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Announcements / Previous Presidential Ponderings
July 17, 2020, 12:36:56 am
Hello everyone! As part of the milestone 10th anniversary, I have been collecting some thoughts from the previous Presidents of The Last Outpost. Please find their remarks below. For my part, I just want to say that I have been here for almost the full 10 years of TLO's history and I am proud to have been part of some amazing moments here. We've had our fair share of ups and downs but I simply would not be the same person that I am today if not for the many people and games that have shaped me here. I joined during Ulysses entirely by accident, and I've been here ever since. RPG-X shaped me through my teenage and early adult years and I can't even begin to imagine what life might have looked like had I not decided to randomly log back in to RPG-X years after the shutdown of my former group, PulseFusion. Thank you to everyone and now, without further ado, please read the Ponderings below:


My time at The Last Outpost has been equal parts rewarding and equal parts challenging, both personally and professionally. Likewise, I've invested a lot into this community, and hope to see its continued growth beyond the ten year anniversary this month.



It's deeply gratifying to see that a community I helped create ten years ago is still kicking. For me, leading TLO was a formative experience - I was sixteen when it was started, and twenty when I stepped down. The friendships I made here, and the challenges we worked to overcome together, have made an enormous, positive mark on my life, even now. (In fact, the work I did at TLO may have helped me get into college *and* my current job.)

I think the values TLO was founded on - transparency, equity, and community - are even more important now than they were when this place was created. I didn't always live up to them as well as I could have, but I hope that I did so often enough to have made a positive difference. I hope that TLO is, and continues to be, a home for you as much as it was for me. It's not my ship, anymore, but its mission is the same.

Thank you all for being a part of TLO's story.




As we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the founding of TLO. It's amazing to see how far our little group has come over the past decade, and I look forward to seeing how it continues to develop in the decade to come. As I've said each anniversary: the growth and success of TLO is thanks to you all, the members, and it has been a pleasure to see this group grow and develop. TLO has played an important part in my life and, I know, in the lives of many of our members. We have also served an important function with keeping RPG-X developed and alive, and I look forward to seeing what opportunities the next decade will present for both TLO and RPG-X. It will forever be my greatest honor to have served as the first President of TLO, and I look forward to seeing how its leaders--present and future--will continue to guide the community in the years to come.

Announcements / Happy 10th Anniversary TLO!
July 12, 2020, 12:57:24 pm
Hello TLO! Today marks the 10th anniversary of The Last Outpost. If you had asked a decade ago whether or not the group would still be around in 10 years, I'm very confident that the original founding members would have said only that they hope so. Throughout our 10-year history, we've encountered a number of ups and downs. RPG-X has been the source of imagination for an incredibly long time. I know that for many of us, the software which would seem simple today carried us through our teenage years. So many stories have been told through RPG-X and so many characters have developed. A lot of these characters have not just been conduits for roleplaying. A lot of these characters have been extensions of ourselves. I already know that this message is going to be very long but I will try to keep it as brief as possible.

I remember my first day at TLO. The group that I had been with previously had dissolved several years proir and I was still crushed. I was 14 and I genuinely didn't know how I was going to spend my Summers. I was always on the server RPing to the point where my mother would be frustrated and say that we should stop being on the server and go outside. One day when I was 17, just for fun, I decided to hop back on to that old game which brought me so much joy for over a year. I saw that there was a server that had almost a dozen people on it and I was shocked. I jumped in and immediately started to play a character. That was Ulysses. Somebody dropped the link to the TLO website and I've been here ever since. TLO is more than just another place on the Internet for me. I've watched this place change so many times, I've watched faces come and go. To me, TLO is truly a community and it's one that I hope to be a part of for many years to come.

There are several people without whom TLO would not have made it this long. First, I would like to thank the founders (not the Dominion ones) for actually founding this place. Born from the strife of other groups, The Last Outpost remains a group where anyone is welcome and free to join and participate. I'd also like to thank Jenson, the very first President of The Last Outpost. His bounding enthusiasm and seemingly unending patience has allowed the group to grow and thrive over the last 10 years. On top of Jenson I'd like to recognize Veritas and Klaw as well for their roles in co-founding TLO as well as their extensive leadership participation which has left unmistakable marks across the entire group. Additionally I'd like to extend a thank you to everyone who has served in a leadership role at TLO, helping to shape it into a group that has endured and will hopefully continue to do so.

Together we have laughed and cried, we have been through so much in the stories that we have participated in. We've built monumental things in Minecraft and we've shared in the experiences brought by Star Trek Online. We've played all of the Star Trek games old and new and in general we've just had a good time together. Activity may be relatively low right now but I'm familiar with this community and I've seen the spark over the last few days that reminds me of the reason I joined in the first place. TLO is a special place and I know that we will continue to share in these experiences for as long as it is around.

Finally, I'd like to thank the members. Without the members on this site we would have died a long time ago. Everyone has worked together to shape the memories that I hold so fondly and I definitely want to see even more memories being crafted and created in the days, weeks, and months ahead. As the weekend starts to draw to a close, we still have the RPG-X event on going. Anyone is welcome to use the servers to role-play at any time and I can't wait to see what comes next! Additionally, we have an event scheduled in Sins of a Solar Empire this afternoon which I invite everyone to check out. On top of all of this, we have just released the updated Holomatch client at holomat.ch so please be sure to check that out (a very special thank you to Serris for his big Marketing push to get this out the door and into the hands of everyone).

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve as the President during the last year and a half and I'm very excited to see where we take things in the future. Today marks 10 years of TLO and hopefully it also marks the start of 10 years to come!

- Andzzy
Hey everyone! Today I'm pleased to announce that I'm starting an initiative here at TLO! One of the things I hear the most from people who have been here for a long time and newcomers alike is that RPG-X is in need of an overhaul, so I want to try to make that happen. I'm putting together some documentation that I'd like to share with everyone soon. For the time being, I'm going to answer some basic questions about this initiative.

1) What is the project?

This is an attempt to recreate RPG-X in the Unreal Engine. The purpose is to modernize RPG-X in such a way that new content is easy to add and support. The RPG-X that we know and love has survived for an extremely long time on it's own and I think it will be very exciting to have something brand new.

The first thing I'd like to do is recreate the USS Voyager. It's one of the main series ships that we know the most about and I think it would be fun to demonstrate a number of features on it.

2) Who will be developing this new iteration of RPG-X?

Anyone who wants to be involved! The project is open as a community initiative meaning that anyone is welcome to contribute at any time. Obviously a project of this undertaking is an incredibly massive effort and I would love to see what everyone comes up with.

3) How can I help?

This week, I'll be posting a link to the overall design document where the project will be outlined in much more detail. We're going to need everything from textures to 3D models to character models (as well as code and blueprints for functionality).

If you'd like to get started learning ahead of time, there is a vast library of livestreams and tutorials on the Unreal YouTube channel that cover virtually everything in the engine.

4) What sort of timeline were you thinking about?

I don't want to put any sort of definitive timeline on this, since I don't want anyone to feel rushed. Any contribution made at any time will be greatly appreciated.

I'm really excited to see how this unfolds in the future! I know the details are sparse but there will be much more in the document I release this week. As always if you have any questions/comments you can reach out to me, or comment below here!
Announcements / Seasons Greetings TLO!
December 18, 2018, 11:20:35 am
Another year has passed us by, and 2018 was certainly an interesting year here at The Last Outpost. We saw nostalgia kick into high gear with the re-introduction of Holomatch into our regular repertoire, along with games on both our Space Engineers and Minecraft servers. I know that I personally very much enjoyed learning just how bad I am at Holomatch as well as learning to appreciate playing on a map that isn't CTF_Bajor. On top of all of this, we continue to support RPG-X as our main roleplaying platform. RPG-X will hold a place in my heart for as long as it exists and I look forward to seeing what 2019 brings for us.

To the members as well as those on the Cabinet: thank you. Without you, there would be no The Last Outpost. In the beginning, TLO was a place where friends could gather to play games, hang out, and just generally have a good time. TLO is still those things, and it's a spirit I hope we can carry on for many years to come. As always, I welcome feedback from you, the members, and hope to see everyone once again in the New Year as we go through 2019. Let's play some games and make 2019 a fantastic year in The Last Outpost!

Happy Holidays from me to you, TLO. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season filled with joy and I look forward to gaming with you all in January and all throughout 2019!
Announcements / Happy 8th Anniversary TLO!
July 10, 2018, 03:34:54 pm
Hello everyone! I am very pleased to announce that today is the 8th Anniversary of the founding of The Last Outpost. Eight years ago the community was founded to carry on the legacy of RPG-X, the Star Trek roleplaying modification. The founders of the group believed that everyone should be allowed to participate and feel comfortable within the community. What began as a coalition to build a better and inclusive community continues today as The Last Outpost. Although we've been through several changes over those years and faced varying degrees of challenge, I truly believe we still have a fantastic community and it's certainly one that I'm proud to be a part of.

To celebrate our 8th year, I'd like to do some things with everyone. Join me any time during the following schedule for events planned by the President:

Wednesday July 11th - Space Engineers Buildathon!

Join me as I venture into the center of the galaxy and begin construction on The Last Outpost ... our one and only base of operations in the region! This will be most of the day, but I'll be most active in the AM and early PM Eastern Time.

Thursday July 12th - RPG-X and Holomatch

Join me at 1 PM ET (6 PM GMT) for an impromptu story-driven RP that takes place at Starfleet Command just one year after the explosion of the Hobus star which destroyed both Romulus and Remus and threw the Romulan Star Empire into chaos. At 3 PM ET (8 PM GMT) join me for an hour of revelry in Holomatch where we shall steal all of the flags, assimilate all of the people, and perhaps do less compression rifle sniping.

Friday July 13th - STO marathon

Join me most of the day as I show off my abysmal character and ship in an attempt to run through some dailies and episodic missions. After this, I'll be contributing to some fleet projects and then there shall be a dance party at the Starbase! If you've ever wanted to try STO but don't want to run it alone, this is also the perfect opportunity to get some help! Minimum level requirement not necessary if you're in it to run through some of your content with higher-level characters, otherwise level requirement will depend on missions played.

Thank you to everyone who has made the last eight years so special. I know that we have some extremely imaginative and creative individuals here at The Last Outpost, and I appreciate each and every one of you. I hope to see you at the events and if you have any other suggestions, please let me know and we'll see about setting them up!

- Andzzy
Hello everyone! As most of the seasoned members will know, we try to hold community events at frequent intervals throughout the year in order to consolidate all of our games as well as to bring everyone together and to let people trial all of the games we play to see if they're interested in getting involved! This year we will be having our first such Community Day Weekend event starting this Friday, April 27th and ending on Sunday, April 29th! While we don't have a full roster of events just yet (but you should check back throughout the week as I'll be putting the events here as they're received!), I can tell you that there will indeed be the regular events such as Holomatch, and a variety config to make things a little more interesting than just plain CTF! If you have any suggestions for events please feel free to drop a PM with any of our division leaders or myself. Stay tuned throughout the week for a full event roster and I hope to see everyone there!




Star Trek Online: Welcome to the Colony!
Time: Friday (4/27) at 5:30 PM ET/10:30 PM GMT+1
Estimated Length: 2 hours

Join The Last Outpost fleet in a celebrated tour of our recently christened Tier 3 Fleet Colony World. After the festivities subside, join us for a Fleet Colony Invasion Simulation at the Holding! For more info, read about the Fleet Colony Simulation here: https://www.sto-league.com/colony-defense-simulation/
Holomatch Extravaganza!
Time: Friday (4/27) at 2:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM BST
Estimated Length: 2.5 hours

Join us as we delve into our weekly fragfest! Instead of straight old CTF, we'll be mixing it up with various styles to keep things fresh and interesting. Come prepared to have a lot of fun and as always, set phasers to frag!

Star Trek Online: Fleet Actions!
Time: Saturday (4/28) at 4PM ET/9 PM GMT+1
Estimated Length: 2 hours

Join The Last Outpost fleet once again for a special fleet gathering at the Fleet Colony World. All characters are welcome. You may be required to bring a Level 60 for PvE queues. After we celebrate by goofing around a bit, we will be running the following fleet events:

Armada wide Starbase Fleet Defense! (FED, Level 60 required)
The Big Dig
Breaking The Planet
Dranuur Beach Assault

And to round off STO, there will be a Member's Choice Fleet or PvE queue!
Hey everyone! This week's Holomatch thread will work differently in that I'm making it a permanent fixture of the Events subforum! Every week I'll post a response here to indicate when the Holomatch games will be played. This week we've got Friday the 13th going on, so anything could happen! Friday, April 13th from 3 PM EDT - 6 PM EDT (8 PM BST - 11 PM BST) join us as we attempt to snipe and destroy our way to victory! We'll be playing on the variety config so if you have any suggestions/comments feel free to leave them here! Look forward to seeing everyone there and remember, as always ... set phasers to frag!
Announcements / Happy New Year TLO!
January 01, 2018, 05:33:06 pm
As we finish off with 2017 and head into 2018, I hope that everyone has enjoyed the holiday season thus far. Now we find ourselves in January and I sit here thinking about many things. The first thing I want to do is wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that you have a spectacular 2018 filled with joy and new adventures! As we head into the year, I just wanted to make a few announcements for things that are upcoming.

Please join us at our first Cabinet meeting this Sunday at 1100 EST/1600 GMT to hear about and participate in the planning of events at TLO as well as to express anything you'd like to share with us (especially when we're all in one place at the same time!). One of the items on the agenda is a Winter Fest so if you've got anything you've been dying to try all Winter, please stop by and let us know! As soon as we have a rough schedule and event list, an official announcement will be made.

On another note, our 2018 TLO Donations Drive will be kicking off shortly. While we haven't set an exact goal yet for the year, anything helps to keep our servers up and running. I'll be starting us off with a personal donation once the drive gets underway, and I understand there may even be prizes. Regardless, any donations are deeply appreciated and as always 100% will go towards the server and forum operating costs of TLO.

I believe that rounds everything up for now. Thank you TLO, I look forward to seeing everyone around the forums and in-game and I can't wait to see what 2018 brings for us!
Announcements / Inaugural Address and Quick Plan Updates
November 24, 2017, 03:07:14 am
Hello everyone! I'd like to start by apologizing for this speech being as late as it is. Firstly I wanted to thank everyone for voting in the election for the Presidency of The Last Outpost. The turnout was excellent and I'm very honoured to be selected by you to be the President of this community. I also want to give out a very special thank you to Tanglepaw for his candidacy and well-run campaign. I was quite impressed with the answers given in the Q&A and I look forward to seeing your continued participation around TLO!

7 years ago, The Last Outpost was founded as a community based around RPG-X. It was a roleplaying community forum but also it was a place to make friends and most importantly, have fun. The Last Outpost remains that community of fun and friendship today, today supporting not only RPG-X but also Star Trek Online as well as Minecraft and Space Engineers as our Non-Trek division begins to take hold. We have our forums as well as our Discord channel where you can take part in any community event or ask (almost) any question and get an answer. We will continue to strive for this open and fun environment as we finish out 2017 and move into 2018.

As we move forward, my main areas of focus are going to be communication and organization in the Cabinet. I'll be issuing an Executive Order that will establish monthly meetings between the President and Division/Department heads to catch up and hear any future plans and general comments that they have on a regular basis. This will be on top of the quarterly meetings of the Cabinet already established by Executive Order. The Cabinet is also already in discussions for the next meeting as well as a few other plans. Stay tuned to see what's coming!

As I now hold the office of President and cannot vote on the Cabinet, I'll be stepping down as Non-Trek XO effective Monday, November 27th at 2 PM EST, at which point I'll ask Criminula to open up the nominations for Non-Trek XO and begin the election cycle. This allows the weekend to fully handle and wrap up the griefing incidents on the Space Engineers server before stepping down and handing off the responsibility.

Once again, thank you TLO. I'm very excited to serve as your President and I can only hope that I end up doing well for everyone here. As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me here on the forum, through email at andzzy@last-outpost.net, or on Discord. I look forward to serving you all!
Space Engineers / Space Engineers Weekly Update Thread
October 16, 2017, 12:16:00 pm
Hello TLO! In this thread you will find regular progress updates on our Non-Trek servers. Weekly I will be posting updates pertaining to Space Engineers and I encourage anyone who wishes to share their own creations to do so here as well! Got a cool new asteroid base? Perhaps you've created the ultimate ... pirate deterrent. Feel free to share away!
Minecraft / Minecraft Weekly Update Thread
October 16, 2017, 12:14:08 pm
Hello TLO! In this thread you will find regular progress updates on our Non-Trek servers. Weekly I will be posting updates pertaining to Minecraft and I encourage anyone who wishes to share their own machinations to do so here as well! If you've got something cool to share fire away!
LCARS Datafile Access Requested...
Access Code: ****************
>>Access Granted<<

Tolendo, Robin

Date of Birth:
July 17, 2365

Age (by 2410):

Mak'ala, Capital City - Trill



Robin Tolendo was born to a human couple in the Capital City of the Trill homeworld, making his background one of the strangest Starfleet has ever encountered. His parents moved from world to world as exobiologists studying evolutionary markers and environmental impacts. They settled on Trill after Robin was born, not wanting to expose him to any of the hostile environments their work might take them to. By permission of the Trill government, Robin was allowed to be raised with the same rights and privileges as a native Trill. Robin fit in well with the local Trill children, and after finishing school, ended up in a position at the Symbiosis Commission. The work that he did there is still unknown to Starfleet. It is also unknown whether Robin is a candidate for joining or not.

When his term was up at the Symbiosis Commission, Robin left Trill in order to join Starfleet. His departure was met with disappointment from the Symbiosis Commission, who lodged a formal request to Starfleet to deny Robin entry into the Academy. The petition was denied with none of the expected backlash. Robin graduated from the Academy with honours in Strategy and Tactics. Seeing a bright command path for him, Starfleet Command decided to grant him the rank of Lieutenant Commander and sent him aboard the U.S.S. Thatcher, an Akira-class starship monitoring the borders of Federation space. Lieutenant Commander Tolendo was involved in several skirmishes during the Klingon-Federation war, and was promoted to Captain to honour his many battles but more importantly his dedication to peaceful resolution despite the deterioration of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant political situations.

The unwavering dedication to the principles upon which the Federation was founded left Captain Tolendo as Starfleet's number one choice to lead the U.S.S. Amarante into the Delta Quadrant and act as representation of the Alliance to any races that may have been disturbed by the U.S.S. Equinox. Captain Tolendo is currently serving on that assignment.

Service Record:
2385 - 2390: Member of the Symbiosis Commission on Trill
2390 - 2396: Attended Starfleet Academy [Graduated 87th percentile with Honours in Strategy and Tactics]
2396 - 2405: Chief of Security aboard the U.S.S. Thatcher
2405 - 2407: Executive Officer aboard the U.S.S. Thatcher [Promoted after death of prior Executive Officer in combat]
Jan 2407: Second Officer aboard U.S.S. Rigor (Excelsior-class vessel Reg. NCC-27745) after destruction of U.S.S. Thatcher in combat
Jun 2407: Acting Captain aboard U.S.S. Tyrone (Saber-class vessel Reg. NCC-27933) after destruction of U.S.S. Rigor in combat [Temporary assignment following death of Tyrone CO and loss of U.S.S. Rigor]
Aug 2407 - 2409: Commanding Officer aboard U.S.S. Apothos (Cheyenne-class vessel Reg. NCC-28031) [Permanent re-assignment from U.S.S. Tyrone]
2409 - Present: Commanding Officer aboard U.S.S. Amarante (Galaxy-class Retrofit Reg. NCC-91047)
It has been a long time since I've made a recording not intended for some official party. I've been spending a lot of time pondering the works of Maria Vega, in particular her genius in the extrapolation of Borg technology to create an army that would fight by her side. Inevitably, it was missed that in order to control them, she needed an interface, just as the Borg have one. We recently discovered first-hand that that interface was Maria herself, transformed into a functional 'Queen' for her Collective. Had it not been for Craig ... I don't know what would have happened. There are many people in the galaxy who owe that man their life and they will likely never know it.

On the topic of McClintock, his condition has noticeably improved since we returned to the station. His anxiety appears to be fading, and his bloodlust for Maria is finally over. Physically, his technology has adapted to his biological systems exactly as a drone's would. The only difference is the technology created by Denara Clarke and inserted during an operation aboard the Orion, as well as being enhanced after the fact. He has shown remarkable courage, strength, and will during this time. Being turned into an interface for the nanovirus ... I can't fathom the strain he's been through. I can only thank the powers that be that he has not turned on us for if he did, nothing short of an execution could stop him. Of that I am certain. However, I prefer to think of him as an extremely valued ally, someone who truly belongs on this station and who will continue to serve us with excellence.

Sophia has recovered from her injuries after being abducted. At times, she reminds me of another bold and daring Commanding Officer I served under. Both have demonstrated their unwavering loyalty to the people of the Federation and indeed the galaxy at large. With Sophia Mason by our side, I have never felt more capable of weathering any storm, of facing any threat. Things are heating up here in the Accobar system, and I am confident that we will pull through under her strong leadership.

Maria Vega seemed to indicate that there was a much larger factor at play in the galaxy. I must admit that I am terrified of the prospect that the former director of Section 31 was herself terrified of or under the control of another power. If there is another major power at play, I can only imagine that it is a matter of time before we see their continued operations. As the only crew in this system, we constantly find ourselves at the mercy of the destiny that has been set for it. I hold that the system itself, or rather forces in it, forge an unchangeable path that we must follow even to the bitter end. We must be ready for what comes next.

I have heard from Starfleet Command that I am to receive another Assistant Chief Medical Officer. One James Tobin, who comes highly recommended by a Commodore Forrest. According to his record, he has been assigned as a Doctor at Starfleet Academy during his studies. I find this highly unusual as his Academy record suggests that he has a penchant for biomolecular research, and he passed .. no, he aced my Xenobiology final. Notably, he is the only Starfleet officer on record to do so, and in record time as well. I did note that a 'Counselor Pine' has placed several psych warnings on Doctor Tobin's record. I intend to contact Beverly Crusher at Starfleet Medical later today to see if she can shed some light on this situation.

I must go now. MedTeam Alpha and Beta have an extremely difficult trans-cranial microscale neurobypass surgery scheduled today. I should really say it starts today, as the surgery is 36 hours long, and I expect that they will be switching in and out to staff Sickbay. I am supervising the surgery to test the MedTeams' readiness.

Computer, end log.
Name: Gareb th'Zarath
Date of Birth: 2273
Age (by 2310): 37
Birthplace: Andoria
Race: Andorian
Rank: Lieutenant Commander


Born on Andoria, Gareb was raised mostly by a small community of older Andorians. An accident on a Starfleet expedition left Gareb an orphan. A rescue operation was launched to recover survivors. This expedition recovered a shuttlecraft containing the seven survivors. Gareb was among them. Gareb was raised by a village of elders until he was old enough to decide whether to apply to Starfleet Academy or not. Ultimately Gareb decided to join the Academy, where he excelled in xenobiology and experimental medicine. He unified his instincts and intelligence to pass the courses he struggled in. In order to do this, Gareb made an arrangement with the other Cadets in his class: he would help them with their medical courses if they in turn helped him with his engineering courses. The end result was a class of Cadets who all graduated, much to the surprise of some instructors. From there, Gareb went on to serve aboard the U.S.S. Timios, a small science vessel running a nebula survey near the Klingon border.

After three years on that assignment, Gareb was transferred to Starbase 19 where he assisted in treating traders in the area as well as emergencies that stemmed from planets in a small radius. He served in this capacity for seven years before being transferred to Starfleet Command to serve as the Chief Medical Officer for the Admirals. After half a decade at Starfleet Command, Gareb was issued a transfer order to serve aboard the U.S.S. Geronimo, a flagship that Starfleet had commissioned to head their Beta Quadrant exploratory mission. After some resistance and a meeting with all of the Admirals, Gareb was finally convinced to serve aboard the starship. To this day, it is unknown what the Admirals said to Gareb to convince him to leave Starfleet Command. All that is known is that he is currently on the vessel's crew manifest.


Starfleet Academy - 86th percentile graduate w/ honors in Xenobiology (2291 - 2295)
U.S.S. Timios - Medical Ensign (2295 - 2296), Assistant Chief Medical Officer (2296 - 2298)
Starbase 19 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer (2298 - 2301), Chief Medical Officer (2301 - 2305)
Starfleet Command - Chief Medical Officer to the Admirals (2305 - 2310)
U.S.S. Geronimo - Chief Medical Officer (2310-)
S01E09 - Within Arms Reach
Airdate: September 20, 2014
Airtime: 3:30 PM EST (20:30 GMT)

The refurbished Ariana requires a shakedown cruise and Galoy selects the nearby Class-M Planet that Nerada is orbit of for an ample test. It is also a chance to explore this strange, new world, but what may lurk below on the planet's surface?

SFC3's Teaser Paragraph!
This episode will focus on that planet in the skybox of Ariana. What is it? What's on it? What planet? These and other questions will be revealed in this episode. This episode will also feature the Ariana again, after a long repair. We broke her too many times, so for now she'll remain intact.

In addition to this, exploration and free-roam is a big part of this episode! That means all sections will have something to do to pass the time with.

There will still be a longer mystery to unravel... so come join us for another fun episode of Scientific Mandate!

Required Files:
Delta Flyer 2v: http://www.gamefront.com/files/2977753/deltaflyerv2.zip (Included with RPGX-UE)
Episode Archive / Minisode - All Things In Time
July 12, 2014, 02:52:30 am
Minisode - All Things In Time
Airdate: July 12th, 2014
Airtime: 3:30 PM EST (20:30 GMT)

Station Nerada is finally operating at peak efficiency! ASTRA is offline once again, this time for a self-diagnostic and upgrade. New computer chips have arrived from both the Senate and Starfleet Command and ASTRA has deemed them both incompatible. As the crew enjoys an unusual spike in the power core, Rogan and Galoy take a backseat as everyone does their own thing. An unexpected guest will prove most peculiar and, quite possibly, enlightening.

~The Five Teasers~

1) It's really a great day!
2) There MIGHT be a plot afoot.
3) I've slept there!
4) He seems strangely familiar...
5) The lies continue.
S01E07 - Shifting Tides
Airdate: August 2, 2014
Airtime: 3:30 PM EST (20:30 GMT)

The Romulan energy crystals that Station Nerada examined have been found to have half the energy potential of the infamous Omega Particle. This has caught the interest of every major power in the quadrant. With Nerada sitting in the closest thing to neutral territory and being in possession of the crystals ... it's about to become a hotspot of activity.

~The Five Teasers~

1) Location, Location, Location
2) Engineering is going to be quite busy...
3) Controversy from the Senate? We've never seen that before. Nope. Of course not.
4) Starfleet wants pie. Or rather pieces of one.
5) Familiar faces return. Constructive chaos ensues.
S01E06 - Many Happy Returns!
Airdate: June 21st, 2014
Airtime: 3:30 PM EST (20:30 GMT)

It's a celebration! The Praetor arrives once again and this time ... it's her birthday. The Praetor's visit aligns perfectly with the arrival of Admiral Galloway who is heading up the intelligence unit at Starfleet Command. As the events unfold, is the crew capable of putting on the perfect party!? A better question may yet be ... can they survive the perfect party?

~~The Five Teasers~~

1) The Praetor surprises as much as she is surprised.
2) Oh boy a party! Oh boy a party! Oh boy, a party.
3) What happens when you mix intended with unintended elements?
4) Memories are important.
Episode Archive / Review: Flagship
June 03, 2014, 07:28:37 pm
Captain Reynolds arrived at Station Nerada just in time to relay his newest sensor information. It seems that a nebula nearby is emitting mutagenic particles and it's up to the crew to retrieve them! While the Thermopylae defends the station, the majority of the crew travel out on the Ariana to retrieve the particles. When a wave hit the Thermopylae, Captain Reynolds refuses to save the crew, citing the risk of the storm. Pressure from Nerada crew and his own force him to take the Thermopylae into the fray. Saving the Nerada crew, Astra and others inform Rogan that Captain Reynolds disobeyed protocol and attempted to remain on the station. Now it's up to Rogan to decide how to handle the offenses of Captain Reynolds. But where will this lead?

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Episode Archive / Review: Coming to Pass
May 17, 2014, 11:16:05 pm
A normal day aboard Station Nerada. Normal doesn't seem to be a word this station knows anything about. Doctor Rogan and Subcommander Galoy decided that they wanted to get to know their co-director's crews better. This worked for all of 10 minutes before things suddenly started happening again. Receiving 2 shipments, the Medical Staff was occupied with a virus that just ate through everything and had an infinite appetite, especially for VI circuits. In the meantime, a Romulan shuttle arrived with new energy crystals. The  Senate would have processed them themselves but, well, there's this nasty uprising on Remus that's taking resources to quell. A lot of resources.

As the virus continued to eat everything, our Chief Medical Officer Galen arrived to take care of the pests. Analysis of the crystal continued and the station seemed to be in full tilt when a nebula suddenly started imploding. The shockwaves knocked out communications and the crews had to work to repair the damages caused. In the meantime, A mysterious stranger appeared out of thin air. Yeto Gharon proceeded to access the computer core and plant some files before encrypting them and triggering a message across the station. As Astra went to investigate, Yeto beamed out and was gone as quickly as he arrived.

In the final scenes of the episode, Yeto and an equally mysterious companion discussed what they had done. Being as cryptic as possible, they left the station in a shuttle after Yeto entered some commands into the console. Who could he be that he has so much control over the most sophisticated and secure systems in the quadrant? How did he slip past Astra? And most importantly ... where did he and his companion go? All things to be answered (probably) in later episodes!

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