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Day 2 completed.

All services for server 1 should now be back up and running.

Should you encounter any issues from the server please do let me know.

That's all the planned maintenance completed now, there should be no further service disruptions, as always, any issues let us know.

A massive thank you for bearing with us during all this.
Day 1 completed.

All services for server 1 should be back up and running now.

Any remaining issues please report them below.  If you are experiencing any issues with the new theme, please hit CTRL + F5 or clear your browser cache before reporting as this may fix it for you.

Day 2 *should* be more straightforward.

Thanks for bearing with us during this.
Engineering / RPG-X 1.55 Master Server Patch
September 17, 2020, 12:28:12 am
Until the next version of the RPG-X client is pushed, I've created a quick "patch" to update the master servers on the current clients.

Ultimate Edition Master Server Patch -
Standard Edition Master Server Patch -

If you reinstall RPG-X before the next version you will have to reapply this work around.

Any issues or questions then feel free to reach out to me either here or email/Discord/PM/etc

If you use Avast as your antivirus you may need to disable to the file shield temporarily to allow the patch to run. This is because the file is unsigned, unrecognised, and making changes to a program on your computer. I would attempt to run it first without, but I'd you get the 'Windows cannot access specified device, path, or file...' error when launching the EXE then do the above.
Engineering / TLO 2020 Theme Update
September 07, 2020, 04:48:34 pm
Hi Everyone,

With the release of the new theme looming (21st of this month so long as the OS upgrades go to plan) I would like to open up the theme for viewing to everyone.

There's still some changes to be made before the release, home page images as an example, but I'd like to ask anyone who's willing to help to take a look and leave some feedback for me.

As the release is quite close, I'm only going to leave this thread open until Friday (11th) to give me just over a week to get everything squared away.

I would ask that no one try to login/register on the alpha build forums, two reasons, firstly I haven't setup an SSL certificate for the temporary website so it's not running over HTTPS and the database it's connected to is a non-live testing copy of the TLO database.

You can view the site here - (Not optimised for mobile viewing, please use a browser on a desktop/laptop for the time being.  Mobile optimisations will not be included until very later in the development cycle but will be available for general release)

Any bugs or tweaks you'd like to see please leave them below, come the 11th I will only work on already submitted tweaks and anything else will have to be looked at after initial release, bugs I will of course try to squash before release so keep those reports coming if you spot any.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out.
TLO will be undergoing major maintenance on the week commencing 20th September 2020, maintenance is planned to be ongoing for 72 hours with service distruptions to all TLO servers.

TLO's primary server hosting the website, mail, and Minecraft will be the first server to undergo maintenance on the 21st, downtime for the website is expected to be 2-3 hours with impaired service for upwards of 24 hours.

The secondary server hosting RPG-X & Holomatch will be undergoing maintenance on the second day, 22nd, so long as all goes to plan with the primary server.  Downtime is expected of 1-2 hours with impaired service for upwards of 24 hours.

22nd will be for bug fixes and testing on both servers, minor service distruptions may occur on this day.

Server 1 will be undergoing an OS upgrade as our current OS goes end of life in April 2021 and the TLO website will be upgraded to the new theme with the forums also receiving an update to the new version of SMF.

Server 2 will be undergoing only an OS upgrade for the same reason as server 1.

The plan is to upgrade OS not fully redeploy the servers, however, nothing ever goes to plan (:P) so extra time has been scheduled for a full redploy when it all goes wrong (plan for the worst and all that :P )

During maintenance I will keep everyone updated on the Discord server (link to the server is above in the main menu) in the #maintenance2020 channel that will be created on the 20th.

Any questions before hand can be dropped below.
UPDATE [27/07/2020]:

Issue with the bot has now been resolved, code has been updated where necassary to work with the new update Discord and pushed.

Discord Link has been reactivated, apologise for the downtime.

Any further issues with the bot please do report them to me, also if you spot anything that has broke with it from the update.


Technical Report - 22/07/2020

Discord library update has broken the bot, unscheduled downtime

There has been a discord/discord library update which has completely broken the TLO bot.

I will attempt to update our code as quickly as I possible can once I have learned what has changed.

Currently the bot does not work at all and the Discord Link is offline.

I will keep you all updated regarding the status of this issue.

Head of Technical Reporting: Callum603
Are you able to test by trying with just one router in use?

I don't see why such a setup should cause an issue with the game if the second router is just more or less being used as a switch.

Might be worth seeing if either router has any logs that might be of use tracking down why the connection drops
Quote from: Chomenor on July 12, 2020, 09:48:38 am
- I'm getting a "403 Forbidden" error using the "DOWNLOAD FROM THE LAST OUTPOST" links. The "DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE DRIVE" version works. For Windows I get a .exe file, but the link page suggests the filename is "", so I'm not sure if I am getting the correct version.
EDIT: The links seem to be working now. The last outpost link does provide a zip file, but when extracted it is identical to the exe from the google drive link.


The 403 error was a token/cookie issue as we transitioned over to the second mirror for bandwidth management. I fixed it as soon as I noticed it.  My apologies about that, it was an avoidable mistake I didn't spot in time.

The reason the downloads page says it's a .zip and google an exe is from the previous downloads system (only rebuilt a couple of days ago ready for the campaign), it used to break EXE files, but that has now been resolved, downloads on our own servers are yet to be restored to normal EXE files where necessary.  That will be done at some point in the near future.
Which server were you while having this issue. I can pull the logs and see if there's anything there to help pin point what was happening.

I'd also check that something like Steam wasn't updating at the time potentially causing network issues.

Technical Report - 10/07/2020

Hotfixed applied to TLO downloads manager to fix broken downloads

A common issue reported to technical is an issue relating to the TLO downloads manager.

During some downloads the files were being corrupted, however this was always hard to reproduce.

The way the downloads manager delivers files has now changed, rather than a complex delivery method the manager simply unlocks the download for you, which you then must start within 5 minutes of it being unlocked, the system will send you directly to the download after doing this though.

With this method we are also able to introduce a new TLO mirror (going live later today if all goes to plan) which will allow more direct from TLO downloads without you needing to do anything other than selecting TLO as your mirror like usual.

Of course any issues with the new system, let me know ASAP!

Head of Technical Reporting: Callum603
Engineering / Re: STVEF servers issue
June 24, 2020, 08:03:01 pm

I will restart our server, it happens every now and then that it will get stuck on the round report screen.

If you're still experiencing any connection issues getting on our server let me know, if you could also check your console for any errors and post them, that will help me help you more efficiently.

I recommend, if you're not already, using our Holomatch client -

Thanks and welcome to TLO!
Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Temporal Leap Finale
December 16, 2019, 11:20:56 pm
My apologise for the lateness of this post.  Myself and Scott were having some difficutly arranging a date and time for this, which we still haven't been able to do, but we have come to a decision regarding the finale.

As most of you are probably aware, Temporal Leap did not run it's finale when scheduled due to a low turnout.

We made the call to not run the finale without the majority of us there as we thought it fairer to round of the series with as many people there as we could.

We will NOT be running the finale this side of 2020.  Unfortunately scheduling has been rather difficult this month for myself and Scott.

We aren't sure yet when we are hoping to run the finale, but we know it will be early 2020, I'd put money on it being in January personally.

We will keep you updated and if you have any suggestions please do post them below.

Once again, my apologise for how late this post his and thanks for sticking with us as we try and round off this series.
Season Four | Episode Thirteen | Temporal Leap (Part Two)

Episode Director: C. Jackson & S. Archer

Episode Air Date: 22/11/2019 @ 20:30 GMT

Required Maps: rpg_end

All hands be upstanding for the now departing Star Trek: Temporal Leap!
Season Four | Episode Twelve | Temporal Leap (Part One)

Episode Director: C. Jackson & S. Archer

Episode Air Date: 17/11/2019 @ 20:30 GMT

Required Maps: rpg_end

Part one of the two part series finale.