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RPG-X / Some RPG-X Tweaks/ideas I'm working on
January 30, 2020, 03:07:01 pm
So - the following is going to link to an external locale, only because I started the topic there, So I will apologize now, but I feel it's needed, and easier than regurgitating all that info.

Klaw's Idea post on the external site

The gist: I'm working on what I hope will become some sort of mod manager for RPG-X, allowing us to far more easily tailor the experience of an RP to the players.

I'm also currently working on grabbing screenshots, and information on every map currently installed in my RPG-X install (which may or may not have all of UE...) and putting it into a central spreadsheet for easy access of something that is searchable, and scalable.

I'm bringing this over here because I believe this may be something of interest to everyone in the RPG-X community, and is something that should be shared in all stages of it's progression.

If you're interested in helping, or want to learn more. Please just ask!
Just wanted to drop in and say:

From our family to yours
The Forge Embassy / Sharing some news
August 02, 2019, 11:01:31 am
So this dropped last week, and we at The Forge have been loving it!

So much so we've started running a mini-series set in The Orville universe.

The game may be something yall want to look at (and if you're interested Pegasus is open, and welcoming :) )
The Forge Embassy / The Forge - Block Party!
July 09, 2019, 07:22:04 pm
So I've mentioned before about wanting to work with some of our neighboring communities on throwing a Block party once things start settling down over at The Forge. Well, we're in full swing, starting our planning now, and would love to hear any suggestions you would like to see.


You're all invited, and we'd love to have you from start to finish :)
So as some of you all may be aware, over the last couple of months The Daedalus Community has become a thing of the past. In its place, we have rebranded ourselves - established some new rules, and are currently in the middle of an election cycle at our new home "The Forge"

Our home can be found here (I'm a link) (and any old Daedalus link can still be used, it'll redirect you to where you need to go :P )

While we're still a bit in limbo pending the conclusion of our election, We still wanted to stop in and say hi to our neighbors, and beg their forgiveness for the construction noises next door.

I'll be pushing for a big "Block party" of sorts once we're finished. In the meantime, We set up an embassy for TLO here - https://www.theforgegaming.net/forum/index.php/board,15.0.html and I'm sure we'd love to collaborate sometime soon :)

Now if you'll excuse me, that pool isn't going to dig itself :P
The Forge Embassy / Taking a broom to the cobwebs
January 26, 2019, 12:44:00 pm
Good Afternoon, TLO

As some of you may know, I had to take a brief hiatus from just about everything while I battled some health problems last year. as a result, I had to shut down just about everything - including the Daedalus community.

Well, long story short. We're back! (I'm a link) (And I'm feeling much better now).

Progress is slow, I'm working on it. But the site is up, being populated, and we're planning our first event to air next weekend.

I even re-opened the TLO Embassy (Also a link) - feel free to advertise your events, say hi - do whatever! It's your space, let me know how I can help you best utilize it :)

There are some exciting things on the horizon! And we look forward to sharing them with the whole of the RPG-X Community.

and on a deeply personal note, it's good to be back. I've missed TLO, Daedalus, and RPG-X as a whole.

Hope to see you out there.
The Forge Embassy / Daedalus says Hi (again)!
March 04, 2018, 10:20:55 am
Firstly, now that we have an embassy, does this mean I can drive really fast on the wrong way of a one way street while blaring Justin Bieber and Nickelback and claim diplomatic immunity when I'm caught?

Secondly: https://www.st-daedalus.com/forum/index.php - a link to our website

and Thirdly, a link to TLO's little corner: https://www.st-daedalus.com/forum/index.php?board=15.0

Feel free to post about upcoming events, SRPs, etc. I'm sure we'd love to hear about them, and take part.

I also hope that the same could be said in the other direction too.

With that said, let's keep each other in the know, and keep working on RPG-X!


Thank you

(One more note, the site is improving, but slowly - I have no experience doing this stuff, but I'm trying - so let me know if you have issues, and I appreciate your patience :) )
The Embassy / Daedalus
January 29, 2018, 12:53:58 pm
Well, the time has come to show off what has been building in the shadows for a few weeks.

I stated when I closed the Daedalus SRP here, that it would come to life again, elsewhere.

I'd like to present the loose-knit community of RPG-X players who have helped bring this thing back to life.


Daedalus is designed to simply be simple. We're a very loose-knit group with a focus on RPG-X. However, We all posess a passion for Star Trek, and games - so I guess we can dabble a bit in some other things as time goes by.

At the moment though, this little corner of the internetz is designed to be the standalone home of Star Trek: Daedalus; a Serial Roleplay written by me, set during the Earth-Romulan war and (probably) spanning into the dawn of the Federation.

This is a completely fresh start. Very little of the story that happened during our run at TLO will be used (if anything at all.). I've designed new villains, a different backstory for the series (which we will be exploring a bit of during our miniseries Prelude to Daedalus), and I'm even building a new map.

Daedalus (the community) at it's heart, is designed to be a fun, uplifting and active RPG-X locale. I hope that we can have a nice, strong friendship with TLO, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for both communities.

Hope to see you out there.


PS - I have no web design experience. An offer was made by a friend to do it for me, but I wanted to give it a shot to try to learn how to do this. So, if you uncover problems with the site, or have general feedback on how we can be better; Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please also note that we're still a work in progress, there's still a lot that I'd like to see on the site, so I'm still playing with it in the background. just, be advised of that :P
Star Trek: Daedalus / Daedalus' End
January 24, 2018, 09:52:05 am
Endings are never easy, especially when the ending leaves so much unresolved.

Daedalus has been my baby, my reason for remaining in TLO for the last 3 years. It's been rocky at times, but I believe that there for a while, we hit a nice groove, and made something great.

Recently, I decided that it was time for me to part from TLO, to go off and do my own thing. And this is exactly what I'm doing.

Daedalus may be ending here, but it's about to be rebuilt and renewed, learning from the mistakes of the past 3 years, and building on the good that has come of it too.

A Daedalus reboot is in the works, but not here.

This is my sunset at TLO, I thank everyone who has helped make it great and I hope it endures for another 7 years, and beyond.

As for me, it's time to sail on.

Look me up, I'm in the book. (and I may still be around, in some far smaller capacity)

Farewell TLO, and Goodbye to *This* version of Daedalus.
Star Trek: Daedalus / 03x21 Raiders
January 16, 2018, 10:15:00 am

Date: April 10th, 2157
Revised Airdate: Sunday, January 28th at 13:30 EST (18:30 GMT)

Nova is stranded thanks to a Cloaked Nausicaan ship, and a couple of mines that went off on the hull.

The Nausicaans promised that they'd be back, with friends. It would appear they weren't lying.

Three vessels are approaching Nova at warp, one of them bares a striking resemblance to a ship that was present during the MACO Outpost 1 Raid - a ship that was using an advanced Transporter array to beam raiders onboard, and supplies off.

Nova is standing ready and repairing the damage as best as they can in preparation for the upcoming fight.
Star Trek: Daedalus / 03x20 The Nausicaans
January 06, 2018, 08:43:56 pm

Date: April 10th, 2157
Airdate: Sunday, January 14th at 13:30 EST (18:30 GMT)

3 Days have passed since Task Force Sierra arrived at MACO Outpost One. Captain Johnson has implemented his plan, and the unit is split up into smaller squads, patrolling the regions sorrounding the base, or protecting the base and making safe the trade routes between the outpost and nearby friendly ports.

Nova, however, is on her way into Syndicate controlled space.

Hoping to find a diplomatic solution for all of this, Captain Johnson spared no time beefing up the small cruiser just incase diplomacy fails. Considering who they're about to meet next: It is unlikely that diplomacy will resonate much at all in this region of space.
Star Trek: Daedalus / The Future of the series
December 26, 2017, 09:45:07 am
So, I have reached out privately to the folks who have signed up for Daedalus, and I have heard from a couple of you, and have heard nothing from three of you wonderful folks.

I knew that this would need to be escalated a bit after Christmas, so here it is:

What I want to do with the series, and what I can do both hinge on your participation.

A quick side shout out, to Shoot and Stringtheorist who have been around since the start, and who I can count on with extreme diligence to either be present or to let me know quickly that they won't.

Basically, since my return, Daedalus has only successfully managed to air one episode. I take responsibility for subsequent issues that have followed, as I am battling my health, my family, and my life and they're not taking prisoners.

Basically, I need to know now whether I should keep fighting for this, or give it up. That all depends on you.

I have a lot of story to still tell. This Season is intended to end the Earth-Romulan war, next Season is the Dawn of the Federation, and if I had the interest, Season 5 would look a bit more at the mysterious explorer who has made a few appearances during our run. But a story teller is only as effective as his audience is receptive. So, To my friends on the roster, and even those looking in from outside, what do you think we should do?
Star Trek: Daedalus / Daedalus Season 3 Christmas Special
December 20, 2017, 12:10:29 pm

Date: December 25th, 2157
Airdate: Saturday, December 23rd at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT)

A brief halt on the war, brought on by a temporary holiday cease-fire has brought about a welcome change. The Romulans, while not physically there, or seen at all, have come to the negotiation table after nearly 2 years of conflict. Coalition Commanders, regardless of their species, are taking the time to enjoy this cease fire and are joining in with the Terran festivities.

On Nova The crew are settling down to a bowl of Chef's special eggnog, and preparing for the arrival of "Santa"; unaware of what lurks just around the next corner.
Star Trek: Daedalus / 03x19 Slave One, Part II
November 27, 2017, 08:07:57 pm

Date: April 5th, 2157
Airdate: Saturday, January 6th at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT)

General Lawrence of MACO Outpost One has been abducted by the Orion Syndicate! The Outpost is cripled, awaiting the arrival of Task Force Sierra to help get them back on their feet.

Just a few lightyears away, Nova has met up with one of the MACO's escort ships, Polaris, and is now pushing it ahead of the group, to help stabilize the situation, to ensure that there are people still alive to recieve the aid to come.

Meanwhile, There has still been no sign of Orions since the raid - and no word on whether or not General Lawrence is alive or dead.

After much thought, I didn't get as far as I wanted to last week (totally my fault, I had a snap commitment that I needed to keep.)

So This week will pick up almost exactly where we left off: (I'll give it the full episode work up later).

What we learned last week:

Well, CJ has a sister - and she's the commander of a short range Starship, The Polaris.
The MACOs are resilient, and able to survive through some very adverse conditions.
Task Force Sierra has been redeployed in full to take on the Orion Syndicate, and rescue General Lawrence.
(I think those were the big ones, let me know if I forgot something).
Star Trek: Daedalus / 03x18 Slave One
November 22, 2017, 11:43:47 pm

Date: April 5th, 2157
Airdate: Saturday, November 25th at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT)

After a successful raid on MACO Outpost 1, a small Orion raiding fleet is returning home with a few prizes: Odin, Lawrence, and the station's entire reserve of antimatter; leaving the outpost without power and virtually defenseless.

Nova has been called to assist the situation, and offer what help they can to the MACOs, meanwhile the survivors will have to make due with what they can scavenge from the dropships, and remain defended by two of the new short range, Polaris class vessels.

All the MACOs can do is wait, and twiddle their thumbs until Nova arrives...
Star Trek: Daedalus / Daedalus will return 11/25
November 08, 2017, 10:54:43 am
Just as the above states - We're gonna pick up in a couple of weeks - please be patient with me. I'll make it worth the wait, I promise :)
Announcements / Taking a large step back.
November 05, 2017, 09:23:00 pm
Cutting right to the point. I need to step down as president of TLO.

The short version of the reasoning: I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in the hospital. Once for family, and once for me. My health is not in a good way, and frankly, I don't have the strength to maintain most of my responsibilities.

So, I am stepping down as president of TLO.

As for Daedalus, we'll see.

Also, apologies for not getting this out sooner.
Announcements / Fall Fest: October 22nd - 31st 2017
October 16, 2017, 05:58:49 pm
My friends,

it is no exaggeration, or understatement when I say that things here in TLO have slowed way WAY WAY down. The reason for that, appears to be largely that all of us got hit with life, out of the blue, at roughly the same time.

IN short, for my part of this lull, You have my sincerest apologies.

I will say this though, I have been working, for some time, in the background on a project, who's scope has been reduced significantly, but I hope will plant a seed for a similar and fuller Winter Fest this year.

I am speaking, of TLO's (I believe) first annual "Fall Fest"! A time where we as a group get together and play the games we love and support (and even a few that we don't).

This Schedule appears a little Spartan (And is still in a state of flux - hoping I can get an MC for mid-week stuff when I'm not available), but this may give you all some idea of what's to come here in TLO next week:

Sunday October 22nd (All times are in EDT)
11am: Kickoff (brief little welcome message and opportunity to try to reengage the community)
12pm: RPG-X Ghost Story (Part 1)
2:30pm: Space Engineers: The Construction of the Last Outpost (Community Building of Outpost on Server) - Looking to reschedule due to personal emergency
5pm: RPG-X Happy Hour (Free Play)

Monday October 23rd
5pm: Fleet Ops

Tuesday, October 24th
5pm: Minecraft Happy Hour (Free Play)

Wednesday, October 25th
2pm: TableTop Happy Hour (Hosted by Dendo)
5pm: Fleet Ops

Friday, October 27th
5pm: RPG-X Ghost Story (Part 2 (light version, to serve as little more than a refresher, and a bridge between the story elements – nobody will miss much of anything)

Saturday, October 28th
1pm: STO Colony Supply Runs
3pm: STO Build Review and Free Play

Sunday, October 29th
12pm: RPG-X Ghost Story (Finale)
3pm: Minecraft "Klaw Dig"

Monday, October 30th
5pm: Space Engineers: Into the Black

Tuesday, October 31st
5pm: (May be cancelled) "Use Your Words" Discord Party.

Some Details on the events:

Kickoff:Brief little welcome message and opportunity to try to reengage the community (Discord)

RPG-X Ghost Story: "Eternal Light": Ever wonder where we came from? Or what happens when we die? - Join me in exploring these questions in a thrilling episode of Science run amuck, and humanity put to the test.

Space Engineers: The Construction of the Last Outpost - Why not work together, and build a nice base from where we can all consider a central, home base

Minecraft "Klaw Dig" - "I am a dwarf, and I'm digging a hole..." - Join me as we dig our way into the deep, and explore what lies beneath our feet - killing monsters as we go!

Basically, let's get together, and let's just have some fun as community :)

If you have any questions, please let me know

Start the Hype Train! - Fall Fest 2017!

Star Trek: Daedalus / 03x17 Failure to Launch
October 08, 2017, 11:31:46 pm

Date: January 15th, 2157
Airdate: Saturday, October 21st at 15:00 EDT (20:00 BST)

Nova has been trapped in Earth Space dock since shortly before Christmas.

Most of the major upgrades are in place, and personnel are standing by, but a small miscalculation in the Warp Field matrix has stranded Taskforce Sierra's flagship for 2 weeks longer than planned...

(As an FYI, a Nova Update will be released for this episode - and it may be semi-unfinished (but we'll see about that) - this whole "Trapped in spacedock" thing could work for that :P)

Date: February 3rd, 2157
Airdate: Saturday, October 7th at 15:00 EDT (20:00 BST)

Brigadier General Phillip Lawrence has officially assumed command of MACO Outpost 1 after dropping his cover, and possibly endangering his mission, a mission that is still largely unknown.

Meanwhile, the last 24 hours have been quiet. General Lawrence has sent out the Drop Ships to survey some of the surrounding area where Orion ships could be hiding; Meanwhile, Starfleet Command has granted Lawrence's request for a strong Starfleet Presence in the region, sending six ships to set up shop.

Until they arrive, the MACOs will have to stand alone, should Yandur or the Shapeshifter that Odin called "Bane" make their return...