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This is today, very soon in fact. In 10 Minuets in fact.
Episode Archive / Re: Season 1, Episode 8 - Back To Basics
September 06, 2014, 02:07:52 pm
This is today

The following Document is provided curtesy of Memory Alpha, a division of Starfleet Office of Science Ops, Copyright January 3rd 3109. Starfleet Temporal Investigations Authorization Recognized. The following material is Classified under the Janeway Protocol

The United Federation of Planets, a topic often discussed. While it still to this day exists, we all know full well it's origins. Founded by representatives of Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar Prime at what is now known as Archer Plaza in San Francisco on Earth, in the year 2161.

Since then it has and always has acted as a beacon of hope and prosperity within the darkness of the galaxy. It has stood tall and strong against many tests over the centuries however no one ever speaks of the Precursor Theory, that is what this document was created for, to explain the theories brought about by the Lexicon of Valholl.

Let us start with the lexicon itself. It was discovered in 2387 shortly after the Hobus Supernova event. While the name lexicon would give some the impression it is little more than a small device, it is in fact, roughly the size of a Class XII Computer Core commonly used on Ancient Sovereign Class Starships. The device was composed of solid Neutronium, or at least the first 2 inches were. Keeping the device safe from harm.

The device remained in storage at the Museum of Galactic History on Vulcan until 2409 during the settlement of New Romulus by the Romulan Republic (See entry 2409/Mol'Rihan/Republic Foundation for more details). The device was moved here following the discovery of technology similar in design by archeological teams uncovering ancient Dewan and Iconian ruins. It was here that the device was then moved to a secure facility within the Federation and examined constantly as it was believed it was possibly an Iconian data storage device or computer.

In 2410 the device was found to have been created by a separate species but the technology was so beyond even the Iconians and the security features to keep it locked eluded them to the point the Iconians simply gave up on it, as did many races after them and possibly before them too. In 2410 the device was accidentally unlocked by one Lieutenant Commander Mathew Pierce, Grandson of Captain Robert Isaiah Peirce, whom mysteriously died in the 23rd century and never met his daughter Amelia Pierce or his unborn son of no name (See datafile SFMedical/Pierce, Gloria Emmaline/Unnamed Lost Child for further details on recorded pregnancy of twins and later delivery of only one infant).

The device was unlocked as the Lieutenant Commander in question was guarding the device when he accidentally cut his hand whilst touching the rough neutronium surface. (See Attached Video File-1A). As his blood was absorbed a genetic locking device was triggered, thus unlocking the device. As the device glowed green it projected an image of a woman. Blue skin, approximately six feet in height, head tendrils, blue eyes, apparently 24 to 26 years of age wearing a white dress, diamond necklace, tiara and gold cosmetics or tattoos adorning her eyes and lips.

Due to limitations of Universal Translators of the period, it took severals weeks for linguists, body language specialists, behavioural analysts, psychologists, profilers and computer science specialists to provide an accurate translation of the message.

If you are viewing this then either you are Walter and thus our plan has failed. Or you are some relation of his through his sister Amelia. If the latter is true, then our plan has succeeded. Or possibly not. However I have programmed the AI of this message towards the latter half to be able to determine this after I have finished my message.

So yes. Where do I begin? Beginnings and Ends all meet at some point, come full circle. It makes a new beginning somewhat hard to explain yet easy to carry out. I understand that everything within this will seem extremely confusing, impossible and probably even.. as Walter would put it "Stark raving mad". I guess I could start with a name. But which one?

I am, or by the time anyone sees this, I was Freya Vor. I was a member of the Valkyr Intelligence Agency. I was assigned to the Normandy as Elizabeth McDougan. A Name chosen to provide some comfort to Mr Pierce, one he would not obviously remember but his subconscious should recognise as a name of a friend. The name of his nanny on the USS Odyssey.

My mission was to observe and guide a human displaced in time and space go from a strange phenomenon, to the greatest warrior against the darkness the Triad has ever known

End of Recording, Insufficient Clearance, resuming main file.

The Valkyr female was apparently 485 years of age prior to the end of the previous cycle of galactic life. According to the data provided, The Q, a species of "Ascended" Beings which have been known to this cycle has troublesome, dangerous and uncaring of moral life, were and still are in fact, caretakers of the cycle. Tasked with testing races to determine their alignment position when the time comes for the new cycle and to ultimately battle the darkness that has consumed each universe prior to the current.

The device spoke of Alien civilisations whom eventually formed the basis for many Earth civilisations and parallels amongst other races, such as the Romulans. Olympians, Asgard, Valkyr, Suulurian, Perisian, Osirians, Legion etc. Each eventually effected some in our galaxy. The Norse, Sumerians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Romulans, Klingons, Bajorans.

Eventually a holographic projection showed a final battle, called the Battle of the Gods it was between the Q, Valkyr, Suulurians and the Darkness, as the younger races battled against the Thrawls of this darkness, an Alliance of Olympians, Ed'Nari, Osirians, Minotaur against an onslaught of Perisian's.


[End of Available Data to your Access Level. Please Wait while data is downloaded and your authorisation level is re-evaluated.]
I will be writing a more detailed and in depth epilogue when I finish work at 2100 GMT.

With the sexy Klaws blessings?
This was supposed to run today, I am aware of this.. And It didn't... And I'm very sorry. The reason it didn't is because of two reasons.

1) There was a power cut in the part of Runcorn I live in and no one would take responsibility for correcting this. As such power was not restored until 19:34 PM.
2) I wasn't supposed to be in work till 21:00 PM. However my Supervisor got my shifts wrong and I was down for 14:00 till 21:00. Not 21:00 to 07:00. So I got an angry phone call at 14:20 when I didn't turn up for reasons that were hardly my fault.
Applications / Re: SM Rollcall
July 30, 2014, 06:56:18 pm
I am always here. Always watching you.
Postponed till August 3rd due to technical difficulties on my machine.
Reminder Bump.
If this does not go ahead, BI won't be on for 2 weeks as I'm in work next Sunday.
Quote from: Jenson on July 15, 2014, 09:39:52 am
Happy Birthday to Andromeda, the Homicidal Android!  ^_^ 

The avatar was updated appropriately for the day. And shall remain as such until I've killed at least 200,000 innocent people.

Freya has been in hiding within the holodeck for nearly 4 months now, having passed much of her work onto Krex. However as Krex is recalled to his homeland to take part in a traditional coming of age ceremony, Freya is forced into placing herself back into the captains chair.

However things will not go as she had planned. The Perisan's are on the offensive and they seek to throw chaos into order.

It is time for the Triad to unite and take the fight to Perisan's for the first time in the war...

>>>>>  Sunday August 3rd, 2014 at 13:30 EST (17:30 GMT)  <<<<<<

Location: Le Spicy Server. 2.3
Required Files
Quote from: Grizz on July 09, 2014, 05:09:58 pm
Klaw retired? Does everyone know this except me?  :P

I wasn't under any impression it was a secret. He mentioned it in a PM over BI.
I was unaware he had even left.

Hello everyone that takes part in Star Trek: Beyond Infinity. As many of you are aware, Klaw has retired from TLO and as such will no longer be running this SRP. As the Co-Writer and Co-Owner of this SRP, I will do what I can to ensure you all get the closure you want and need and that we get to the end of the season.

What does this mean?
Well for starters, Next week we will run a new episode to bridge the points and lead up to the end of the season.
Upon this, I still start preparations to give you the final season which will bring the end of the SRP, ultimately ending in a Feature length episode that hopefully Klaw will be able to attend.

What of the story?
The story of BI is one that can not be closed or described in short words. I will do my best and everything I can do in order to provide you all with the closure you need for your characters, in a similar fashion to what I did for Star Trek: Apocalypse.

How many episodes will exist in the new season and till the end of this one?
The next season, which you will get the name of in a video below, will run for 20 Episodes.
10 for the first half, 10 for the final half. Running hopefully for all these episodes, work permitting.

As for this season it will end after 4 more episodes.

What about Attendance issues?
Well I'm hoping you can all help with this one. Attendance is important for all SRP's, and continued apathy towards attendance is a major issue for a few SRP's. We get no feedback and rarely do people post why they can't attend. If you don't attend because you are bored, you need to give feedback and help us make the SRP Better for you. I would also like to point out that I'd greatly appreciate it if you could all just try your best to stick with BI until the final end.

What of this video?

Well this video is something I quickly compiled using iMovie on my MacBook Air. It is not for commercial use, It is also unlisted so do not share the video beyond this page.

Star Trek: Eternity / Terminatus
June 11, 2014, 04:32:05 am
As of Today I and Telex have agreed that Star Trek: Eternity is to end.

We have had 2 episodes which not everyone attended. The 3rd was postponed multiple times do to lack of attendance.

I highly urge you all to inform other SRP leaders when you can't attend and I STRONGLY suggest you frequently READ the SRP forums on a regular basis as many of you obviously don't (do not say you do because many of us know that will be a lie)

I'm in work till 21:00 this week. But we aren't cancelling again. Instead we will run at 22:00  or 21:30. It depends what time the next shift arrive to let me go.
I'm going to, or at least I may be late to this. I'm currently out. I shouldn't be late thought.