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The following Document is provided curtesy of Memory Alpha, a division of Starfleet Office of Science Ops, Copyright January 3rd 3109. Starfleet Temporal Investigations Authorization Recognized. The following material is Classified under the Janeway Protocol

The United Federation of Planets, a topic often discussed. While it still to this day exists, we all know full well it's origins. Founded by representatives of Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar Prime at what is now known as Archer Plaza in San Francisco on Earth, in the year 2161.

Since then it has and always has acted as a beacon of hope and prosperity within the darkness of the galaxy. It has stood tall and strong against many tests over the centuries however no one ever speaks of the Precursor Theory, that is what this document was created for, to explain the theories brought about by the Lexicon of Valholl.

Let us start with the lexicon itself. It was discovered in 2387 shortly after the Hobus Supernova event. While the name lexicon would give some the impression it is little more than a small device, it is in fact, roughly the size of a Class XII Computer Core commonly used on Ancient Sovereign Class Starships. The device was composed of solid Neutronium, or at least the first 2 inches were. Keeping the device safe from harm.

The device remained in storage at the Museum of Galactic History on Vulcan until 2409 during the settlement of New Romulus by the Romulan Republic (See entry 2409/Mol'Rihan/Republic Foundation for more details). The device was moved here following the discovery of technology similar in design by archeological teams uncovering ancient Dewan and Iconian ruins. It was here that the device was then moved to a secure facility within the Federation and examined constantly as it was believed it was possibly an Iconian data storage device or computer.

In 2410 the device was found to have been created by a separate species but the technology was so beyond even the Iconians and the security features to keep it locked eluded them to the point the Iconians simply gave up on it, as did many races after them and possibly before them too. In 2410 the device was accidentally unlocked by one Lieutenant Commander Mathew Pierce, Grandson of Captain Robert Isaiah Peirce, whom mysteriously died in the 23rd century and never met his daughter Amelia Pierce or his unborn son of no name (See datafile SFMedical/Pierce, Gloria Emmaline/Unnamed Lost Child for further details on recorded pregnancy of twins and later delivery of only one infant).

The device was unlocked as the Lieutenant Commander in question was guarding the device when he accidentally cut his hand whilst touching the rough neutronium surface. (See Attached Video File-1A). As his blood was absorbed a genetic locking device was triggered, thus unlocking the device. As the device glowed green it projected an image of a woman. Blue skin, approximately six feet in height, head tendrils, blue eyes, apparently 24 to 26 years of age wearing a white dress, diamond necklace, tiara and gold cosmetics or tattoos adorning her eyes and lips.

Due to limitations of Universal Translators of the period, it took severals weeks for linguists, body language specialists, behavioural analysts, psychologists, profilers and computer science specialists to provide an accurate translation of the message.

If you are viewing this then either you are Walter and thus our plan has failed. Or you are some relation of his through his sister Amelia. If the latter is true, then our plan has succeeded. Or possibly not. However I have programmed the AI of this message towards the latter half to be able to determine this after I have finished my message.

So yes. Where do I begin? Beginnings and Ends all meet at some point, come full circle. It makes a new beginning somewhat hard to explain yet easy to carry out. I understand that everything within this will seem extremely confusing, impossible and probably even.. as Walter would put it "Stark raving mad". I guess I could start with a name. But which one?

I am, or by the time anyone sees this, I was Freya Vor. I was a member of the Valkyr Intelligence Agency. I was assigned to the Normandy as Elizabeth McDougan. A Name chosen to provide some comfort to Mr Pierce, one he would not obviously remember but his subconscious should recognise as a name of a friend. The name of his nanny on the USS Odyssey.

My mission was to observe and guide a human displaced in time and space go from a strange phenomenon, to the greatest warrior against the darkness the Triad has ever known

End of Recording, Insufficient Clearance, resuming main file.

The Valkyr female was apparently 485 years of age prior to the end of the previous cycle of galactic life. According to the data provided, The Q, a species of "Ascended" Beings which have been known to this cycle has troublesome, dangerous and uncaring of moral life, were and still are in fact, caretakers of the cycle. Tasked with testing races to determine their alignment position when the time comes for the new cycle and to ultimately battle the darkness that has consumed each universe prior to the current.

The device spoke of Alien civilisations whom eventually formed the basis for many Earth civilisations and parallels amongst other races, such as the Romulans. Olympians, Asgard, Valkyr, Suulurian, Perisian, Osirians, Legion etc. Each eventually effected some in our galaxy. The Norse, Sumerians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Romulans, Klingons, Bajorans.

Eventually a holographic projection showed a final battle, called the Battle of the Gods it was between the Q, Valkyr, Suulurians and the Darkness, as the younger races battled against the Thrawls of this darkness, an Alliance of Olympians, Ed'Nari, Osirians, Minotaur against an onslaught of Perisian's.


[End of Available Data to your Access Level. Please Wait while data is downloaded and your authorisation level is re-evaluated.]

Freya has been in hiding within the holodeck for nearly 4 months now, having passed much of her work onto Krex. However as Krex is recalled to his homeland to take part in a traditional coming of age ceremony, Freya is forced into placing herself back into the captains chair.

However things will not go as she had planned. The Perisan's are on the offensive and they seek to throw chaos into order.

It is time for the Triad to unite and take the fight to Perisan's for the first time in the war...

>>>>>  Sunday August 3rd, 2014 at 13:30 EST (17:30 GMT)  <<<<<<

Location: Le Spicy Server. 2.3
Required Files

Hello everyone that takes part in Star Trek: Beyond Infinity. As many of you are aware, Klaw has retired from TLO and as such will no longer be running this SRP. As the Co-Writer and Co-Owner of this SRP, I will do what I can to ensure you all get the closure you want and need and that we get to the end of the season.

What does this mean?
Well for starters, Next week we will run a new episode to bridge the points and lead up to the end of the season.
Upon this, I still start preparations to give you the final season which will bring the end of the SRP, ultimately ending in a Feature length episode that hopefully Klaw will be able to attend.

What of the story?
The story of BI is one that can not be closed or described in short words. I will do my best and everything I can do in order to provide you all with the closure you need for your characters, in a similar fashion to what I did for Star Trek: Apocalypse.

How many episodes will exist in the new season and till the end of this one?
The next season, which you will get the name of in a video below, will run for 20 Episodes.
10 for the first half, 10 for the final half. Running hopefully for all these episodes, work permitting.

As for this season it will end after 4 more episodes.

What about Attendance issues?
Well I'm hoping you can all help with this one. Attendance is important for all SRP's, and continued apathy towards attendance is a major issue for a few SRP's. We get no feedback and rarely do people post why they can't attend. If you don't attend because you are bored, you need to give feedback and help us make the SRP Better for you. I would also like to point out that I'd greatly appreciate it if you could all just try your best to stick with BI until the final end.

What of this video?

Well this video is something I quickly compiled using iMovie on my MacBook Air. It is not for commercial use, It is also unlisted so do not share the video beyond this page.

Star Trek: Eternity / Terminatus
June 11, 2014, 04:32:05 am
As of Today I and Telex have agreed that Star Trek: Eternity is to end.

We have had 2 episodes which not everyone attended. The 3rd was postponed multiple times do to lack of attendance.

I highly urge you all to inform other SRP leaders when you can't attend and I STRONGLY suggest you frequently READ the SRP forums on a regular basis as many of you obviously don't (do not say you do because many of us know that will be a lie)

I recently installed RPGX Ultimate Edition, but it's very unstable in terms to frame rate. It's slow, unresponsive at times, generally laggy. There is also a graphical issue with the combadge where it's displayed across half the torso.

I have 2.3.4b installed. The lag is so bad I actually can't access to the console, I have to Crlt-Alt-Del to exit the program. The program is working as the Model of Munro on the main menu moves. However because of the lag it's simply not responding to key strokes. As such I can't even do a console dump.

It is a fresh install on my PC and a fresh install of Windows 8.1

In the months following Walter's death, the Crew of the Hercules have dealt with his passing in their own unique ways. Freya, the worst hit by his death, spent much of her time in seclusion, passing most of the work to Mr Krex, eventually promoting him to the ships Commanding Officer. Krex soon became the only person to see her on frequent occasion when she was not sat silently upon the Captain's chair or away on some unknown or classified mission for the Valkyr or Athena.

The nature of Krex's friendship with Freya has thus become a subject of gossip across the fleet, as well as the nature of her friendship with Walter. The nature of these relationships are soon to come into the light with or without either parties say so.

Star Trek: Eternity / Write your own episode.
May 05, 2014, 02:12:56 pm
Got a story idea? Would you like to see that idea on your favourite SRP?

Well now is your chance. I'm putting 5 episodes on the shelf for future use and you can replace them. Simply write your idea and PM it to me.

Use your own format if you want, or use a standardised format used in Dauntless, Apocalypse, Beyond Infinity, Eternity and Ishimura



Writers Eyes: (Information for you and the SRP Runner to view in order to guide the story and ensure it's elements are portrayed correctly.)

Key characters: (E.g. Janeway)

Files: (E.g. Asteria)

Episode 3: New Worlds.

May 30th 2014 - 20:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT ----- 15:00 EDT - 16:00 EDT

It has been a quiet month since the station was activated. Trade has flowed in at a steady rate and Starfleet has so far, managed to keep the peace between the various delegates.The Captain has decided to take the USS Akula to explore the nearby planet, the station gracefully orbits when members of the Federation's Archaeological Society report finding an ancient ruin.

Upon arrival, the ruins will provide a faint glow of what is to come for the station and her crew.

Meanwhile, station side the crew left to keep watch and have become curious as to the purpose of the D.R.D's who seem to just repair the station and provide upkeep, but where do they go when they are not in use? where are they made? Each time one is lost, another is there to replace it. Are they sentient? do they have a language?

Files: http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,6655.0.html
Personnel Files / Project A5T71D - A.S.T.R.A
April 15, 2014, 06:59:58 am

I.D: Astra - Advanced Systems Analysis and Research Assistant
Serial Number: A5T71D
Classification: Class-5 Virtual Intelligence
Purpose: Next-Generation LCARS Interface

Project A5T71D, more commonly refereed to as Astra, for the Advanced Systems Analysis and Research Assistant is a Class-5 VI tool. Designed and used to act as a more interactive interface for the LCARS system, The VI is a self-sustaining system with an adaptive matrix. Capable of simulating emotions and analysing mannerisms and the behaviour of the people that interact with it.

It uses the Data it collects on each person and assigns it to an account for each person, hence the phrase "Logging you out [Name]" used as opposed to "Good bye". This data is used to allow the program to better interact with its users.

It's Personality and image design are based upon [Redacted] who [Redacted] In the 2370s and was previously [Redacted] to Doctor [Redacted]. Originally given the project it was designed to be tested on, the VI's personality and appearance was to be based on

The VI Project was initially envisioned in the 2370s after the return of the USS Voyager. The popularity of the vessels EMH gave some people the idea of using a hologram like this as an interactive tool to a starship computer but enable it to learn and automate a number of time consuming tasks. The various classifications of VI have dramatically evolved over the years. Each Class being refereed to as Generation as of the 2nd class due to their changes.

Project Team:
Chief of Staff: Doctor Heinrich Von Berlin
Programmer: Commander Andriana Pollock
Historical Researcher: Doctor Nathaniel White
Psychologist: Doctor Samantha Kensington
Anthropologist: Lieutenant Commander Koh Michigawa
Holographic Specialist: Lieutenant Marcus Kryn
Technical Specialist: Lieutenant Joshua Stone

1st Generation VI's were basic, clumsy and arrogant. They lacked sophisticated programming that allowed them to understand body language and emotions and vocal tones. As such they failed to acknowledge sarcasm or satire, often with dangerous results. These were based on Doctor Zimmerman and the EMH for personality and appearance as a sort of joint project.

2nd Generation VI's made many improvements on the system. The joint work between the team and Zimmerman was ended and this time the VI was based on Starfleet's first female Captain, Erika Hernandez. One of the primary improvements on the system was that this VI was capable of understanding emotions, but a little too well. As the VI could learn and access the Library Computer, it downloaded all the data it could of counselling and psychology. Resulting in the VI overloading it's own memory core with too much complex data it couldn't process.

3rd Generation VI's were based on James T. Kirk. They were almost.. perfect. The personality matrix was a little too much like the real person. It resulted in the VI being very stubborn. While extremely reliable, it rarely thought with reason or rationality. And was a little too flirtatious with some people. These VI's were also the first that featured an expanded memory core and data storage core. As well as compatibility with higher grade computer systems, allowing them to be more efficient and able to handle large memory addresses and process large quantities of data.

4th Generation VI's were based on the 23rd Century Vulcan Science officer, Lieutenant junior grade Saavik as she appeared in 2285 during the Kahn Incident. It was a more sophisticated VI, the personality matrix wasn't as large as the previous ones due to the fact this VI was based on a Vulcan. The lack of emotional needs meant that a lot of processing space was free and it could be considerably more efficient in its dealings.

And finally the 5th Generation VI came. This time it was the final product. The VI Project finally had a release candidate. But it needed to be tested, and as such it was given a Code name, Serial Number and a more comprehensive Identity. The system is a great deal more sophisticated that the last ones and it was decided it would be tested out first for use on the project dealing with the Romulans and Starfleet Medical and Starfleet's scientific branches.

The 5th Generation VI, now known pretty much as Astra, short for the Advanced Systems Analysis and Research Assistant is capable of much more. It's memory core is adaptive and self-maintaining, even capable of converting Physical Storage into extra memory as well as Cache memory. It's Processing hardware is too adaptive and based on a Core Lattice which gives the VI a considerable boost to it's ability to process data and requests, making it a valuable research and analysis tool. It even features an Emergency Power Module, a system that stores up to 2 weeks worth of power in a high-capacity battery, giving 2 Weeks of use, and possibly longer if in Low-Power mode.

The VI does however have it's own Controversies. Many fail to see the difference between a Virtual Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, which for the purpose of this official record has been laid out below, with information sourced from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Daystron Institute and Geordie La Forge's own research on the Android, Data, B-4 and Lore.

A VI or Virtual Intelligence is a Smart Program capable of giving the appearance of being an AI (Artificial Intelligence). These systems are not capable of becoming self-aware and do not have any notions of self-preservation. They require manual programming for personalities and are not capable of developing their own. VI's do learn in some capacity though, they use smart programming to adapt to situations and act accordingly. VI's are also strongly influenced by their Protocols, where an AI is not and has the choice of following them if it wishes to, with the assistance of Ethical subroutines.

VI's are also unable to change their own programming. They're not capable of self-improvement on the level of an AI. However a VI can become an AI. It just requires one or more of the following things: A Quantum, Positronic or M-Series Multitronic based Computer or an Isolinar based Computer. Now, most modern day computers are based on Isolinear circuitry, this any VI can become an AI. The difference is that most Holographic characters on Holodecks that became self-aware and thus a form of AI, did so intentionally or unintentionally by an act of another person.

Examples being Vic Fontaine of DS9, Professor Moriarty (A required subject at the Academy for anyone learning about Operations or Engineering studies) of the USS Enterprise-D and of course the Emergency Medical Hologram of the USS Voyager. Vic Fontaine was made self-aware by his designer, Felix. Thus his self-awareness was intentional.

Professor Moriarty was created by the Computer of the USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy Class vessels having the most powerful and advanced computer cores in the fleet along side of Sovereign, Prometheus and Intrepid class vessels) to provide a character capable of defeating Lt Commander Data. Which the computer took literally and gave the character the same computational power as itself in order to defeat Data.

And finally the EMH of the USS Voyager. He was not created self-aware. His "Ascension" was the result of the Ocampan female, Kes. Who did not see the difference between the Doctor's personality programming and an actual person, or at least did not care. Thus pushed for the doctor to be treated equally and for him to better himself. Thus the hologram did and with these enhancements to better it's ability to conduct its job, it became more self-aware each time.

Generation 5 VI's and the Nerada Project:
The 5th Generation VI, known as Astra, which is a more shortened form of the Advanced Systems Analysis and Research Assistant, regardless that a literal shortening would spell Asara. It did not roll of the tongue as Astra did for many at the Daystrom Institute where the VI Project was based out of.

Doctor Timothy Rogan from Starfleet Medical and Sub-Commander Devek Galoy from the Romulan Star Empire took part in a discussion between Starfleet Command, The Daystrom Institute and the various individuals taking part and in charge of the Nerada Project. The nature of the discussion was to test this new technology as part of the Nerada's Scientific Mandate. As such Doctor Rogan was given the authority to customize the VI as the Co-Leader of the project and as the Ranking Starfleet officer on base.

Thus the VI was modelled on Doctor [Redacted].
Hello boys and girls!
As you know we had to use Modas because Vanderbilt wasn't cooperating. I contacted Veritas and he has informed me that the issue is the 2.3 server.

As such, until a fix is available, We will now be using the Enhanced RPGXEF Server (The non 2.3 one)
It will still be at the usual 20:00 GMT as it was on the 11th. We're just going to be using a server that the map likes.

Moving on, You can now Delete the Eternity and Ishimura (Andromeda_v2) Music packs. And instead use this AndromedaMegaPack.
It comes with:

4 Sounds
44 Songs


As a Bonus, a number of songs from both music packs that didn't work, are now working!

You can find it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7h785HboIFXV1Bqa1pBTzY1NUk/edit?usp=sharing
The Files thread has already been updated :)
Episode 2: Sanctuary.

April 18th 2014 - 20:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT ----- 15:00 EDT - 16:00 EDT

It is March 4th 2289. Eternity has been open to incoming vessels for over two months now since December 31st 2288 and people are already starting to make a home for themselves.

However it's not all Sunshine and Lolly Pops. Crime is becoming a real issue in the lower sections of the part of the station inhabited. An area now called "Down Below" mostly filled with waste processing systems which run pretty much automatically has become a shanty town for over 200 people, and the number is growing

Meanwhile up top. The First Council session is about to start...

Files: http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,6655.0.html
Star Trek: Eternity - Episode Recaps

(Do not Reply to this Thread)
Star Trek: Eternity / Should we change the Time?
April 11, 2014, 05:44:16 pm
Please Pick 2.
This is to see if you all want the SRP to start later, this is only open due to the fact a lot of people didn't show up.
Episode 1: The Gathering

April 11th 2014 - 20:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT ----- 15:00 EDT - 16:00 EDT

It is December 2288 and Station Eternity has been operational for almost a year now and Starfleet has decided it's time to open the doors, bust out the good china and polish the silver wear. The Ambassadors are en route, So is the new Captain following the Departure of Captain Richard Carter. The USS Excelsior is to be relieved by the USS Mississippi.

The spotlight is on Commander Dethman as the Mississippi is delayed while en route to the Station.

Files: http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,6655.0.html
Star Trek: Eternity / Files, Date and Time.
March 19, 2014, 02:13:29 pm
Here is the special, lovely thread. The one that contains all the lovely data you need. Maps, Music, Models, Ranks, Date and Time. It's all here! All in one place for your convenience.

Date: Fridays
Time: 20:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT    :    15:00 EST - 16:00 EST    :    16:00 EDT - 17:00 EDT   

Station Eternity (Vanderbilt): http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php?topic=6724.msg51177;boardseen#new

and http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,4779.0.html

Those links will get you Vanderbilt that works. Take heed of Serris's thread.

The Andromeda Mega Pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7h785HboIFXV1Bqa1pBTzY1NUk/edit?usp=sharing

Disclaimer on Music: The music is for TLO use only. The files belong to their respective owners and are not for profit use.

Models: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=F253970D9FB6BA85!115&authkey=!AAQttmeD8Aw9Cushttps://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=F253970D9FB6BA85!115&authkey=!AAQttmeD8Aw9Cus

Download all of those. We're only going to be using the 23rd Century uniform pack, however some users may be using the other models, so for simplicity, DL them all. Saves any "You're Monroe! *Gasp!*" events

Rank Set: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=dad3f51d1e05677c&id=DAD3F51D1E05677C%21149&authkey=!AOpXXhiPvEQnNH8

Class Set: N/A
Star Trek: Eternity / Station C1T-4-D3L - "Eternity"
March 19, 2014, 01:57:10 pm

Name: C1T-4-D3L
Codename: Eternity
Class: Unknown. Starfleet Engineer's have come to call it the "Eternal Class"
Total Length: 44 Kilometers
Diameter: 12 Kilometers
Population: 25,000 (As of 2289)
Total Population Capacity: Unknown. Scans unable to penetrate majority of superstructure and hull alloy. Current "Active" life support systems suggest a potential for over a million people, leaving that at a quarter capacity.

Station Eternity, officially designated C1T-4-D3L, is a vast and ancient station. Quantum dating technology while unable to give an exact age due to the extensive work done to the station by other unknown races, the most recent work done to the stations docking bay suggests it was last inhabited sometime between 45,000 and 55,000 years ago, but while one of the only places available to quantum date, the unusual alloys used to build the station make quantum dating difficult.

"First" Discovered in 2156 by the Earth Starfleet vessel "Enterprise NX-01" the station and its surrounding space was sealed off and various subspace warning stations established by the Coalition of Planets. These stations collectively generated false readings while sending out subspace warnings. These false readings gave anyone nearby the impression a dangerous and recently formed black hole was in the area.

The station was at first sealed off mainly because Coalition teams sent to investigate never returned. Their equipment never found and their ship never recovered. Thus the station remained inactive until 2250 when the Organians came fourth to the main super powers of the galaxy, The United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Star Empire and the Tholian Assembly. The Organians had decided that peace must be established and the super powers must establish themselves as respectable role models for the younger races, The Gorn, Hydran, Lyran and Kzinti.

Part of the Project was establishing Eternity as a diplomatic centre. Lead by a Starfleet crew as the most "Civil" of the older races. The station would be headed by a Starfleet Captain whom would in turn act as the neutral balance of the "Council". This council would be comprised of an Ambassador or Representative of the Tholians, Klingons, Romulans and Federation. With the Starfleet office in the middle to act as a neutral balance to maintain peace in the council.

This council would function to settle disputes between the younger and older races back home. But also create and amend interstellar laws. The Organians gave an unusual ultimatum regarding this. These races must accept the decisions of the Council, or face elimination. But not by the Organians. By something far worse. Something the Organians did not elaborate on but rather shared limited and cryptic images into the minds of the leaders of these groups.

What they saw could not be described by words. All that could be described was the sound these images created. The sound of a thousand worlds being destroyed. The sound of countless lives eliminated in the blink of an eye. It is these images burned into the minds of the leadership of these groups that makes this mission possible.

After refurbishment and various retrofits and replacements of various systems, less than 1% of the station is currently being used. What is known is that it is split into various segments. Translations of the stations old "Automated Transit System", as its called, suggests the following areas are where the following decks and rooms are found.

Command and Control
Briefing Room
Captains Office
Executive Officers Office

Council Hall
Ambassadorial Quarters
Crew Quarters
Civilian Housing
Civilian and Emergency Docking Bays

Down Below
Computer Core
Starfleet Docking Bay
Escape Pods
Emergency Shelter
Please, post here if you are unable to attend an episode. Use the below template for said post.

Please and Thank you.

Episode Name:
Reason for Inability to Attend: (If Personal or Private simply state so and let me know via PM, IF you want to)


Official Station Designation: C1T-4-D3L
Class: Unknown
Built: Unknown. Continuous repairs and inhabitation make ageing of original super structure difficult.

Starfleet Staff
CMO - [NAME] - [LT]
CSO - [NAME] - [LT]

Diplomatic Staff
Ambassador - [NAME] - [KLINGON EMPIRE]
Ambassador - [NAME] - [THOLIAN ASSEMBLY]

Race Restrictions:
Alpha Quadrant: Unrestricted - Must not be Races from 24th century onwards
Beta Quadrant: Unrestricted - Must not be Races from 24th century onwards
Gamma Quadrant: Restricted
Delta Quadrant: Restricted

Application Form:

Name: [E.g. Josh King]
Desired Position: [E.g. XO]
Second and Third Most Desired Positions: [E.g. CMO or CE]

It is the year 2289 of the 23rd Century. Yet our story began In the Earth year of 2156, the Starfleet vessel, Enterprise NX-01, discovered a region of space that was unknown to even the Vulcans. It existed in no starmaps, yet it was a sector that was home to an ancient station. Shortly after Starfleet Command and the Coalition between Earth, Vulcan, Denobula and other worlds agreed to seal the sector away after multiple vessels on the hunt for treasure and fortune went missing. For over a century that sector has been untouched by vessels.

But in the Earth year of 2250 of the 23rd Century, Starfleet and the Federation have opened the gates into the sector with a bold project set fourth by the Organians. Over countless eons civilizations have used this station by their request, each building on top of another, refitting older systems with their own, learning about those that outmatched their own. The Federation's bold project, is to do the same. A City of Peace sitting gracefully in amongst the stars.

The station has been under refit over decades of work to ensure it's habitability. At just over 44,000 Meters in length, this 28 mile long city of the stars is to be the home of a new age of peace to the powers of this era. they are:
The United Federation of Planets
The Romulan Star Empire
The Klingon Empire
The Tholian Assembly
The Gorn Hegemony
The Hydran Kingdoms
The Lyran Star Empire
The Kzinti Hegemony

These seven powers have for the first time come together in peace on this station, much at the request of the Organians. Starfleet, as the apparently most civilized of the group have at the Tholians request to the Organians, be put in charge of running the station. The Klingons and Romulans while annoyed, see no problem in letting Starfleet divert its resources to keeping the station operational, rather than to be used against them.

But, where do you come in? Are you a Starfleet Officers? Or a Liaison officer for one of the other powers? are you a representative of the Tholians, a chosen member of another race selected to speak for them? or are you an Ambassador? A Civilian?
Do you patrol the decks as a security officer or do you simply drink your credits away in the bar? Your fate is in your hands.

Airdate: Sunday January 19th, 2014 at 13:30pm EST (18:30 GMT)
On the "Enhanced" server

Freya and Walter are still adjusting to the new modern world. The crew is older, some are gone, new officers have replaced them. Some of their older friends in the Alliance are long dead. Walter still has his friends onboard the ship, but Freya? All she ever really had was Walter.

While exploring a region of space known simply as "The Anomaly" the ship suffers from a unique yet deadly catastrophe, and Freya is forced to rely on old, new and unmet faces.

Special Characters:
To Be Updated If Applicable.

Required Files: http://www.last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,4397.0.html
The usual things. To be fair we will only really use the main map.