by the Accobi long ago was contained in the heart of the facility. Rush and Rogan were able to identify the parasitic link between it and the Accobi Guardians that had attacked them. Rush theorised that destroying the entity would cut off the source of the Accobi's power. Mason - echoing the many warnings and lessons she had learned on the path here - opted to try and free the entity. The team set about disabling its confines as a new hoarde of Guardians attacked. Kort and The Architect arrived just in time for the entity to escape to places unknown. The Guardians turned to dust and the Architect was clearly weakened.

Kort, seemingly freed from the Accobi's corruption, struck down the vulnerable Architect before he could take Mason's life. Despite pressure from Mason, Kort opted to remain behind on the facility prior to its destruction. She allowed him to make his choice before the away team returned to their ship, under a conventional attack from the Accobi ships that had broken through The Gateway. Despite the Accobi themselves being weakened, their ships and The Gateway still proved an overwhelming force. That was until Denara and the Halkonians arrived to help. At Denara's request, the Hera unloaded the last of Rogan's formulated nanovirus on to the Halkonian flagship. Overrun with the very weapon Denara devised to stop the Accobi centuries ago, she collided with The Gateway, taking much of the structure with her and crippling the rest. Infected with the virus, The Gateway fell apart and the vortex imploded in on itself, forming a powerful singularity pulling the Accobi vessles back in to the void from where they had been waiting.

For now, the threat of the Accobi had been vanquished and both Starfleet and the Federation at large was freed from the machinations of the Cabal and the Office of Special Projects. Sophia Mason and her mother sought to re-establish contact with the Telosians. Amber Munro was promoted to Commodore and took up the mantle of Head of Starfleet Operations in the Tyrella Sector - vowing to release a comprehensive report in to the events of the last decade. In the meantime, much of what happened in Tyrella has become known to its citizens as "The Phantom War."

Star Trek: Tyrella - Season One

In the years before Starfleet moved in to the Tyrella Sector, the ragtag crew of the unregistered cargo hauler Falcon banded together with the cunning outcast Clara Rousseau to pull off a heist of an off-the-books Starfleet storage facility masqurading as an abandoned Klingon listening post. Amongst the items they were able to get away with was a container registered to 'C. Kort' and the Office of Special Projects. Inside was a golden bracelet which Clara laid claim to.

Years later, when Clara met her untimely demise, a squad of Starfleet marines removed the bracelet from her body and reported the find to an unknown third party...

This board hasn't been archived and you people need an excuse to roleplay.

First contact with the Ngultor was unsuccessful. They waited for a second attempt.

Three years after an alien entity crash landed aboard Pioneer Station, prompting a fatal moral quandry, the Ngultor make a sudden reappearance in the Tyrella Sector. The crew of the FCS Phoenix are urgently summoned back to Eos Station when an attempt to improve upon first impressions goes sideways. When an unmistakable link is made to a returning member of the Phoenix's crew, an increasingly personal situation exposes a dangerous and deadly link to Tyrella's past.

Interest permitting, "Lure of the Hellhounds" is planned as a 3-part event on the RPG-X "Spicy" sever starting Sunday May 10th @ 18:30 BST || 13:30 EST (the original 'Star Trek: Tyrella' timeslot

Announcements / What I Leave Behind
February 07, 2020, 06:44:39 pm
Hello TLO fam,

Last weekend, following the cancellation of Star Trek: Tyrella's return due to attendance concerns, I announced my intention to the Cabinet to retire from The Last Outpost effective this Sunday.

When I was elected RPG-X CO, I had promised and hoped to bring new players to The Last Outpost and introduce them to Star Trek: RPG-X - for my money (or lack thereof), still the best Star Trek video game available today. Since then I have been privileged to introduce a few new faces to the game on our servers. I am very pleased that I was able to be there for their first introduction to the game as I still firmly remember my first connection to an RPG-X server and the experience that followed: a Bridge of 10 crewmembers all surrounding the Captain drinking coffee aboard the Poseidon-B.

Unfortunately such experiences are a thing of the past. It is clear from our SRP and server activity that I have failed. Ultimately it seems that you can only promote a 20 year old game so far and I have been unable to bring players in enough numbers to sustain our RPG-X department. Without an active RPG-X player-base, my role here is redundant. Existing Serial Roleplays cannot proceed. Two new Serial Roleplays have been unable to get off the ground. New events cannot be scheduled.

The RPG-X Community and The Last Outpost have always been my happy place. A wide-ranging expression of escapism to play and create with likeminded strangers and friends. When I was bullied and struggling to meet my target grades at school, RPG-X was there to distract me. When I struggled with my sexuality, RPG-X was there to comfort me. When I got my first job in an unfamiliar new town, writing Star Trek short stories became my free-time hobby. When I struggled to make new friendships offline, I was building a Star Trek universe of my own with my new friends online. When one of my closest friends was diagnosed with and passed away from Motor Neurone Disease early last year, RPG-X and TLO were there again to shield me from the shock.

The last thirteen years as part of this community have been wonderful. We have shared countless hours gaming together in many different forms - all memorable for different reasons.

My hard drives are packed with memories. From RPG-X to Minecraft. Star Trek Online to Chivalry. Sins of a Solar Empire to Garry's Mod. Star Wars. Stargate. NCIS. We've done it all together. I intend to continue compiling all the screenshots and videos I have from our time together to ensure they are preserved for the future.

From writing the monthly State of Gaming articles for Ex Astra to simply creating signatures and thread headers for Criminula, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve The Last Outpost in many different forms over the year. I only wish I could have done more to prevent this day from arriving. I wish I did not have to leave work unfinished. But I could not and that is why I must leave, with the treasured memories I hold unsullied by the passage of time.

I hope that I have overlooked something. I hope that The Last Outpost can go on and perhaps find that there is life in RPG-X still. Perhaps TLO can become a true gaming community again. I hope so. It deserves that. But for now I shall step back and perhaps focus on things I have otherwise neglected. Perhaps I will even take up writing again (when I'm not too busy being a lefty snowflake political activist). If I do, I hope that I can share any new work with you all so you can critique accordingly. I even get to watch brand new Star Trek regularly again!

There is so much I could say to so many of you. You have made me smile. You have made me laugh. You have guided me when I was lost and picked me back up when I had fallen. From when I was 13 to now at 26, you have allowed me to mature and grow alongside you and for that I am incredibly grateful - even if there were some bumps along the way. I love you all dearly and I hope we will all stay in touch.

I never would have imagined that the ridiculously named Star Trek: Asteroid Base in 2007 would have led to the years of roleplays that were to follow. Creating and evolving that world has been an incredible journey and being able to share it and experience it with you has been an unparalleled opportunity. Through Amber, Renee, Sophia & Emilia, I have been able to express myself in ways I would once have found impossible - they have each been a part of me.

From writing scenes, editing vSlider images, cutting together trailers - from the roleplays themselves to all the fluff and promotional stuff around the edges - I have had an absolute blast and I will never forget it. Nor will I forget those who were kind and generous enough to lend me so much of their time to take part and help me tell that story week in and week out - spanning the years since Star Trek: Enterprise's cancellation to the dawn of a new age for Star Trek.

They say we all have at least one novel in us. Mine simply took the form of a 5000 page RPG-X Serial Roleplay epic. So thank you for reading it.

Thank you for being a part of my crew.

Goodbye  ^-^

Café Pierce Bar and Grill / The Grizz Video Archive
February 02, 2020, 09:32:35 am
Going back 10 years through one's YouTube channels and video archives is an awful mistake. But I have spent countless hours from my early-teens to my mid-20s making terrible videos - mostly for RPG-X projects and other in-jokes (plus a TLO Question Time session).

Some of you may even be in them so I have collated quite a few of them here, starting with the first video I ever made in Windows Movie Maker when I was 13 - for some SRP I did with friends. I don't remember if it took off.

( I also rendered and uploaded some unfinished follow-ups I did more recently just 'cause. As I find more stuff, I will upload and add so I don't lose them )

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOtirf98Ze8[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2jn8vnmtVw[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3CHZnqdgQA[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67DoWuvkSCE[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTFHNe37bXM[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9ZCrYKBNvA[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZDCCaVexsg[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS2jl0T6skQ[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QapptYXWEY[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj8HUNm0D30[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ-cTLe9TOo[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZfICBfkYhk[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3b-h3Sx048[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xdrfGbM9eY[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvk-4RjUEck[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OE_KXh1AEM[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYhodlIn5Z4[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aNHCffEUbQ[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq21rahjYNo[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY6XW6ocJCo[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxhz9q3AXgk[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTXhA2dYbmM[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSrWJd154Ww[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYMQNHwpktU[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5WxTWRGYGY[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1fxarMVMvU[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGUDdIfL5Vk[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO7nfuCtlWY[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8Yk2--OnH8[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNBG90ZkzMk[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaztwVppmJk[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtq6HIVss3I[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOYTeTURa_A[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVREl9OpuVI[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCYMLoTGPh0[/youtube]

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV-8E-VOIWw[/youtube]

I have plenty of non-video media for TLO & other groups, but I'll save the best of that for another thread..
Star Trek: Tyrella / Star Trek: Tyrella Returns
January 25, 2020, 07:10:51 pm

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the second season of Star Trek: Tyrella will continue next week.

We will be trialling a new time and date, however. Tyrella will return on February 1st @ 18:30 GMT || 13:30EST. That's the usual time - except on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. A later Saturday slot was proposed in the timeslot discussion thread, however I am aware that it clashes with the commitments of members on the roster with another gaming community. Therefore it was only logical to shift the proposed time ahead. It may not work at all, however myself and Criminula are willing to give it a try.

I hope to see as many there as possible as we welcome a new major character in to the Tyrella saga. Prepare to meet Keres.



CBS All Access || Amazon Prime Video || CTV || Crave

Season One Showrunner: Michael Chabon || Season Two Showrunner: Terry Matalas || Season Three: Planned

"I don't want the game to end"

At the end of the 24th century and fourteen years after his retirement from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard is living a quiet life on his vineyard, Chateau Picard. When he is sought out by a mysterious young woman in need of his help, he soon realises she may have personal connections to his own past. Picard prepares to embark on a new mission - and nobody will be able to stop him.

[youtube width=1280 height=720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvKBeOKvblI[/youtube]


Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard
Isa Briones as Dahj
Alison Pill as Agnes Jurati:
Santiago Cabrera as Cristobal "Chris" Rios
Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker
Harry Treadaway as Narek
Evan Evagora as Elno

Star Trek: Tyrella / Timeslot Discussion
December 30, 2019, 09:38:08 am
Given we're going in to a new year I wanted to open a discussion on whether the current timeslot works best for people of whether there is an alternative. Sunday night has always been slightly awkward for me in that I'm doing a lot either side of Tyrella that makes it (and late Asteroid Field before it) a lot more stressful that it needs to be.

The previous AB/early AF slot of Saturday nights was always better for me so I should at least ask the question: would anyone currently active on the roster absolutely not be able to make a Saturday 20.30 GMT || 15.30 ET slot? Or is there a reason we don't do anything on Saturdays any more?

Season One Archive / Postponement to 2020
December 08, 2019, 01:07:02 pm
Hello everyone,

I have taken the decision today to postpone Season 2's continuation in to the New Year. Things are rather quiet right now as we see out the remainder of 2019 (and prepare to elect "Britain Trump" here in the UK), and the cutting back of the crew roster, AWOL members, the reduced attendance of Episode 1 and the cancellation of Episode 2 - combined with a series of attendance-based delays to Temporal Leap and two other Serial Roleplays which have been unable to get off the ground - have shown to me that on the whole we could do with regrouping at a later date. If the forums are anything to go by, TLO appears to have wound down for the year.

I am considering putting the timeslot back up to discussion for a variety of reasons, so I will also be taking the opportunity to do that as well as hopefully pick up a new member or two to add to the roster which is pretty thin on the ground. I am also going to be hoping that the master server patch comes in to effect during this time.

I am going to be using this time to reflect on the RPG-X division as a whole - and perhaps even my place here at TLO. I had hoped to take some steps to revitilise the RPG-X schedule and assist other departments in doing the same. This hasn't happened in over 3 months. That is a failure and one which I will have to seek to correct quickly if we are to move forward.

I was tremendously pleased with how the first season of Tyrella panned out. We arguably could have left things there given the nature of how certain threadlines were wrapped up. But as ever I opted to push my luck only to be greeted with a series of unfortunate events - including a personal health scare - which set things back.

I hope that together in 2020 we can set about putting things right. If it doesn't look like that can be achieved, I would rather pull the plug than tarnish the overall Tyrella saga by dragging it out unnecessarily. If you wish to continue on this journey aboard the Phoenix, please keep an eye out for a discussion on the SRP timeslot.

Thank you - I hope that you can understand,


Following their escape from the Vexgati Syndicate with the help of unidentified Romulan allies, Harper and the Phoenix are assigned to the Romulan Aid Effort and dispatched beyond the Neutral Zone to deliver relief and colony supplies to a bustling refugee hub in the long-felt wake of the Hobus disaster.

En-route, the once ragtag crew recieve an education as they become embroiled in the political and personal turmoil that has engulfed a galactic superpower.

"Second Days of Rome" takes place February 1st @ 18.30 GMT || 15.30 EST
Episode Reviews / 'Eos' Discussion Thread
November 03, 2019, 04:46:00 pm
'Eos' Recap:

The Phoenix arrived at Eos Station to deliver the Thraceium Ore that the crew of the Falcon had originally stolen - setting their life-changing events in motion. With Commodore Munro in tow, the crew explored the Recreational Facilities of the freshly constructed - and somewhat mysterious - science station within the Telosian Expanse. Before too long, the station was put on minor alert. Briefed by a succinct and blunt Admiral Joel Grayson, Harper and his crew were immediately put back on task. The FCS Causeway, carrying a second shipment of the Thraceium ore, had vanished near The Maelstrom - a nearby extremely volatile region of space (originally visited in Part 2 of the Star Trek: Asteroid Field finale).

The Phoenix reaches The Maelstrom - with some prior deliberations on who should be their new pilot, with Harper himself taking the Conn this time out - but the Causeway is nowhere in sight. A distorted signal is eminating from the outer belt of the chaotic cluster of plasma storms and violent EM flares. With a number of engineering and shield modifications in place thanks to Carr, Brooks and Gork, Harper navigated the Phoenix within. Brooks alerted his Captain - and helmsman - to an imminent collision warning. Harper abruptly changed course but the Phoenix was suddenly caught in a web of graviton beams holding the ship in place.

Out of the inner Maelstrom, a large alien cruiser came in to view. Declaring themselves part of "The Vexgati Syndicate," the unfamiliar hosts claimed the Causeway and its contents as their own bounty - but offered to trade for anything of greater value. Having deemed Gork not of such value, the Vexgati cruiser set about draining the Phoenix's shields, putting her at the mercy of the Maelstrom's violent forces which were already threatening the hull of the ship.

However, assistance came in an unlikely form. Seven small Romulan ships decloaked in close proximity to the Phoenix and immediatley set about swarming the Vexgati vessel, drawing its fire and draining its own shields while being too small and maneuvering to be struck by return fire. Brooks and Harper devised a method out of their imprisonment - a short warp burst which the Phoenix should be able to sustain. With the Vexgati distracted, the Phoenix jumped to warp, dropping to sublight at the edge of the Maelstrom but with severe structual damage to the aft section. Gork - manning Engineering - was able to secure the aft section before it threatened to depressurise the rest of the ship.

The Romulan vessels emerged from the Maelstrom with the critically damaged Causeway in tow. It's weak survivors were beamed to Sickbay and the still-unidentified Romulans beamed the shipment of ore that had been stolen aboard the Phoenix. They cloaked and left the scene, without identifying themselves and with the fate of the Vexgati ship unknown.

WIth contact with Eos restored, Admiral Grayson ordered the Phoenix back to base for immediate debrief...
Star Trek: Tyrella / S02E01 - "Eos" - 03/11/19
October 21, 2019, 05:10:28 pm

"Have you stopped to wonder how it is that you stumbled in to our little drama?"

New year. New job. New lives.

The Phoenix, having departed Pioneer Station, enters the Telosian Expanse - a remote region of the sector to which access from Federation vessels was prohibited for just under three decades. Their destination is Eos Station, officially a new scientific research post built in conjunction with the elusive Telosians, but unofficially its true purpose lies in the aftermatch of The Phantom War. Under the oversight of Admiral Joel Grayson - to whom Harper and his crew find themselves now assigned - the Phoenix is soon dispatched once more in to a volatile section of the Expanse in order to identify and recover lost cargo that was originally intended to reach Eos.

It isn't long before Harper discovers that working for Starfleet in Tyrella is just as complicated as working against them.

Perhaps significantly moreso.

"Eos" takes place Sunday, November 3rd on the RPG-X 'Spicy' Server @ 18:30BST / 13:30 ET
Star Trek: Tyrella / Star Trek: Tyrella - Season Two
October 21, 2019, 04:55:48 pm


Deep in the Telosian Expanse, out in the furthest reaches of the Tyrella Sector, the FCS Phoenix flies to Eos Station - a secretive Starfleet facility constructed in the immediate aftermath of "The Phantom War," lurking within the shadow of the remains of an ancient superstructure known once only as 'The Gateway.'

Captain Deryck Harper and his misfit - yet now official - crew are placed under the supervision of Admiral Joel Grayson, a high-ranking Starfleet overseer who was also an important figure in the conception of Operation: Black Sails - the undertaking which originally saw Harper recruited by Starfleet in the first place. Grayson's ulterior motive to ultimately shut down the port of Arcadia and the many businesses of which Harper's crew was once a part remains shrouded in secrecy, despite the widespread release of classified documents implicating Starfleet in a plot to impose military rule over Tyrella - courtesy of the now incarcerated Cardassian broker, Renok.

Despite tensions brewing back on Arcadia, Harper hones in on his new assignments operating out of Eos - a station which promises answers to a great many questions regarding Tyrella's, and indeed Harper's, past. But those answers won't be easily fought. The Phoenix must first prove itself capable of handling a number of dangerous assignments with efficiency and discretion. All the while, the Hirogen force that Renok introduced to the sector is still lurking, waiting for an opportunity to strike at their newfound prey.

Beyond which an unknown third party continues to oversee the drama unfolding across Tyrella...

Keres is waiting.


The journey of the FCS Phoenix may be taking a short break, but Tyrella never sleeps.

Tales from Tyrella will be standalone, optional roleplays that run on the RPG-X server between seasons of Star Trek: Tyrella.

They may take place in the past, present or even future of the current ongoing story from the main series. They could focus on familiar locations and characters or dive in to brand new stories from the vast and varied history of the Tyrella Sector.

The first volume will feature four "origin" stories of familiar faces from the Phoenix and/or the Falcon:

Deryck & Clara - "Samson and Delilah": A chance encounter brings together two of the most cunning minds in the sector, going on to band together an unlikely crew of misfits, outcasts and space-truckers destined for a truly unpredictable future.
by Criminula & Grizz

Hugs: 2383. Starfleet has set up shop in Tyrella. A centuries-old wanderer of the cosmos has set up shop on Arcadia.
by Serris

Gork: This one neat trick sees a lone Ferengi hitch a ride aboard the Falcon. Klingons hate him.
by DavidH

Emilia: When the freighter Biscay departed the Asturias Colony, she had a Captain and a fully functioning crew. By the time it reached the Accobar System, a nineteen year old junker had taken charge. Hm.
by Grizz

This is something of a trial run, but all members of Star Trek: Tyrella are welcome to submit their own ideas for future Tales - feel free to send them to myself and Criminula for future use. Tales from Tyrella may pop up mid-season or during TLO events, not just between seasons. You may also be approached directly for story concepts, so keep an eye out!

The month-long run of Tales from Tyrella: Volume I begins Sunday, September 29th at the usual time!

"You sold Tyrella to the Hirogen as their new hunting ground!"

Having been decieved by a fake distress signal, the Phoenix crew are in the custody of the Hirogen, armed with the Starfleet technology provided to them by Renok.

As the turn of the year approaches, the next phase of the Cardassian's scheme to destabilise the sector is set in motion.

With the stakes ever higher, Commodore Munro throws discretion aside to bring a swift end to the developing crisis.

"Anno 2395" takes place Sunday, September 15th on the RPG-X 'Spicy' Server @ 18:30BST / 13:30 ET
Season One Archive / S01E05 - "Clientele" - 08/09/19
September 01, 2019, 03:48:26 pm

"You want a stable Tyrella? Arcadia is an unstable element that must be nullified."

Accobar's part in the 2383 outbreak is exposed to the world.

Harper confronts Rios over the true nature of Operation: Black Sails.

Renok's new clients descend on Tyrella - and their identity is revealed.

"Clientele" takes place Sunday, September 8th on the RPG-X 'Spicy' Server @ 18:30BST / 13:30 EST
RPG-X / Time Zone Register
September 01, 2019, 05:54:54 am

Hi all,

I would like to compile a list of RPG-X players and what time zone they occupy. This is to both assist RPG-X staff in planning future events and also to allow members to see who might be available to play at any given time - a great benefit to potential SRP and mSRP runners, too. I would be grateful for your cooperation! If you wish to help, please reply with your current time zone and any additional information that may be of note (days of the week you can take part in events or what times you are most likely free to do so).

Thank you all!

Crew Records / Rios, Emilia [XO / CFO]
August 21, 2019, 06:59:46 pm

Name: Emilia Ríos
Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: Executive Officer & Chief Flight Officer, FCS Phoenix
Additional Positions: Chief Flight Officer - Reserves, Starbase 215 || Mission Supervisor - Operation: Black Sails
Former Assignments: Assistant Chief Flight Officer, USS Hera || Assistant Chief Flight Officer, USS Athena || Enlisted Flight Officer, FCS Dalmatia || Enlisted Flight Technician, Asteroid Base: Alpha

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 30

Mother: Adriana Luna Ríos
Father: Martín Ríos
Siblings: Emilio Dante Ríos

Place of Birth: Asturias Colony [UFP], Tyrella Sector

Starfleet Recorded History: In 2384, at age 19, Emilia Ríos made contact with the Federation listening outpost Asteroid Base: Alpha in the Accobar System while piloting a Class 7 interplanetery freighter out of the Asturias Colony. As noted by Station Commander Amber Munro, and Station Chief Medical Officer Timothy Rogan, the freighter was carrying refugees fleeing the [REDACTED] outbreak among the outer colonies in the sector. Upon arrival, Ríos and the two dozen passengers she had shepherded to safety were quarantined and processed until the necessary medical clearances were met. Ríos demanded to be allowed to return to Asturias in order to ferry more colonists - including her family - out of the hot zone. Her request was denied by Starfleet Command.

Only two days in to her stay and with the assistance of her former passengers, Ríos bypassed the security lockout on the station promenade were they were being kept and attempted to transport several shipments of medical supplies on to their freighter. Upon discovery, Ríos was relocated to the Brig. Choosing to investigate the incident personally, Captain Munro learnt of Ríos' background as a young test pilot and engineer - as well as her impulsive and passionate tendencies - and used this information to leverage Ríos in to assisting their aid effort as a freighter pilot so that she could return to her home in an official capacity under Munro's increased authority during a declared state of emergency.

As an enlisted Flight Technician, Ríos was briefly linked up with an Academy Flight Training Squadron, before returning to the Accobar System for a further abridged Starfleet training program consisting primarily of field duty aboard both the Asturias freighter she arrived on and a Federation Cargo Ship running the supply lines between Asturias and Accobar. She also performed duty shifts in Docking Control aboard Asteroid Base: Alpha.

Following the initial curtailing of the [REDACTED] outbreak, Ríos was granted a two-week sabbattical to return home, spend time with her family and consider an offer of further Starfleet service under Munro's leadership. Soon after accepting the offer, however, Starfleet operations in the Accobar System were taken over by Admiral Ian Campbell. Ríos was immediately reassigned as Third Flight Officer aboard the FCS Dalmatia and steered away from Accobar, Munro and Asteroid Base: Alpha. Following Munro's reinstatement as Station Commander, Ríos was granted a field commision and once again reassigned at her request, this time aboard Munro's ship - the Starship Athena - where she became Assistant Chief Flight Officer. Ríos - and Asturias - supported Munro during the insurrection against G'rath's Presidency. During the final push to Earth, when Commander West was unable to remain at his post, Ríos was at the helm prior to the Athena's evacuation.

Ríos initially remained in Munro's service when Renee Hampton recruited a number of her senior staff for the Pioneer project in the Accobar System. However, two years later, Asteroid Base: Alpha was destroyed by the rupturing of a powerful and unstable spatial rift which tore through the station's infrastructure. Ríos was on board the station during the incident and served as an evacuation pilot, leading a host of officers to safety aboard Pioneer Station, where Sophia Mason had recently taken command. As Munro took the opportunity to depart Accobar, albeit under a cloud - with speculation still rife regarding her involvement in President G'rath's demise - Ríos was assiged to the Starship Hera - supporting Pioneer Station under Mason's command, once again as an Assistant Chief Flight Officer.

During the Hobus crisis, Ríos was granted numerous opportunities for solo flights and to take the helm exclusively during a vast swathe of aid missions and supply convoys frequently crossing the Neutral Zone to assist the shattered Romulan Star Empire. As a result, Ríos was absent for much of the Red Dawn investigation, but was present aboard the Hera during brief Halkonian invasion of Tyrella - piloting the ship in orbit of Rajusca where Commander Micahel Barnes was killed during a botched hostage transfer. Ríos was on the ground on Accobar III during The Battle of the Pantheon, providing tactical support for Mason's away team, assigned to protect Jemma Etis. During the battle, Ríos was incapacitated by an Accobi being later referered to as "The Architect." Her reported memories of the battle are vague, though she claimed to have looked in to the eyes of the Devil.

Ríos was finally transferred off the Hera in 2390, when Acting Commanding Officer Maria Vega seized control of Pioneer and launched Operation: Dark Star - utilising a modified version of the [REDACTED] virus which had plagued Ríos years ago. It is unknown if her previous history with the subject has led to Vega's decision to remove her and a number of other officers from the Accobar System. Ríos was therefore not aboard the Hera during its evacuation and destruction by the Vega-controlled Borg Sphere.

In light of the chaos erupting in the Tyrella sector, Ríos resigned from Starfleet service and returned to Asturias - a colony which was kept out of the line of fire, but where fears of another outbreak were rife. She remained on the colony for over a year before being contacted by Amber Munro and convinced to rejoin her former mentor for a [CLASSIFIED] mission in to Talosian space, where it was discovered that Ríos has past ties with the free port of Arcadia and one of its enforcers, Devlin Marks. Following the success of their mission, Ríos was re-enlisted and assigned to Starbase 215 at Munro's request, serving as Chief Flight Officer for a number of outbound missions for the newly promoted Commodore.

Ten years after her arrival in the Accobar System, Ríos returned there at Munro's request following a sudden promotion in order to join Deryck Harper the crew of the FCS Phoenix as Chief Flight Officer and as Mission Supervisor for Operation: Black Sails...

"So many backs with a single, invisible knife."

The remaining crew of the Phoenix reconvene with Commodore Munro and Doctor Timothy Rogan - an expert out of Pioneer Station - to address the resurgence of an ancient biological and technological threat in the abandoned aft section of the ship, where Rios and Hugs remain, afflicted by the nanovirus which seemingly killed their prisoner in the cargobay. Rogan intends to link up with Harper and his team to return to their stricken shipmates and prevent history from repeating itself.

The veil of secrecy shrouding one of the darkest points in Tyrella's history is about to be lifted.

"The Phantom War" takes place Sunday, September 1st on the RPG-X 'Spicy' Server @ 18:30BST / 13:30 EST

Season One Archive / S01E03 - "Crossed" - 16/08/2019
August 15, 2019, 07:35:20 pm


An unknown contagion is ravaging Federation colonies in the Tyrella sector. The Starfleet operation in the Accobar system is working tirelessly to identify the highly infective agent spreading between worlds and leaving thousands unable to return to their homes. One such lost soul finds herself in a meeting with a Starfleet Captain after an attempted robbery of valuable medical supplies.


The crew of the Phoenix fight to free themselves from their captor beneath the surface of Arcadia's neighbouring planet.


This Holomatch Map

"Crossed" takes place Sunday, August 18th on the RPG-X 'Spicy' Server @ 18:30BST / 13:30 EST