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RPG-X Archive / Re: Need Help with mapping
July 14, 2018, 01:39:15 pm
Your question does not have 1 easy answers, but if you want to start creating maps, you can begin by reading this thread:,7268.0.html

It has links to most of the tools used.
Announcements / Re: Happy 8th Anniversary TLO!
July 14, 2018, 01:36:51 pm
Happy anniversary TLO!
Introduce Yourself! / Re: Back from the dead
June 16, 2018, 09:12:11 am
Hey Sheia! I'm not really around myself anymore, nice to see you here again :)
Introduce Yourself! / Re: Back from the dead
May 13, 2018, 07:54:02 am
Hey Sheia, been a long time! I've been inactive as of the past half year or so myself though i still lurk around the forums once in a while. nice to see you again!
Seems I totally missed this one. I've been of the grid for a few months so its my own fault haha. Looks like this was a fun little Mini-SRP. I hope to be there for round 2 if you ever get to that! (Maybe drop me a PM just in case ;p)
Quote from: Grizz on November 13, 2017, 05:21:32 pm
...otherwise it would be quite easy to miss something like Lorca overriding the spore jump coordinates

Holy shit Grizz you where right on the money with that one. I didn't notice it but for some reason i kept this post in the back of my mind the entire episode and when they actually mentioned it i was like "but yeah we knew that already right?... oh wait, I think that was Grizz..." :P
Creative Corner / Re: Klaw's Mapping Class
February 03, 2018, 03:20:28 pm
Quote from: JSpaced10 on October 24, 2017, 09:42:38 am
Will you be doing any advance tutorials? I'm really keen to learn the trick for "comms windows". There's a map (forget which one) where you can call down to the engineering office (I think) and see the other character in real time. Is that something you can put on your list to cover?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I made that on the Dauntless v1.2 map. I could also assit with that if you require help setting that up.
Creative Corner / Re: Klaw's Mapping Class
February 02, 2018, 09:32:38 am
I'd like to see this back!
Nice work guys. This is a bit of gaming history perserved, great job!
Announcements / Re: Taking a large step back.
November 25, 2017, 06:17:38 pm
Apologies for the late reply to this, I'm not around TLO much these days.

I wish you all the best Klaw, both you and your family, your health is important and I too hope for a good recovery. Thank you for your efforts in the community :)
Quote from: Grizz on November 03, 2017, 07:15:55 pm
There's not much to say about the first point as one has to assume the show is going to address why the spore drive - and indeed the Discovery as a whole - fails / isn't adopted. At the moment its use is already very dodgy. Part of the reason I like the show is that they haven't let it being a prequel (though it's really a sequel to Enterprise) stop them from introducing new things. As it should be - and this includes different species. So we haven't seen other Kelpians in Starfleet in the future - doesn't matter - we didn't hear of Betazoids in TOS yet a reference was slipped in to The Undiscovered Country to tie in to their establishment in TNG. They were there all along, honest!

The spore drive officer (Airiam) has been labelled an Augmented Human, I believe. On which front I also still like that we got to see Keyla pre-augment on the Shenzhou before she was wounded. Nice little detail. Not every injury can be cured with a wave of a glowing tool yet, it seems.

The drive will probably encouter the same fate as the Transwarp engine of the Excelsior, it woulnt only be more then logical.

As for the aliens, the new aliens in TNG could be pretty well explained by only having joined the Federation some years after TOS, that would explain them not being present in the "old" series. I still think its wierd that there are aliens who have been in the Federation for years but we still have never ever seen, even not on DS9, a show on a large space station where hundreds of species where present at any given day.
Episode 7 (this monday) was by far my favourite so far. I really liked the fact they pulled in Mudd's character to have that small link with TOS, picking one of their more (atleast by name) memorable "antagonists". The fresh take on the classic (and one of my personal favourites) kind of Sci-Fi plot was really really good. I'm always a sucker for these kind of time-loop things. Voyager did it brilliantly in Year of Hell (granted that wan't really a loop so much as a switching of timelines, but thats why it was so brilliant), but this Discovery episode took it back to the classic TNG-esque kind of basic plots but filmed it in such a way it felt new and fresh.

I'm starting to like the show better every episode, especially the more "trek" like "single plot" episodes are my favourites so far. I agree with scott that it was a nice "cameo" to have Johnathan Archer on that list there (I was actually looking out for such small reference details since I'm quite the sucker for them anyway).

The'res just 2 things that are bothering me at the moment:

1. The entire premise of the ship: the spore drive. I mean, Voyager anyone? "Hey Kathryn, you remember that verry successfull experment we ran back in the 2250's? Maybe you could use that one to get back?"

2. Where are all those weird aliens coming from? Saru? Whats his race now? And that wierd android-looking comm officer? Wasn't Data the first android to serve on a Starfleet vessel? They are playing a bit high and loose with some of the details IMHO. I'm sure there are some fans who have some kind of overly-difficult way of explaining this away. Seeing as Grizz is our ret-con queen, whats your take on this? :P

But, its nice to hear a seaosn 2 is on the way! I havnt read much about it myself (mainly since most american "news" sites which write about this hire writers with super convoluted writing styles and have websites with just too many adds) so its nice to see it here. Hopefully they get to ride it out all the way to Kithomer! (though that would mean another 40-ish seasons XD)

Also, episode 3, tribble, yay!
I might not make the 30 mins early, maybe ill even be late, something came up for tomorrow and i dont know how long it will take but obviously i will try to be there for as much of the episode as possible.

Looking forward to this Grizz :)
Crew Records / Re: Etis, Jemma
October 07, 2017, 05:03:40 am
Computer... start log.

So yeah, it's been 7 years. 7 Years since I started on this crazy adventure. Sure, I didn't knew it back then, although, I could have guessed it going by my sisters stories... Actually, those where the entire reason I even signed up for a position in Accobar. I wanted adventure and exitement like any young starfleet officer fresh out of the academy. Perhaps I got a bit more then I could chew in the end...

We've been trough a lot together, and we lost some people along the way. Dad, if you can hear me somewhere up there, I'm still thinking of you every day. I don't regret what happened, not anymore, it made me the person I am today and I'm completely happy with that. Thank you, for everything.

So on to the matter at hand. Stopping the Accobarians. What a daft plan this is, but it's not like there is any other possibility... is there? I really hate saying that "there is no other option". If there is, I can't see it so we're just going trough with this plan. I said my goodbyes to mom, should anything happen to me. I had hoped to talk to Lexi aswell, but for some reason my security clearance is not high enough for me to contact her or even know where she is for that mattter. So, here goes: Sis, if something happens to me (which I don't hope will, but I'm old enough to know that in this line of work nothing is a certainty) and they release my logs to you, know that I love you very much. Oh and that thing I told you about that I was not sure about but was thinking about for quite a while now... well... soo... yeah, that happened, hihi. I've also left something at the end of this message just for you.

*Sound of doors can be heared*

Mason: "Is everyting ready Jemma?"

Yes ma'am, just transporting the last pieces of equipment to the Helia.

*Sound of button being pressed*

---Log End---


If we where still doing the polls this would definately be a 5/5 vote for me. We got back together again, whoo! I'm happy that we got to do this and finish the story together. The AB/AF series has always been one of my favourites, mainly because of the way things that happend 5 seasons ago are still relevant today (I don't know how you do it Grizz, but your planning, or alteast using what you already set up in the past, skills are amazing).

The episode itself of course got to see some things that where a long time coming and really had to be done before the shows end, which I'm glad to have seen done now so we can really focus on those last episodes of (finally) wrapping up the main story. It was nice to have one last really good character development episode in which we al got to shine (Rogan with his ongoing nanovirus investigation, McClintock coming to terms with everything that happend to him giving him a pivitol part to play in the upcomming conclusion, Mason and Etis finally sharing that long, long, long foreshadowed and overdue private moment and of course Tobin getting prize for longest living ACMO :P)

Great epsiode guys, lets make it the best RPG-X SRP conclusion ever the coming weeks!