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Title: It has been quite some time...
Post by: Tim Goodwin on April 08, 2011, 01:37:36 am
Out of mainly boredom and curiosity I decided to see if this game was still around. I am Tim Goodwin, and played this game around 6 years ago before RPG-X was out. I was a friend of Will (maker of the Poseidon maps among many others) and Fleet Admiral in the clan known as =[D3]= who were the arch rivals in a way of SFEF and.. well, any other person who played the game as it somehow turned out.

I dunno if anyone still plays this game from those days but be sure to let me know. It would be interesting to talk with some of ya'll again.

My question now is this, how are the servers now? Rp's often? Or is it dying? I remember when we had a rp with 37 people if I recall correctly (killer lag at the end there) Anyone here remember me? Perhaps Highlander or Rigs? or the dreaded Scott Carter aka DaRkGoDx (who I still talk to from time to time :P) Fill me in on what has happened in the last 5 years :P
Title: Re: It has been quite some time...
Post by: Jenson on April 08, 2011, 10:00:18 am
Hey there,

I think I started RPing slightly after you left (I started just before RPG-X1 was released), though I'm very familiar with Will and Ant as ST-RP was my first RPG-X Group :) TLO has a vibrant RPG-X division (the most active english group, currently), and our SRPs average around 8-14 people depending on the day/season--not quite as impressive as 37 people, but we make do :P Not sure if you're aware, but RPG-X2 was released a couple years ago which dramatically improved the RP interface allowing for emotes, special fx, music, etc.

The community as a whole isn't as vibrant as it used to be, at least on the english side. There are really only 3 communities that could be considered "active" or "semi-active" at present, and TLO is by far the most active. We have 3 SRPs running now, and 1 soon to come, twice more than any of the other groups. Weekday RPs are hit or miss--mostly miss during this term paper/exam season, but will pick up when summer rolls around. In terms of RPG-X "dying", it has certainly decreased in activity since you were last here, and all of the other groups are in a state of decline, but TLO has remained active in RPG-X and has had an active memberbase. A few weeks ago, we actually passed 80 percentile activity on our main server--something I hadn't seen since my ST-RP days, and we have had a regular string of new members, so TLO itself is doing well.

We're also branching out into STO now, and we're working on getting permissions to use a program to allow people to dl RPG-X and the neccissary components to run the game without EF. We hope that if we can get permissions for this program, we can bring fresh blood into RPG-X, and the community as a whole. We'll see what happens :) Let me know if you have any questions, and if you do wish to apply, please feel free to fill out a formal application in the Apply to Join forum.
Title: Re: It has been quite some time...
Post by: Richard Evans on April 15, 2011, 01:52:49 pm
Hi There,

I'm Richard Evans, President of Section 31 Roleplay, a RPG-X Based Group. I agree with Jenson. There are primarly 3 active groups, and TLO is the most active. RPG-X has had it's downfull in activity, but, it's groups like TLO, and Section 31 who like to keep things active. These guys here have loads of experiance, and I have to say it has been a pleasure that our two groups have been able to work together.