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Captain-Commander of Allied Command and overall authority of station operations and acting Starfleet command for the surrounding sectors.

First Officer-Executive officer of the station handles most internal affairs and assists the captain with overall decisions regarding personnel and sector operations.

Oversight Officer-The Appointed Oversight officer is to observe the station and its current mission and ensure the funding is begin directed from Starfleet and the republic is begin used to complete and fulfill their mission mandate.


Chief Of Security-The Chief of Security is head of all tactical and security departments on the station and handles security measures for the entire station and has the final word on security operations unless overruled by the XO OR CO

Deputy Chief Of Security-Assistant chief to the Head of security helps run the department and will fill in the for the Chief if he is unable to perform his or her duties.

Security Officer-Handles station security such as patrols, riots,  or even intruder alerts, they also handle policing the station under Federation law.

Tactical Officer-Tactical Officers handle the station's defensive systems such as shields, weapons and support craft, however, in times of need, they will pull double duties as security officers if needed.


Chief Medical Officer-The Chief Medical Officer is one of the only officer able to overrule the captain or xo on medical grounds, they control the entire medical department as well as assisting in medical research and science.

Nurse-A nurse is a medical assistant to the Chief medical officer and will usually have a good knowledge of medical procedures, they are usually able to treat most immediate issues such as burns, and injuries, however, lack the skills needed to perform advanced medical procedures.

Medic-Medics will work with the security departments and will assist in combat situations and are trained to administer life-saving treatments whilst in the heat of battle.

EMH-The EMH is an advanced holographic medical programme which can be run to assist the staff of the medical department and help in times of need.


Chief Science Officer-The Chief Science Officer is head of the science department which encompasses Stellar cartography, xenobiology and general sciences which the station might encounter including temporal mechanics and theoretical sciences, the CSO jobs is to ensure that the station has a more than adequate science department and is able to research or solve mysteries the station might encounter for example temporal rifts.

Science Officer- The science officer is a jack of all traits when referring to the science department they have training in all major sciences known and theoretical but lack the advanced skills of a more specialized officer such a xenobiologist.

Astrometrics Officer-The Astrometics officer holds advanced training in Stellar cartography and focused on the study of stellar cartography whilst training at Starfleet academy they are specialist in their field and are best equipped to deal with situations revolving around stellar cartography.

Biologist- A Biologist is highly trained in biology and has the best understanding of organic sciences such as anatmony, they are highly trained and are considered experts in the field of biology.

Botanist- Botanist focus on the study of Plantlife and are the best equipped to help solve issues revolving around plant life and are best fitted to study new plant life or alien plants.


Chief Engineer-The Chief Engineer runs the stations engineering department and is responsible for the maintaining of the station and the overall efficacy of the crew who handle the station's repairs and upgrades.

Engineer-an Engineer is capable of performing all kinds of task on the station and usually, all engineers hold advanced warp theory degrees to ensure they are capable of dealing with some of the more delicate situations in engineering.

Maintenance Officer-Maintenance officers handle stations repairs and upgrades and trained to think on their feet and usually will have to find ways to jury-rig new tech into existing components on the stations such as new shields or weapons and even Romulan designed technologies like a cloak.

Traffic Control Officer-The Traffic control Officer is trained in maintaining shuttles, escape pods and support craft for the station they are usually operations officers but work within the Engineering department due to their diverse training.


Chief Operations Officer-The Chief Operations officer runs the operations department of the station which runs all kinds of staff such as yeomen, personnel officers, and postmaster, all these roles are key to the running of the station, the COO also handles the military administration of systems on the stations outside of the tactical department.

Operations Officer- A operations officer usually specializes in key areas on a starship or starbases, such as Portmasters, Yeomans, and personal aids, they are trained with engineering and tactical training for them to serve multiple varieties of roles, including but not singular to security, engineers, and maintenance officers.

Communications Officer-The Communications Officer is technically its own department and is only overseen by the COO, they handles xenolinguistics and helps translate new languages for the starbase staff.

Non-Essential Staff

Counselor-The Counselor is the only other officer capable of relieving the command staff of duty on medical grounds they are usually senior officers and hold the rank of at least Luitenant, they are trained psychiatrists and hold degrees from external training facilities outside of Starfleet, their overall job is to maintain the morale of all staff and advise the captain of any medical issues or concerns such as depression, grief and more serious issues such as suicidal thoughts.

Promenade Administration Officer-The PAO is responsible for the promenade and handles all shop placements,retail and overall policies for the stations trading floor, and will enforce federation laws on trade on the starbase.

Diplomatic Attache-Diplomatic attaches are assigned to visiting diplomats and are capable of instructing the visiting diplomats on protocols and proper regulations on the station to allow easy transfer of the visiting dignitaries.

Trade/Commerce Officer-The Commerce officer is the administrator of all shipments and cargo that the station receives and are key in stopping slavery and illegal substances from boarding the station, they inspect cargo and ensure all federation laws are followed, they work very closely with the PAO or sometimes are even the PAO.

Civilian Personnel
Traders- Will handle trade with the station's personnel and sell items to store owners.

Shop Owners-Run shops and business on the starbase.

Ferengi Alliance Overseer-the FAO will oversee the stations trading and will at times "Assist" the Starfleet officers with "Imporving" their station's trade.

Episode 1-

In episode One of Trouble in Paradise we learnt that the Romulan Tal Shiar are linked to the destruction of the Hobus system and are actively attacking allied command vessels and outposts, we joined Captain Latrell and some of Her senior officers as they led the search for the secret Romulan Base hidden on the surface of whats left of Romulus.

We were introduced to the stations explorations reconnaissance vessel USS. Ariana we were also introduced to several key characters who will play vital narrative points in the plot and we will be seeing more of over time, one of these was Admiral Hillary Quin, she will be taking command of Allied command in episode 2.

Captain latrell will be Relived of duty waiting a hearing after breaking protocol and stealing the USS. Ariana against Commands orders and led an unauthorised search of the Romulus system, We will be joining Captain Latrell as she searches the Romulan base and finds secrets to her telepathic presence to the entity in the asteroid field surrounding allied command.

Hold onto your seats its going to get bumpy and will have lots of plot twist so join Latrell and her Crew as they search for evidence of Tal Shiar interference in the hobus disaster!

Again Thank you to all who came!
Here you will find the Episodes recaps and overviews for the following episode!
Trouble In Paradise, Or So They Say / Time slot
March 06, 2018, 03:02:51 pm

Saturdays-9.30PM GMT, 5.30PM EST

Episode One-Thursday 8th March
Episode Two-Saturday 17th March

Welcome to Trouble in paradise, here you will learn about the secrets of the Hobus disaster and what lead up to the destruction of the Romulus system, you will be joining the crew of the joint Romulan, Federation  Starbase Epsilon Theta or better referred to as "Haclyion Allied Joint Command" you will be joining Captain Rachel Latrell and her noble crew to find the secrets of the Vanderbilt cluster and search for signs of life among the asteroids and debris throughout the system, your job is simply to monitor the Romulan Imperial fleets and research the cause for the destruction of the romulus system, No mater the cost!

God Speed to all of you.

Captain Rachel Latrell Commanding Officer Allied Command
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Director Of Starfleet Command- Fleet Admiral Rachel Latrell (Played by Mecinee) (Modle Jurrtot)
Deputy Director Of Starfleet Command-Commodore David Daniels (Played By Criminula) (Model Biessman)
Assistant Deputy Director Of Starfleet Command- Captain

Chief Of Starfleet Security- Commander
Deputy Chief Of Starfleet Security-Lieutenant George Woods (Played by Georgio152) (Model Foster)
Security Officer-
Tactical Officer-

Chief Of Starfleet Medical-Lieutenant Commander Provisional Paul Hassell (Played By Vortrex) (Model Pasty)

Chief Science Advisor to the Director-Commander Cindy Leighton (Played By shoot) (Model Ezreli)
Science Officer
Astrometrics Officer

Chief Engineering Advisor to the Director-Lieutenant Provisional Alexander Temple (played by Redstar) (Model Kray)
Maintenance Officer-
Traffic Control Officer-

Chief Of starfleet Operations-
Operations Officer-
Communications Officer-

Non Essential Staff
Head Counselor Of Starfleet Command-
Promenade Administration Officer-
Diplomatic Attache-
Trade/Commerce Officer-

Civilian Personnel
Shop Owners-
Ferengi Alliance Overseer-

Expected casualties are Varied
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Welcome Aboard Commander Jarath I look forward to having you serve as my First Officer
Welcome Aboard Ensign Jeffrey Clark
Welcome aboard Lieutenant junior grade Sheppard as Chief Operations Officers
It will be Hosted on Fridays however it will not be hosted tonight , as i need to allow for seven days to try and get hype around the series so it will be hosted next friday at 11 pm
Welcome Aboard Lieutenant Commander Nathan Trottier As Chief Of Station Security and the Second officer