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Personnel Records / Doctor Durol Varr
May 04, 2018, 11:16:46 pm
Durol Varr (Original Last Name: Kotan)

Gheryzan, Trill

Trill (Joined)


   Durol Kotan learned at an early age that he loved a good challenge. During lessons at school he would often tune out whenever the teacher was speaking about something that he already knew. He picked up chess from his father, but abandoned the game four years later when none of his regular opponents could best him. Durol's search for a fulfilling career path ended when he heard about the difficult career path to become a Starfleet medical officer. Undergraduate work at Starfleet Academy, as well as the additional demands of medical school made the challenge quite appealing to Durol. After passing the entrance exams on his first attempt he moved to the Academy.

   Doctor Kotan, enjoying the challenge of Starfleet also applied to become host to a symbiont. During his early Starfleet career he would occasionally take leave to visit Trill and undergo the training required for joining with a symbiont. It was also during this time that he developed a fascination with xenopsychology. He began studying the field in his free time while stationed aboard Starbase 312, between his duties as a doctor and his trips back to the homeworld. As he moved from post to post, his routine remained relatively unchanged. Durol was eventually approved to become a host, but had to wait until a symbiont was available. He would not have to wait for very long.

   The USS Robin was undergoing repairs at Starbase 84 when a Trill ambassador, Sollas Varr was brought aboard infected with a mysterious illness. Despite the best efforts of the medical staff and Doctor Kotan it was certain that Sollas would not survive. Because of the sudden nature of the illness claiming her life, there was no time to take the fragile symbiont back to Trill. After a heated subspace call with the Symbiosis Commission, it was decided that the already-cleared Durol should be joined with the symbiont.

   After being joined, the now Doctor Varr had to take some time getting used to the new personality quirks and memories that the past Varr hosts. The routine did return in the end, however. The cycle of work, study, and the rare holodeck adventure with colleagues fueled by Saurian Brandy continued. When the USS Houston, where Varr was the long-serving ACMO, was decommissioned Durol received a promotion to Lieutenant and was reassigned to Asteria as the chief medical officer.

Previous Hosts:
Redan Varr: Redan was a Trill computer programmer. He lived a long life, had multiple children, and enjoyed his work. While on a trip to a conference his airship crashed in the middle of a forest, leaving him stranded for weeks. He eventually succumbed to the stress the ordeal put him through and died a few days after being rescued. The Varr symbiont was removed and eventually joined with another Trill, Irem.
Irem Varr: For years at the Kem'alta Institute, on any given night, if one looked up toward the Legal Studies building there was a good chance that the lights in Irem Varr's office would still be on. Irem was a natural scholar and was very dedicated to his job as a professor of International Law. He practically lived full time on campus, often getting lost in a good book or grading essays in a corner of the library until the librarian chased him off. After eventually being forced into retirement, Irem went onto live a few more decades before eventually passing away due to natural causes.
Kosem Varr: Kosem Varr was a counselor born in the city of Gheryzan who lived in the city her entire life. She worked at a long-term mental health facility on the outskirts of the city where she was in charge of a successful art class. Kosem never married, and died at the age of 87.
Lucan Varr: Lucan loved to travel, gamble, and see the sights that the universe had to offer. Having inherited a small starship from his father, Lucan worked as a private freighter captain. He loved to accept contracts that let him travel the Alpha Quadrant. This exciting lifestyle ended in a pirate attack which forced him to give up on traveling through space and stay on Trill for the remainder of his life.
Sollas Varr: Born to a lawyer and a Starfleet first officer, Sollas was always eager to do great things. She studied Federation Law and political philosophy during her years in school, and applied to the Federation Diplomatic Corps as soon as she was old enough. Starting her career as a junior aide to a Federation ambassador, Sollas quickly rose through the ranks and proved herself to be a very shrewd and persuasive diplomat. During a difficult series of trade negotiations, Sollas suddenly fell ill and had to be rushed to the nearest starbase for treatment. With no other options remaining the Symbiosis Commission approved the transfer of the symbiont to a Doctor Durol Kotan serving on the starbase, as he was already an applicant approved by the board to be joined to a symbiont.

Skill Sheet:
Constitution: 3 (-1)
Strength: 5 (-1)
Dexterity: 5 (-1)
Presence: 5 (+2)
Intelligence: 7 (0)
Luck: 5 (-1)

•   Prodigy
•   Clarity of Purpose
•   Logical
•   Sociopath

•   Skill: Diplomacy Training 3/6
•   Skill: First Aid & Triage 6/6
•   Skill: Law Education 3/6
•   Skill: Medical Training 6/6
•   Skill: Mental Health Service Training 4/6
•   Skill: Self-Defense Training 4/6
•   Skill: Surgeon 6/6
•   Skill: Xenobiology 4/6
•   Skill: Xenolinguistics 3/6
•   Skill: Xenopsychology 3/6
Star Trek: New Ground / New Ground Update
September 08, 2017, 05:50:48 pm
 Hello everyone, today the New Ground team would like to announce that the series will be taking a hiatus while we prepare for the second half of the season and sort out a few things, such as our new time slot. We would like to thank Serris for allowing us to test the waters with New Ground in the time slot for Full Circle and to thank all of you for your participation so far. We look forward to seeing everyone back for the next episode soon! Stay tuned for further updates.
                                                                 Season One | Episode Eight | Old Rivalries

                                                                          Episode Director: StringTheorist

                                                        Air Date: Sunday, September 3rd @ 8PM BST / 3PM EST

Following the encounter with the planet killer construction yard, the Enterprise F has run into a previously unknown reptilian species. While getting off to a slightly rocky start, this new crew seems friendly enough and have offered for the Enterprise F to join them on their mission. The crew of the alien ship are seeking an uninhabited solar system to terraform and colonize. Looking over the navigational logs of the Enterprise F they think they see just the place, only a few hours away at Warp 6. With two ships working together, the survey should be done in no time!

As this is a joint SRP between TLO and EE, we'll be alternating between the TLO and EE RPG-X server each week. This week the episode is on the EE server.
                                                                 Season One | Episode Seven | Superweapon

                                                                          Episode Director: StringTheorist

                                                          Air Date: Sunday, August 27th @ 8PM BST / 3PM EST

The Enterprise F is just wrapping up business with a friendly alien trader who has provided them with some hard-to-find supplies, a sampling of local cuisine, and a map of the region. Once they see their guest on his way they head off for parts unknown. However, the map (as the trader admits it might be) seems to be rather out of date in comparison to what the crew is seeing on sensors.

As this is a joint SRP between TLO and EE, we'll be alternating between the TLO and EE RPG-X server each week. This week the episode is on the TLO server.
                                                                   Season One | Episode Four | Downtime

                                                                               Episode Director: Shared

                                                         Air Date: Sunday, August 6th @ 8PM BST / 3PM EST

The incident with the Last Archive of the Pau'Till has left some members of the crew displeased with the decisions made, and a week of stellar surveys and a series of detours to go around navigational hazards has not helped raise spirits any. To that end, the staff have organized an evening group activity on the holodeck to try and raise a few spirits and give the crew something interesting to look forward to.

As this is a joint SRP between TLO and EE, we'll be alternating between the TLO and EE RPG-X server each week. This week the episode is on the EE server.
                                                                   Season One | Episode Three | Dilemma

                                                                        Episode Director: StringTheorist

                                                               Air Date: Sunday 30th @ 8PM BST / 3PM EST

It has been several days since the Enterprise F was stranded by their first test of Project SABER. With a trip of several months ahead of the crew to return to friendly space, the crew has begun to explore and map the region during the return trip. The science department has had a field day with the opportunity to be the first-ever explorers to make concrete and detailed observations of the region. However, the crew is yet to have a run-in with any of the local powers of the area. So far.

As this is a joint SRP between TLO and EE, we'll be alternating between the TLO and EE RPG-X server each week. This week the episode is on the TLO server.
                                                                     Season One | Episode Two | Trial Run

                                                                          Episode Director: StringTheorist

                                                                Air Date: Sunday 23rd @ 8PM BST / 3PM EST

The Enterprise F has arrived at Deep Space 19, colloquially referred to as "The Last Outpost" on the outer edge of Federation space. It is here where the Enterprise will install and test an experimental new form of propulsion codenamed Project: SABER. The new SABER engine is projected to allow for instantaneous travel between two locations without the need to traverse the distance between. After years of research and development as well as months of testing with probes, shuttles and runabouts the device is ready for its first test on a full-size starship.

As this is a joint SRP between TLO and EE, we'll be alternating between the TLO and EE RPG-X server each week. This week the episode is on the Earth's Elite server.
Fleet Commander: Fleet Admiral Callum Jackson (Callum603) [Klein - Human]
CO: Rear Admiral Scott Archer (Scott Archer) [Archer - Human]
XO: Commander Salar Kimol (StringTheorist) [Ogawa - Trill]
CFO: Lieutenant Brian Willard (Vortex) [Green - Human]

CoS: Lieutenant Commander Liam Myers (CoS Tuvok) [Cstalos - Human]
ACoS: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]
Sec: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]

CE: Lieutenant Commander Mike Anderson (Shoot) [Spider - Human]
ACE: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]
OPS: Lieutenant (JG) Miles River (Tanglepaw12) [Chakotay - Human]
Eng: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]

CSO: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]
ACSO: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]
Sci: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]

CMO: Lieutenant (JG) Klaw (Klaw) [Kahless - Klingon]
ACMO: Ensign John Aurora (Martin Thompson) [Kray - Human]
Med: Open (Actor) [Model - Species]

If you'd like to apply, please just reply to this thread with the following application format.

Character Name:
1st Most Desired Position:
2nd Most Desired Position:
3rd Most Desired Position:
 Hello everyone! Today, the RPG-X Department has an important announcement to make. Recently, we have been collaborating with our counterparts at Earth's Elite on a very exciting project. That project is a jointly-operated Serial Roleplay that will join both groups in one series. This exciting new series, titled Star Trek: New Ground premiers Sunday, July 16th at 3:00 PM Eastern EST/8:00 PM GMT. Any member of either community is encouraged to sign up for a spot on the Enterprise-F as it explores a region of space never explored before. Keep an eye out for more information to come!
Bertrand, Henri J.

Date of Birth:
July 2nd, 2379

Age (by 2410):

Paris, France - Earth


Lieutenant Commander

Dr. Henri Bertrand is an adventurous medical officer, having served at several different types of posts during his time. He has to date served on three Starfleet vessels, a starbase, a Starfleet ground facility, and both two Klingon ships and a Romulan field hospital in officer exchange programs. He enjoys being shuffled between assignments and has only ever had his home on Earth as a point of stability and a constant in his life. Dr. Bertrand lost the ability to speak in a fight with a Klingon officer on a Bird of Prey where he was serving as a transfer officer. He now relies on a vocal synthesizer to communicate verbally. Dr. Bertrand's current assignment is as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Amarante.
Café Pierce Bar and Grill / Thank You TLO
April 14, 2017, 09:42:38 am
 I joined TLO one year ago, April 14th of 2016. So much has happened since I don't even know where to start. I've taken part in four SRPs, and briefly tried running one as well. I've gotten the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people both in game and on the forums. I have also had the opportunity to mentor members and watch their growth in the community. I wasn't expecting all this when I first signed up at all.

Thank you to everyone at TLO for an amazing first year, and I can't wait to see what the next one has in store!
                                                                                         Date: November 15th, 2156
                                                                  Airdate: Saturday, March 18th at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT)

While the war with the Romulans continues, there is still other work to be done. Things are tense, but the pursuit of knowledge goes on. Such is the case with Research Facility 13, a secluded United Earth research and development complex. With increased security measures in place, the time has come for Research Facility 13 to undergo another inspection tour by an admiral from Starfleet Intelligence to ensure security is observed and United Earth resources are used properly.

The base looks fine on the surface, but looks can be deceiving.
Star Trek: Shadow Squadron / Hiatus
November 29, 2016, 02:02:29 pm
Hello Shadow Squadron members,

Recently a lot more stress has come my way th am usual, and I don't currently have the mental strength to continue planning, writing, and running an SRP at this time. Just in the first few episodes I've been observing a drastic drop in quality from episode to episode, and I hate running what under better circumstances I could put more forethought and planning in to. As such, Shadow Squadron is placed on a one-month hiatus, at the end of which it will be determined if conditions have improved enough for me to better run the series.
Star Trek: Shadow Squadron / Episode Four: Prototype
November 23, 2016, 03:27:59 am
                                                                                      Season One, Episode Four
                                                                         November 26th, 2016, 15:30 U.S. Eastern Time
                                                                                     Location: Klingon Border Regions
                                                                              Maps: RPG_Warlord and RPG_Runabout

After a brief rest between assignments, the Squad is back in action. The crew is undergoing their first undercover mission, a trip to the lab of the Klingon geneticist Dr. Kel'taH. The lab is believed to be a testing ground for new biological agents, and former research assistants to Dr. Kel'taH claim he's on the brink of a major breakthrough. Shadow Squadron will visit the lab disguised as a civilian freighter crew, bringing the latest shipment of supplies ordered from the Federation. Once there, it's only a matter of uncovering the truth behind Dr. Kel'taH's experiments.
RPG-X Archive / RPG-X and the Holidays
November 18, 2016, 07:55:30 pm
  Hello all! As the winter holidays approach us, the RPG-X team has been brainstorming
ways to involve our RPG-X players and give a time to just get together and have a
good time. Thus, we came up with the idea of the RPG-X Division Holiday Party. The
idea behind this event could easily be described in one sentence.

                                     An office holiday party, but in space.

  We've organized a small in-character holiday party for December 3rd that won't be
focused on any kind of plot and will instead be a place to mingle, socialize, and
relax with your fellow RPG-X players! All you need to do is show up and enjoy this
small gathering. We've also created a holiday-themed retexture of Poseidon-B as well
as a music pack of thematically appropriate music, which will be released after the
final tweaks have been made.

  If you plan to/wish to attend or have any questions, just let us know down below!
             Time and Date: December 3rd, 15:30 Eastern Standard Time
Star Trek: Shadow Squadron / Episode Three: Survivors
November 09, 2016, 01:07:37 pm
                                                                                      Season One, Episode Three
                                                                         October 12th, 2016, 15:30 U.S. Eastern Time
                                                                                     Location: Outside Bajoran Space
                                                                          Maps: RPG_HerculesV2 and RPG_Runabout

Robert Quinn has now been declared the Field Commander for Shadow Squadron. With the operation on Bajor complete, the team can move on to other assignments. Yet before even reaching their standard patrols, the squad already has their next mission. A fractured distress call was received from an old Federation vessel under attack by an old enemy. An enemy that has not been seen in years. An enemy, everyone thought Admiral Janeway had broken beyond repair. They are back.

                                                                                          Resistance is never futile.

       (Please confirm your attendance in this thread for this episode, I will be getting in touch with our guest stars about roles shortly!)
                                                                                  Date: March 30th, 2156
                                         Airdate: Saturday, November 5th at 13:30 EST (18:30 BST) (17:30 GMT)
  On a routine cargo run through a remote system, the crew of an old cargo ship have to sit adrift in a small star system with no M-Class planets to do some quick system repairs. While most of the crew sleeps, the powered-down Minari comes face to face with the new design of Romulan warbird. As this new alien warship begins a series of test drills, the crew of the Minari are faced with a tough decision. Should they keep still and on emergency power only, hoping to avoid detection? Or do they slowly try to sneak away? The choice is theirs, and the stakes could not be higher!

Please confirm your attendance below!
                                                                                       Speaker for the Prophets
                                                                                      Season One, Episode Two
                                                                         October 5th, 2016, 15:30 U.S. Eastern Time
                                                                                              Location: Bajor
                                                                             Maps: CTF_Bajor and RPG_Runabout

With Shadow Squadron fresh off their first operation, Commodore Stanton is not impressed. Because of the deaths of the freighter crew, Stanton has assigned the team a new member, Robert Quinn. Under his guidance, perhaps this new assignment will go better than the Squad's first outing. With Anti-Federation movements growing stronger on Bajor each day, something has to be done. The Mission: bring Bajor back into the Federation fold, whatever it takes.

                                                                              The Prime Directive no longer applies!

       (Please confirm your attendance in this thread for this episode, I will be getting in touch with our guest stars about roles shortly!)
Personnel / Personnel Records
October 31, 2016, 10:54:53 pm
 For Squad members, please post a character bio and any logs here if you are so inclined. Furthermore, while a profile for most guest star roles will not be required; each Guest Star is encouraged to create a log thread (Example: "Lipton Guest Star Logs") so they can express the views of the various characters they will play.

Squad Roster
Squad Handler: Edwin Stanton - Odell - Commodore (StringTheorist)
Squad Field Commander: Robert Quinn - Oviedo - Commander (Jack Telford)
Commando: Stephanie Park- Seven - Marine Captain (Shoot)
Technician: Voreena Saran - Tshanik - Lieutenant (Odysseus_AE)
Special Operations Agent: Mitchell Blake - Captain - Lieutenant Jr. Grade (Scott Archer)
Section 31 Cadet: Sasha Cooper - Telsia - Ensign (Dendo Hellen)

"Guest Star" Roster (Positions Change by Episode)
-CoS Tuvok

Just post intent here and I will add you to the "Guest Star" roster. If demand increases, I will also add a new "regular" on the Squad portion of the roster. If you also want to appear only in a specific episode, just send me or Jack Telford a PM and we'll work something out!

A Few Notes:
This is a unique roster with only 5 permanent, series-long roles. This SRP follows a small group of agents traveling to various locations, so those who are not in those four slots will be joining me in portraying the "guest stars" for that week. For example, if we had an episode set on Andoria, there would be the four Squad members, while myself and our designated guest stars would play the Andorians themselves.

Please keep in mind for the Squad roles, that if you have a "main" character you normally use and have grown attached to, you may want to consider using a different character. The Squad members are agents of Section 31, and will be required to carry out actions according to that role.

Furthermore, I have transferred the roster from the pilot. If you are on this roster and no longer wish to be, please let me know!