The Last Outpost

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Title: Character Descriptions
Post by: Trevor of Borg on April 08, 2021, 09:43:48 pm
Please feel free to post your character descriptions here.    Include as little or as much information as you wish!
Title: Re: Character Descriptions
Post by: Trevor of Borg on April 08, 2021, 10:27:55 pm
Name: Aaron Ballard
Species: Human
Date of Bith: November 23 2307
Place of Birth: Luna Colony
Current assignment: Starfleet research and design, Starship technology design.
Rank: Captain
Previous Assignments:
USS Enterprise B(2324-2326)- Operations Officer.
Starbase 320 (2327-2328)- Assistant Engineer, Ship Division.
USS Ambassador(2329-2331)- Tactical/Chief of Security.
USS Ajax (2332-2335)-Second Officer/Tactical Officer
USS Enterprise C(2335-2338) CLASSIFIED
USS Excalibur (2339-2340) First Officer
USS Excalibur (2341-2345) Commanding Officer

Captain Aaron Ballard is a combat hardened veteran, having dealt with multiple threats to the Federation. He is very to the point, and always gets the mission done. Each review and comment from each of his COs state that he is a career officer and often neglects his personal needs to complete the task. Some say he is a hard worker, but he always works with a purpose.

Aaron Ballard is a solitary person, he tends to keep his feelings to himself. Having lost multiple friends to various conflicts, he doesn't let his emotions get in the way of the job.

The final straw was the loss of the Enterprise C at Narendra 3. His best friend was aboard the ship. Aaron Ballard requested a transfer to Earth Spacedock, after dealing with conflicts with the klingons and then the Cardassians. He needed a change of pace, he was assigned to the bureau of Starship Technology design. Where he designs various components and systems for starships going for refit or construction.

Title: Re: Character Descriptions
Post by: Brashnard on April 10, 2021, 10:59:59 pm
Name: Antonlyeth Ch'akiananth
Species: Andorian
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Andoria
Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment:
- USS Seklath, federation patrolship traveling routinely through Andoria system and nearby federation worlds, cc 35. Miranda-class. Chief Flight Officer. Imperial Guard attache.
Previous Assignments:
- USS Menagerie, federation worlds zoologist science vessel, cc 65. Oberth-class. (Reserve) Flight Officer.
- USS Antares, federation patrolship, NCC-9844, cc 35. Miranda-class. Operations Officer, Shuttle Pilot.
- Thraz II Federation Outpost, andorian colonized thraz sector, trade goods and storage outpost, Operations Officer, Shuttle Pilot.

Antonlyeth is a combat-trained, imperial guard veteran from Andoria. Spending most of his early life living on Andoria- he pursued a career of justice and constant vigilance, entering into the imperial guard service from a stronghearted youth; following his family's line of military-service tradition, House Ch'akiananth. After interim military service and training, alongside his excellence, and the aid of his commanding officers and federation envoys-- he gained sponsorship into Starfleet Academy from where he began as an ensign serving on federation trade outposts in the Andoria and nearby sectors, then to serve on the USS Antares as his first federation starship.

He was relocated a handful of times in the span of a decade or longer, namely to the USS Menagerie after his request for a more peaceful.. quiet posting once adapting to the atmosphere, wide array of alien culture, and diverse ways of starfleet; including their differences compared to the imperial regality in Andorian military service tradition. In his time of contemplation during quiet posting on the Menagerie, he requested in his homesickness to return back to service near Andoria, on the USS Seklath, a federation patrolship commanded for purposes of defending andorian space, nearby systems if emergent and necessary, and to contend with pirates in the sector.

He has been paying close attention to the federation news network, eyes glued to the developing situation on the cardassian border. He's no doubt certain that he will be relocated in the coming months to deal with the cardassian threat, if it develops any worse. He has personally opted his name in for any desired crew transfers if the need arises for manpower on the situation.