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Café Pierce Bar and Grill / Re: [Game] Count to 10,000
September 27, 2020, 12:03:45 pm
Creative Corner / Re: Orion Crewmembers for RPG-X
September 20, 2020, 11:39:21 am
Just as an update, I have not touched this particular project in a bit because there are SRPs currently requesting player model skins.  I can share some of what I have done though that is not on here:

TMP Crew Uniform:

TOS Uniform:

Future Uniform:

Motion Picture Uniform:

Expanse Uniform:

Kelvin Uniform WIP:


After spending enough time working on this project, and the projects for the crew skins, I believe I will first create a tool before starting back work.  Currently it is a cumbersome process to go through the various model and skin files to coordinate each new addition.  Klaw had an idea, which I feel required to create, to select a model and to select the characters you want to automatically create the required files for.  The plan I have is to also create a TODO list that is generated for detecting which art assets are still needed for each set created.  I will create a new thread for the tool once I have more on this.
Hello Everyone!

I decided to wait until we were a little closer to October before revealing this even though Grizz gave me permission to do so earlier.  Grizz requested a skin for use in a future plot (no spoilers included) for Call of the Void Part II.

I introduce:

It is only one character at this time, however I am open to working on others if we need to.

Here is the trailer I put together for this release:

And you can download at the following locations:




Make sure to download from one of the above locations before this SRP starts.  Also, I structured the model files in this release in a way that other female characters in Main or other similarly constructed uniform sets could share this mod.  Feel free to use the assets for this or other works.
Creative Corner / RPG-X USS Archer SRP Crew Skin Pack
September 14, 2020, 07:49:04 pm
Hello Everyone!

I have released a skin pack for the USS Archer mini-SRP here in 2020.

About the characters:

Ensign Joules is an Android officer who has made the decision to grow a beard. 

Lieutenant Junior Grade L'Tress is a Caitian Gravimetrics Science Officer who is also married to the ship's main helmsman. 

Ensign Tauros is a Klingon Quartermaster on board the Archer and has a cybernetic hand that requires the use of a glove in most circumstances. 

Hospital Medical Corpsman Jiral Telas is a medical officer on board the Archer, and she is a joined trill. 

Samantha is an experimental A.I. that was developed during the Dominion War as an Emergency Medical Counsellor prototype, and she chose her appearance as an Orion officer.

Each of them has the Main/Main (damaged)/Dress/Dress Admiral/Admiral/Cadet/Combat/Voyager uniform sets.  Samantha also has uniforms based on Counsellor Troi's various outfits during TNG.

Trailer for the pack:

Current Download locations:




Anyone in or planning to join the USS Archer mini-SRP will be required to have this pack or else be stuck with Munro or some other default skin for the character in front of them.  Those of you who just want to have more options, I encourage you to download to expand your RPG-X crewverse!


Thanks to Serris for allowing the use of the TLO intro sequence in the trailer and for allowing modifications to the Jiral character.  Thanks to TLO for continuing to maintain RPG-X and the various assets.

Special thanks to Laz Rojas for permission to use the root assets used in Worf/Troi/Riker/M'Ress. 
Check out his work below, and you most certainly will see his work make its way through RPG-X in the future:


Enjoy everyone!
Banned for replying to a revive.
RPG-X / Re: Time Zone Register
August 15, 2020, 03:30:58 pm
United States Central Time (GMT -6)

M-F I have a work shift 7:00 CT - 16:00 CT, Dinner at 17:00 CT.  18:00 CT or later I would be on

Saturdays and Sundays are free-form as of this time.
Creative Corner / Orion Crewmembers for RPG-X
August 12, 2020, 11:37:11 pm
Hello Everyone!

I have decided to jump head-first into creating new options for characters within RPG-X.  I decided as an easy introduction working on adding Orions based on the current human (or human-like) characters currently available.  I did a test with basic EF (not RPG-X) in order to see if this was doable, and I have shown Serris my first results on this.  This test makes me confident enough to move onward into RPG-X.

This forum thread will be updated as I make progress.  Just wanted to let everyone know as this is my first Elite Force modding project since probably 2009/2010, and this would benefit anyone in RPG-X once finished.
Had to read the original post to see what the premise behind this mSRP was about.  It definitely looks interesting, and looking forward to seeing more about it!
Introduce Yourself! / Re: Hello Everyone
July 30, 2020, 09:42:00 pm
Going to revive this dead topic, as I just started becoming active again, and to help with the newer members who don't know me.  Hello everyone, I am amongst the older crew here(just turned 30 on 7/28), and regained my rp legs.

I am active with the USS Odyssey SRP commanded by Tuvok in a subordinate rank role, and Helmsman on the USS Archer Mini SRP commaned by Brashnard.  I want to thank Tuvok for reaching out to me for joining with Odyssey, as I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his help.  I also want to thank Brashnard for creating an awesome Bolian captain with an exploration mission having the chance for creating new ideas (Pil'Tridon being part of that).

I have been primarily active on Discord more so than I have been on here, and can be added with Arron_Dominion#3851

Glad to be back for real this time!
Hello everyone!

I created a Gamma Quadrant species, with some details.  It is an extended read, and has room for making changes for whatever your plot needs.  They are primarily a sentient plant species hive-mind that is a full democracy.  The full write up is below:

Connect was stable when using my Microsoft Surface Pro with RPG-X on my Comcast Wi-Fi connection.  The issue is either with the first Netgear router or the second Netgear router.  Going to run RPG-X off of the Surface I think until I can figure out what to try with those Netgear routers.
This issue also happens on the London server. 

I did a re-install to place RPG-X on my OS Drive (C: under Raid 0 SSD).  No effect.

It was around 12 AM EST.  I was connecting as OPS T'Kal.

Steam was not updating at the time.  I did have both Discord and Teamspeak actively on in the background while attempting to stay connected on RPG-X.  Also have GOG Galaxy 2.0, and MusicBee typically running in the background minimized.

I just re-installed RPG-X Ultimate Edition in addition to the Asteria pack.  Last night was my first attempt to RP in forever, and I was not able to stay connected without losing connection forcing a disconnect and reconnect or RPG-X restart.

My internet setup isn't the most straight forward.  I have a Comcast unit hooking up to a Netgear router hooking up to another Netgear router that has an ethernet cable going to the desktop having this issue. 

Here is what I have done so far:
- Placed inbound/outbound rules for Windows Firewall on Port 27960
- Placed inbound/outbound rules for Windows Firewall for the application RPG-X
- Port Forwarded 27960 on the Comcast unit
- Port Forwarded 27960 on the first Netgear router

Anyone have any ideas what else to try?

Thank you,

Arron Dominion