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Café Pierce Bar and Grill / STO Xbox One
« on: September 09, 2016, 04:15:23 pm »
Hey everybody!

First thing, if this already exists or Its in the wrong place I'm sorry, I had a look around and couldnt find it

I was just wondering if anybody here still played Star Trek Online? I know there is no character transfer but there are quite a lot of players on it already and it would be nice to do some missions / pvp with some TLO'ers thats all :)

Out for PS4 as well but I don't have the link

Database / Credits V1
« on: January 12, 2012, 05:41:58 pm »

Hi All, as promised please take a look at the Credit's for Dauntless!

If you have any suggestions, please post them as this is only a V1 :)

Database / Dauntlesspedia
« on: January 09, 2012, 02:44:06 pm »
Hello all of you happy Serial Role Player's. Welcome to the Star Trek Dauntless Wikipedia!

This topic was created with the intention that people who are new to the SRP will be able to better familiarize themselves with the Dauntless Universe, with focus on certain Characters, and Season Arc's.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a PM, or Post in here.
If you have any feedback / things you feel should be included in here then Please PM Myself

[align=center:2r5fmz42]USS Dauntless NX-90000[/align:2r5fmz42]
[align=center:2r5fmz42]Technical Information[/align:2r5fmz42]

Starship Classification:

Flagship Of The Delta Science Initiative

Name: U.S.S Dauntless
Registry Number: NX-90000
Number of Decks: 6

Defense Systems:

Ablative Armour Mk2
Regenerative Multi-Phasic Shielding  
2 x Forward Quantum Torpedo Launchers
2 x Rear Quantum Torpedo Launchers
4 x Forward Phaser Arrays
4 x Rear Phaser Arrays

Travel Systems:

Warp Drive (Maximum Speed of Warp 9.9)
Quantum Slipstream Drive (MKII)
Standard Impulse Drive

Scientific Systems:

Extra Long-Range communications array (Integrated into Deflector Dish)
Long-Range Astrometric Imaging array (Integrated into Deflector Dish)
Type 3 Bio-Neural based Short-Range sensor array (Integrated into Deflector Dish)
Type 3 Bio-Neural based Internal sensor array
Type 2 Temporal Anomaly enhancement module to the Long Range and Short Range arrays (Modular interface for the Deflector Dish)

Crew Compliment: 100

Commanding Officers

Captain Zac Johnson DECEASED
Commander Nancy Turton
Captain Nancy Foster
Captain Carson Jacobs DECEASED
Commander Martin Thompson M.I.A - 2407-2408
Rear Admiral Nancy Turton

Captain - XO Martin Thompson
Captain - CO Elizabeth Bailey

Current Status: ACTIVE


[align=center:2r5fmz42]The Delta Science Initiative [/align:2r5fmz42]
[align=center:2r5fmz42]General Information[/align:2r5fmz42]

The Delta Science Initiative (abbreviated as D.S.I) is the name of the Head Organisation for the Starfleet Sector of the Delta Quadrant.

Originally conceived and lead by Admiral Kathryn Janeway this Initiative was set up to explore and occupy unclaimed space in the Delta Quadrant. Using a unique form of travel, the Quantum Slipstream Drive originally used by the USS Voyager, the Q.S.D is a faster than warp travel, and can cut down travel time between quadrants from 75 years, to about 2 weeks as full capacity. Although the first attempt at Quantum Slipstream was a failure this did not stop Seven of Nine and B'elanna Torress from continuously working on the Drive. Once Voyager had returned home, they both approached the Captain, Now Admiral into building the new type of drive. The Admiral then pitched the idea to starfleet science who gave the newly formed Initiative a Galaxy Class starship to begin there trials on. Although the first test of the drive was a success, it did damage the hull integrity of the USS Odessey quite substantially. After looking through all test data, they realised the shape of a typical starship would have great trouble with Quantum speeds. So a Sleeker Starship was designed.

Based on the Starship the crew encountered with arturus, Starfleet gave the Initiative the resources to build a starship, and so the USS Voyager-A was constructed. With a hull structure different to a typical ship at the time, the design was more aerodynamic. Making her faster at impulse and warp speeds. Once the Now Reinvented Q.S.D had been developed and constructed, with the help of Lt. Nancy Turton, a Starfleet Science honour graduate who based her senior thesis on the Quantum Slipstream Drive. The Drive was then installed on the Voyager - A and the ship left for field tests.

Finally there was proof that a newer ''sleeker'' hull design could cope with Slipstream. This proof was made when the USS Voyager - A entered the Delta Quadrant, four weeks after her launch From Drydock.

With this massive achievement in Science, the federation and Starfleet Science decided to devote a large amount of resources to the D.S.I - Now lead by Admiral Janeway herself.

6 Months later there was a Permanent Starfleet Presence in the Delta Quadrent. Federation Starbase Atlantis had now been constructed, and was fully operational, supported by The USS Voyager -A. At this time the federation were also constructing a new type of starship, matching the design by Arturus, the Starship Dauntless was Commissioned in 2401. Her Strange hull design made the ship the fastest slipstream type ship in the Initiative, taking only two weeks to reach the Delta Quadrant at full Slipstream

Now, the initiative after 9 years has managed to thrive and gain some powerful allies in the Delta Quadrant.

Head of Operations has been named DQ1 - Starbase Ariel MkII in sector 001 of Starfleet Territory.

Currently the head of the D.S.I is Rear Admiral Nancy Turton whom is at present serving as Captain aboard the Federation Starship Dauntless.

Notable Starships under the command of the D.S.I;

USS Voyager-A
USS Discovery-A
USS Dauntless
USS Avenger

Command Staff of the Delta Science Initiaitive;

Rear Admiral Nancy Turton
Admiral Arthur Clarke
Admiral Richard West
Captain Elizabeth Bailey
Captain Martin Thompson


[align=center:2r5fmz42]Star Trek Dauntless [/align:2r5fmz42]

Dauntless as a Serial Role Play, has already had 6 seasons on another Forum/Server.
When the SRP was moved to The Last Outpost, parts of the originally story were kept, but the ARC of the Story as a whole was dramatically changed. Although ignoring the past in this SRP is some times not an option, we do fully explain any past events we use in the Episodes it's self.

[align=center:2r5fmz42]Pre- Season Story[/align:2r5fmz42]

The USS Dauntless, launched in 2401 was the testbed for the Federations Quantum Slipstream drive. With computing power finally reaching the level
required for the complex quantum field calculations, the Dauntless was build with the latest in Federations technology. Dauntless, together with
a select few other ships, was assigned to explore the Delta Quadrant. There, they met many wonders, species both friendly and hostile,
spacial phenomenon and re-discovered a few of the places the USS Voyager had been to.

In 2406, the Dauntless encountered the Terrans, the humans from the mirror universe, due to a slipstream accident. Data on this incident
however allowed the Terrans to develop a technology to send entire ships to our own universe, and they did.

The Terrans managed to tear a rift to our universe and they send a wave of ships trough, beforestarfleet forces in the Delta Quadrant
where able to seal the rift. The current status of the Terrans is unknown. The place where the rift was, a weak spot in subspace,
is now guarded by the USS Zac Johnson, the sister ship to the USS Dauntless. The Dauntless was heavily damaged and decommissioned after
thier last encounter with the Terrans.

It has been six months since Dauntless’ decommission and its crew has settled into their new jobs. The USS Discovery-A, the ship assigned
to the Delta Quadrant Starbase, Starbase Ariel, is on a small recon mission in the Delta Quadrant. They are mapping a local nebula.
After a few days, they discover a ship, badly damaged, hiding in the nebula. They find the ship’s captain still alive, but all its crew dead.
The captain of the ship is treated in sickbay whilst the crew of the Discovery finds out the ship is a Mitosian patrol ship. The only contact
with the Mitosians was made by the Dauntless in 2402 and they havn't been heard from ever since...


[align=center:2r5fmz42]Star Trek Dauntless - Season One[/align:2r5fmz42]
[align=center:2r5fmz42]Broken Down[/align:2r5fmz42]

The first season of the newly re-vamped Dauntless saw our characters begin at Starfleet Command, with current head of the D.S.I, Rear Admiral Nancy Turton invite some of the Old crew of the Starship Dauntless. In a briefing with the old and new crew, she explained the situation (as seen in Pre-Season one) and explained that it had taken a lot of negotiating with Starlfeet command, but the USS Dauntless was now Refitted to match with newer technology was again Commissioned. Under her direct command the Dauntless left for her first mission, to explore the disaster encountered by the mitosians

Messhall / Season 2 Spoilers!
« on: October 14, 2011, 06:25:19 pm »
And The First Spoiler is....

Messhall / New Season, New Theme?
« on: September 09, 2011, 03:02:59 pm »
Hi all.

I have noticed Several complaints in PM form recently about the Theme that has been chosen for Star Trek Dauntless.

If you would like to change the theme for season 2, please Post a Link to Your Idea below :)

Messhall / Look What I found.
« on: August 12, 2011, 07:29:25 am »
I really think we could use a new one however.

Star Trek: Dauntless / Cant Be There Thread + Roll Call
« on: July 15, 2011, 04:15:37 pm »
Please Note, as of 15/07/11 Star Trek Dauntless Will be running an Active Roll Call system. This will be a 3 Strikes, You're out policy

Main Crew Roster:


CO Captain Elizabeth Bailey
XO Commander Martin Thompson
SOPS/SO Havaris Kaiul

CFO Ensign Anthony O'Rourke


CE Ezela Vento
ACE Ensign Russel Xokon

OPS Lieutenant Junior Grade Will Hellen


COS Lieutenant Commander Reginald Lefler
ACOS Lieutenant William J. Icke


CSO Lieutenant Commander (Prov) Andrew


CMO Lieutenant Junior Grade James Mark Brooklaw
MED Ensign Joey Musial

Strike 1- You did not post in this thread, or attend Star Trek Dauntless for One Week.

Strike 2 - You did not post in this thread, or attend Star Trek Dauntless for Two Weeks in a row.
Strike 3-  You did not post in this thread, or attend Star Trek Dauntless for Three Weeks in a row.

Once you hit Strike 3 it will be your final Warning, if you Do not post in here or attend Star Trek Dauntless you will be Removed From The Crew Roster

If you are a Senior Member of Staff, you will only now be given Strike's 1 and 2. After that your position will be opened up.

Also, if you happen to take an LOA do not worry, I will keep my eye on that area so that your position remains secure.
All members will also be sent a Personal Message when they hit each strike, just in case they forgot to post, or forgot the Episode was happening.
If you can not attend Dauntless, please post the reason below. Or contact myself via PM or mail: (

Resolved Support Requests / RPGxEF problems
« on: October 02, 2010, 04:15:53 pm »

okay, these are the problems RPGxEF is giving me
but RPG-X2 works.

Help me?

Tips & Guides / Howto: Manually connect when no servers show up
« on: August 17, 2010, 05:44:45 pm »
Load your RPG-X, RPG-X2

Open your Console
 and enter the following command

/sv_master3 ""

once that is done, go to te normal screen to scan for servers.

Change from Internet 1 to Internet 3

This has worked on mine and several other peoples systems.

If this still doesn't work, you can connect manually by clicking on "specify server," and filling in (RPG-X) or (RPGXEF)

The Embassy / Greetings From Star Trek Online Role Play!
« on: July 26, 2010, 12:58:51 pm »
Im Jantrix on your forums, but I am also Nancy Turton, Head Ambassador for St-O-RP.

I thought It was about time I introduced my other role here aswell.

I hope that Star Trek Online Role Play, and the respective members of The Last Outpost can work together to achieve some form of permanent Relations. From your member base, I don't think that our continued diplomatic talks would be a problem :)

f you would also like to send one of your ambassadors to the ST-O-RP Forums, located here

I look forward to our continued relations.

If you would like to contact me,


Well, this is an error I've never seen before.

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