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Star Trek: Temporal Leap / 13/10/2019 Postponed
« on: October 13, 2019, 02:57:09 pm »
Unfortunately due to low attendance, we are cancelling this weeks episode :(

We’ll be back next week - usual time and place!

See you then!

A security team led by Dulmur attempts to stop the wave of aliens, but their weapons are just absorbed by the attacking Parathans.
One alien attacks Dulmur and knocks him over, infesting him with their young.
Klaw orders a fall back, but Dulmur gets back him and kills some security officers.
Some crew manage to get back to the bridge and others to the aft section.

The crew use a mixture of hull polarisation and internal forcefields to defend the bridge.

(will finish the write up later, but the poll is open!)

After taking some time to prepare for their next mission, the crew of Ariana arrives in 2151. Their mission is simple, make sure that Enterprise NX-01 reaches P'Jem successfully and on schedule.
After scanning Enterprise, they find nothing more than a few temporal anomalies that TIA tells them not to worry about (see Ent: Cold Front) and so they expand their search further and eventually find an unidentified temporally phased object directly in Enterprise's path.
After some scanning, they realise it was a bomb and the yield could virtually obliterate Ariana - Enterprise stands no chance. They mean to destroy it, but to keep Enterprise safe, they hack into her sensors and make them think there is a small ion storm ahead causing them to make a big enough course change to completely avoid the device. With Enterprise safe, they go about trying to figure out how to disarm or destroy the bomb when another phased ship approaches.
Aboard is one man, Captain Haliwell - after a brief dialogue, he confirms his identity and Savage allows him onto Ariana and calls a senior staff meeting where he informs them about the future Federation and the Parathans:
Haliwell is here, under orders from the remnants of Starfleet command in the 34th century to stop the Federation ever being founded.
In the 34th century, the Federation has expanded rapidly and gained some powerful allies and impressive new technology allowing them to easily traverse galaxies and the vast majority of the Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum has been explored, colonised and thousands of species have joined. 
Almost all threats have been eliminated, The Borg, The Sphere Builders and the Kelvans and many who were being oppressed by them have been set free.
The 3 galaxies are virtually at peace, everyone is working towards improving themselves, their species and the Federation.
Until the Parathans.
They are a hive parasite like race, originally confined to a handful of systems in LGS3 - a tiny galaxy orbiting Triangulum.
They’re all connected by some form of low level telepathy that is impossible to block and expands the galaxy and they attack in force, in a swarm and inject their young into their victims. Their young then gain the knowledge of the host and every single Parathan learns that same knowledge through the hive mind.
They feed on all forms of energy - weapons fire - phasers, disruptors, antimatter - virtually all forms of weaponry apart from projectiles will have no effect and only make them stronger.
They drained an entire star in their home system and they drain the life force of their victims but until they do, they control you and you have no control over what you do but you are fully aware of everything and you are fully aware of your long, agonising death.
They’re like the Borg but when they’re finished with you, you die in agony.

The first Federation ship to encounter them was also one of the most powerful and it fell to the Parathans in 3 days and they used it and subsequent ships they infested to spread across the large 3 galaxies and most of their satellites in less than a decade.
All has failed, the Federation was too perfect, too easy to conquer, had technology that was too advanced.
They've also gained access to Temporal Technology and have used it to block access to virtually all parts of the timeline where they could be stopped - Haliwell has managed to temporal lock this time and place and it is virtually their last chance of stopping the Parathans.

His plan is to destroy the Enterprise NX-01 before it reach P’Jem.
Their projections show that doing so will lead to an eventual war between the Vulcans and Andorians - leaving humanity pretty much alone during the Xindi attack
Vulcan and Andor will be decimated and Earth will be destroyed by the Xindi meaning that when the Romulans come, they will conquer the 3 crushed powers and the Tellarites - who aren’t strong enough to defeat the Romulans alone - removing the Federation from the picture and leaving the Romulans and Klingons as the key power.
Without the Federation, the Parathan homeworld will never be discovered and even if it is, the technology won’t exist to allow their rapid spread across the universe.

The command staff are horrified, but convinced that there has to be a better way and tell Halliwell so. After some discussion, Haliwell stuns Lieutenant JG Klaw using a hidden weapon and triggers his tricorder, beaming him back and dragging Ariana in the 34th century.

As they arrive, they are greeted by a Universe Class (Enterpise-J class - see Ent: Azati Prime) ship and 64 smaller vessels.
Savage tries to hail them but is unable to make contact and whilst Okane is able to destroy a couple of the approaching vessels, several latch onto Ariana and start cutting through the hull.

Dulmur arrives in engineering with a security detail just as they break through...
To Be Continued

Season Four | Episode Three | Desperate Measures Part 2
Episode Director: S. Archer

Required Maps: rpg_end (Asteria Pack)

Desperate Times
Desperate Measures
The choice is ours

After being dragged into 3384 by Haliwell, Ariana has encountered the Parathans for themselves - an unthinkable, unstoppable race that has ravaged more than 3 galaxies.
The choice is simple, kill the past to save the future or condemn the future to certain death.
But first, they have to get them off Ariana 

Season Four | Episode Two | Desperate Measures Part 1
Episode Director: S. Archer

Required Maps: rpg_end (Asteria Pack)

The Future
The Past
The war that never was

The crew is once again ready and determined to finish their mission after finding that they have one more year to go before it’s completion and as things are returning to normal, TIA takes them on a new mission. One that could end everything…

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Need to Know...
« on: August 09, 2019, 07:33:50 pm »
Joining us for Season 4? Here is some information that you might need to know!
We are also working on slightly longer story form pieces for each season - but this is the quick read thread!

In 2433, the Temporal Investigations Star Ship Ariana is the first Ariana Class timeship - a new line of vessels set to be Starfleets first line of Temporal Investigation ships.
Kitted out with a Temporal Core and a Temporal Investigation Assistant AI (TIA) - these small vessels are set to map the timeline.
Ariana is the first command of Captain Oscar Savage and the first Starfleet commission of his XO - Marion Dulmur, a former Department of Temporal Investigations agent, displaced from the late 24th century.

As they completed their shakedown cruise, Dulmur disobeys standing orders and brings the TIA system online and she starts their first jump and begins their mission... (We later find out that a future Savage sent his command codes to Admiral Jackson of the Enterprise to relay to Dulmur to make sure the mission starts the way it does)

In season 3, the Ariana has a major refit at Station Asteria, which the crew becomes based from for a number of episodes until it eventually transpires that the crew accidentally ended up in the antimatter universe after chasing Kajan (see TOS: The Alternative Factor and the Kajan section) and they are causing the entire universe to 'wink out.' After coming under suspicion by Echo Fleet, they steal the newly refitted Ariana and return to their own universe (marking the change in the map used from the Ariana map to the Endurance map.)

Their mission is critical - TIA detects several temporal distortions that together have caused a huge temporal shockwave, which, if not stopped, will destroy the timeline.
Every jump leads to a new time and a new location with a new mission that must be completed and each jump starts a new countdown, the crew have 12 hours to correct the distortion before they themselves are wiped out of existence...
After nearing exhaustion following their first few missions, TIA allows a 72 layover in the timestream between missions for the crew to recuperate.

Following the conclusion of Season 3, it is revealed by a future Savage that they have one year of their mission to go.

In Season 1, one of Ariana's jumps takes her into the distant future, where they find a downed Sovereign class vessel. After investigating, the crew find a blackbox recording and a mysterious device.
They discover that the device has a tremendous power and accidentally wiped out the galaxy whilst the crew of the downed vessel experimented on it whilst delivering it back to Earth. Ariana is able to save the future by hooking the device up to her temporal core and restoring a map the device made of the galaxy prior to it's destruction.
Savage orders the device destroyed, but Dulmur hides it away secretly and beings his own experiments on it...

In the next mission, the crew discover a different temporal version of the device whilst infiltrating Area 51 (or what they now know was Facility 31 and the 'Majestic-12' - the group who eventually become the infamous Section 31) but during their mission, this alternate version is stolen by an enemy from their past, Kajan (see Kajan section below.)

At the start of Season 2, as the crippled Ariana drifts further into the black hole that they have been stuck in for 147 years, Dulmur reveals that he still has the device and the crew is able to use it to power the ship long enough to jump away and continue their mission.
Savage, Okane and Dulmur argue about the future of the device but Savage no longer trusts Dulmur and has Okane keep tabs on him. But they do decide to keep the device and continue research on it - with Chief Science Officer Ardoxx heading up the team.

But their continued possession of the device paints a target on Ariana's back, with both Kajan and the Epoch (a future timeship) attempting to destroy them over it.

In Season 3, as their research continues, little information is discovered on the device as Dulmur takes on the team researching it after regaining Savage's trust. But whilst spending time in the antimatter universe, they do come across the device in that universe and attempt to stop Echo fleet from taking control of it but ultimately they must leave it as they escape that universe.

What is next for 'The Device?'

Friend or Foe? Just who is the mysterious character who has plagued Ariana and her mission from the very beginning...

The crew first encounter Kajan on their first mission in the second episode. They discover an ancient civilisation is receiving alien assistance from Kajan and they will go on to conqueor the rest of the world and in the future, obliterate Vulcan. The only way to keep history on track is to commit genocide...

Sometime later, and about 75 million years in the past, the crew encounters Kajan on an Earth like Mars. An unknown alien tries to kill the away team who are unable to escape due to temporal interference.
Kajan reveals he is here to stop Savage from committing the atrocity of Jaja IV, with Savage insistent he doesn’t know what Jaja IV is, Kajan laughs, and speaking as though he knows Savage, raises his weapon while telling him “You still don’t get it do you? Time travel.  I’m here to stop you BEFORE you can do it” but just before he can kill Savage, Ariana manages to beam an injured Okane back, distracting Kajan long enough for Savage to escape.
Kajan's temporal transport destabilises the Martian atmosphere and the inhabitants, along with Savage who is still stranded on Mars, evacuate to the neighbouring planet of Earth. Ariana is eventually able to beam Savage back from one of the evacuee ships and comes under attack from Kajan's vessel but are just able to escape.

During Savage and Dulmur's mission to Area 51, they encounter Kajan again who kills several of the base personnel and steals a past version of the device (see the device section) and a vessel which he uses to escape. It becomes apparent that the device found aboard the crashed Sovereign class ship in the future, capable of destroying a galaxy, is now in the possession of Kajan...

The crew again encounters Kajan after they jump 4 billion years into the future and witness the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda - he comes aboard Ariana and tells the Captain to destroy the device, which Savage refuses to do. He then leaves just before Ariana is almost swallowed by the super massive black hole at the centre of Andromeda.
As Ariana jumps again, Kajan confonts them in the timestream and opens fire, demanding that Savage destroy the device and if he doesn't, Kajan will destroy Ariana.
Savage is able to take manual control of the temporal drive and just escapes Kajan.

Towards the end of season 2, Ariana is betrayed by a future timeship named the 'Epoch' which is stealing resources from the past. During the course of the mission, Ariana is crippled and Savage and Okane are kidnapped by Captain Harmon, Epoch's captain.
But unexpectedly, Ariana is saved by Kajan, who engages and disabled the Epoch before taking it for himself. Savage and Okane are returned to the Ariana and Kajan promises that they will meet again before jumping away.

At the start of season 3 after Savage, Dulmur and Okane are abandoned on a planet they were mining for dilithium by TIA; Kajan again performs another good deed by using Epoch's temporal transporters to return them to Ariana. Savage wanting answers chases the much faster Epoch through the timestream and gets Ariana caught in her wake and accidentally sent into the anitmatter universe (see TISS Ariana section.)

The crew is unable to find Kajan or discover why he has gone from trying to destroy them to saving them.

Join us for season 4, the epic conclusion of the Ariana mission!

Season Three | Episode Eleven | Unacceptable Loss

Episode Director: Both
Required Maps: Asteria Pack, Colony 85

Time Travel
A reminder of things past but yet to come

After Ariana escapes the timelock, TIA sends them on a new mission, one that might allow them to correct a mistake that has haunted Savage since he made it...

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

RPG-X Archive / Lieutenant Dra-Queck-Pol
« on: April 13, 2019, 05:47:01 pm »
Full Name: Dra-Queck-Pol
Date of Birth: TBC
Place of Birth: Adgora IV biodome 3
Gender: Adgoran Male of the Pol clan
Rank: Dekar (Lieutenant Provisional - Starfleet
Current Assignment: On loan from the Adgoran Space Corps - Intelligence Officer, USS Odyssey.

Species BIO:
The Adgoran race is native to a planet on the edge of the beta quadrant, about 300 light years away from Klingon space.
About 800 years ago, they had expanded to colonise parts of their solar system, when a passing black hole pulled their planet off it’s axis by 24 degrees. The resulting environmental changes killed everyone on the planet and left those colonies to fend for themselves.
With no more resources coming in from their former home world and sources of the oxygen - argon atmosphere they needed to sustain their environmental systems dwindling - things looked pretty dire and predictions had them going extinct within a century.
The Adgoran scientists decided to improvise and using a mixture of genetic modification and bio-engineering, they recreated the remnants of their species into a new one that used one of the most abundant elements in the universe, Hydrogen.
This procedure entailed replacing much of the respiratory system with a biological fusion reactor - providing energy to their cells and creating water (eliminating the need for them to drink - water another now rare commodity.)
After a few generations and more modification, these new traits became hereditary and a new species was born that need a hydrogen-argon environment to breathe.
600 years after the original incident, the new species recolonised their homeworld and the population boomed.
Prior to the loss of the planet, the Adgoran’s had been split into 5 clans, but the differences between them had to be overcome by those that remained and after 800 years all that remains of the clan system is the name.
First contact.
The Adgoran’s discovered warp drive 50 years ago, with their ships being capable of roughly warp 3.5.
They made first contact 5 years ago during a test of the quantum slipstream drive by starfleet, when an Adgoran ship doing a scientific survey of a nebula met the testbed.
Still keen for new members following the culmination of the Dominion war, the Adgoran’s membership of the Federation was rushed through.


Season Three Archives / Season Three | Episode Nine | The Flashback
« on: April 05, 2019, 11:00:59 am »
Season Three | Episode Nine | The flashback

Episode Director: Scott Archer
Required Maps: Asteria Pack, starfleet headquarters
This episode will take place at 15:30 (20:30BST) on Friday (the 5th) as part of the EE 24 hour event. Whilst it would be great for everyone who can to attend (and if you can't normally come, then do join us!) It will be a little different in content than usual. Episode 10 will still happen this week on Sunday.

Following the events of last episode, Okane and Savage are recovering after their near death experience and recovery using the galaxy destroying device. As the crew progresses through their 72 hour layover, they actually are able to unwind a little for a change.
But what else will they discover

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Season Three Archives / Season Three | Episode Seven | Fallout
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:31:52 pm »
Season Three | Episode Seven | Fallout

Episode Director: C. Jackson
Required Maps: Asteria Pack, efarea51

Our Past
A planet at stake
Ariana has made it back to her own universe but her mission is far from over. What is her next mission?

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

Archived SRPs / SRP Pilot - Star Trek: Odyssey
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:43:35 pm »
SRP Estimated Length: 1.5 Hours
Timeslot: Saturdays at 16:30 est (20:30 GMT)
SRP Maps:
Solaris, Dauntless, Voyager, Ariana

Approximately, 18 months after the return of Voyager from the Delta Quadrant, the Federation seems to be flourishing in a time of peace. Starfleet’s continuous growth leads to military advancement, and scientific development. Yet, the Federation’s peace will be cut short by a new threat arising from the deepest reaches of the galaxy. The starship Odyssey, under the command of Captain Liam Myers, is tasked along with the third Fleet, to explore the furthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant, to seek out new world and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Season Three | Episode Five | The Alternative Factor Part 2

Episode Director: S. Archer

Required Maps: Asteria Pack

The Device
The Shedai

With Echo fleet now in control of the 'device', suspicions are slowly being raised among the Ariana crew, and their situation is only going to get worse...

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

Season Three Reviews / [REVIEW] Season Three | Episode Three | Adrift
« on: February 17, 2019, 05:56:26 pm »
The crew go on their first mission from Asteria. They are beamed aboard the Enterprise in 2257 following it's encounter with one of the red signals.
Enterprise is waiting for tow ships to arrive to take them to space dock to be repaired but several members of the skeleton crew have come down with acute cases of Temporal Psychosis due to an unknown temporal anomaly.

Beaming aboard Enterprise, the crew splits up with Savage and Okane going to investigate the ship's databanks and Dulmur and Tate heading to sickbay to investigate those suffering.

The databanks prove to be useless as they and the ships sensors failed during Enterprise's encounter with the signal. Meanwhile in sickbay, Tate starts working on the patients (who in their temporal psychosis can see him) whilst Dulmur goes to the bridge and investigates.

Using their tricorders, Savage and Okane find a chroniton trail leading to the anomaly - it is embeded in Enterprise's warp core. Dulmur joins them and reveals that the tow ships have arrived and are preparing to tractor Enterprise - they have about 30 mins. They discover that the anomaly is feeding on Enterprise's reduced warp output and is growing rapidly. Should she go to warp, the anomaly will expand and destroyed or displace all 3 ships.

With Ardoxx left behind due to a nasty case of the Rigellian flu, it comes down to Savage, Okane and Dulmur to find a solution. They eventually come up with one and use one of Enterprise's warp shuttles and it's more powerful warp core (due to Enterprise's damage) to form an anti-chroniton field and attract the anomaly away.
However this solution will kill the 12 officers aboard with cases of acute temporal psychosis. Savage decides to execute the plan anyway due to the time restriction, much to the anger of Tate.

The shuttle isn't powerful enough to maintain the anti-chroniton field and starts coming apart. Tate beams the crew away just as the anomaly collides with the shuttle, annihilating both.

The Ariana crew beam back to Asteria - Tate still angry storms out and heads to sickbay. Okane goes after him.

Meanwhile, Echo fleet command have decided that Savage needs to know about the 'Secret of Asteria.' Blake takes Savage down to a hidden part of the station, disguised as the LAIS and computer core. The 'secret' is an artefact which is essentially an ancient prison - and it houses an even more ancient prisoner. A member of a species who once controlled much of the Milky Way. It is a Shedai…
Savage hears the words 'NO BELONG' multiple times before succumbing to the pain and collapsing.

Season Three Archives / Season Three | Episode Three | Adrift
« on: February 17, 2019, 09:21:48 am »
Season Three | Episode Three | Adrift

Episode Director: S. Archer

Required Maps: Asteria Pack and rpg_tosship

The crew may be back in the right timeline, but as they settle into their temporary homes aboard Station Asteria, their mission is far from over...

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

Archived SRPs / Star Trek: Next Generation Pilot (by Little3st4r/ Alnod)
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:42:22 pm »
The name of your series: Star trek: Next Generation
A summary of the story arc:  to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. it  going to be custom Lore after the last TNG film and I going to have Lore Char's and this a contination if like it was comeing back for S8
A rough estimate of average episode length: 1hour
SRP timeslot: Saturday at 16:0pedt/ 21:00 bst)
Any special server settings you think you might need: need admin for music
Any special subforum layout considerations for your SRP: archives, or episode threads or crew bios etc. for the subforum and will be going to make a discord for the SRP like the others
Any maps, music packs, and other files you will be using for the SRP: Map: Starbase315 is the E1 map. Enterprise-E-V2 is the main map for ship things. Music Packs: ALL of the Star trek: Next Generation Music's if able. Other Files: other Files to do with Star trek: Next Generation

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