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Development Discussion / Github and Gitter
April 24, 2016, 06:04:21 am
You can find the Github repository here:

You can find the Gitter channel for our RPG-X Development here:
Star Trek: Training Station / Activity Check
March 26, 2016, 05:41:15 am
Hey Telex and Scott,

Is this still active? If not, perhaps we should archive it.
Writer's Corner / Tales from beyond Accobar - Part 1
December 12, 2015, 10:32:05 am

So I had a few ideas after last weeks episode of Asteroid Field. We only get to know bits and pieces from the Asteroid Field universe by means of cut scenes or character messages Grizz provides us, next to the things we make up ourselves. I thought it would be nice to have a look at what is happening in parallel to the SRP story in other places in the universe and to share that with the rest of the Asteroid Field players.

So today I'm posting the first of what might be a series of short stories revolving around things happening in the universe not directly about our in RP characters but at places or about persons (in)directly related to them. I hope you will enjoy reading these as they are meant to be an addition to the wonderful stories Grizz brings us every week. I'd also appreciate your feedback and if you are interested in reading more of these stories in the future!

A Romulan Walks into a Bar

Triiing, ding ding. A cold breeze swept through the room, under the tables, briefly bringing a chill to anyone not yet properly dressed for the starting winter on Alpha Centauri. Contrasted by the snowflakes falling behind her, she stood in the doorframe. Tall in a propper black coat with small leather gloves, matching the coat with their charcoal and rugged look and to finish it all off a thick dark grey scarf tied neatly around her neck in two loops, tucked into her coat. A pink wool hat was covering her ears and forehead, seemingly out of place with the rest of her outfit. A gift perhaps, or borrowed from a friend? She stomped her feet on the doorstep to remove excess snow from her tall, hard coal boots. She looked up, her eyes quickly moving from left to right and back again. Scanning the room, as they had done so many times before, looking for a place to sit. Triiing, ding ding. The small doorbell, reflecting the chandelier's light with a faint brass glow, made no distinction between the opening and closing motion of the door. It had not done so for quite a while, as attested by the the door's small dent and peeled paint at the top corner. As the door closed behind her, her eyes were drawn to the back of the room. The lower part of the establishment's side was adorned with cushions and seating, stretching horizontally across the entire wall. A small table for two was still free, with a wooden chair across from the large bench intended for the second of the 'for two' to perch. She moved towards the table, while swiftly sliding the soft pink hat off her head and into one of many of her coat pockets, revealing two short but pointy ears and a mildly ridged forehead. She placed herself on the more comfortable end of the 'for two' and let her eyes scan the room once more before taking off her gloves, coat and scarf, putting all three of them in that order on the bench, in the small space left between where the bench touched one of the cafe's walls and herself.

"Can I get you something to drink ma'am?" asked a young Caitian girl. Grabbing a small PADD from her green and blue attire. "Oh... uhm... yes.... do you have fresh liquorice tea?"
"Oh, I'd have to check for that, I could bring you the box if you want."
"Yes, that'll be fine." The young Caitian girl walked off to take care of her customer's wishes. The snowfall was getting worse, as could be seen through the two large windows, one on each side of the door, spanning the room from floor to ceiling. The mirrored letters of the cafe's logo partially covered the unfriendly weather outside. 'Alectrona Corner', they read, painted in large, golden edged, cursive lettering, slightly out of place, as the cafe was the middle of five establishments along one side of the small marketplace square in the Highfields district of New Mississippi. Another person walked past one of the large windows. Triiing ding ding.

"Here you go ma'am. It looks like you're in luck today." The Caitian girl put down a glass of hot water on a small dish accompanied by a small wrapper, presumably filled with an appropriate snack to go with whatever the hot water was about to be turned into. She held out the tea box in front of her. "Thank you. I will take this one." She grabbed one of the satchels out of the box and placed it on the dish. "Anything else I can get you?"
"No, that will be all, thank you." She nodded slightly, smiled and sniggered towards the girl who closed the tea box and walked off. "Enjoy your drink!"
The Caitain girl reminded her of her own daughter at that age. Young, cheerful and full of spunk. She picked up the satchel to open it and prepare her tea. On the other side of the cafe the Caitian walked up to the gentleman who just walked in. "Good afternoon sir. Can I get you something to drink?"

With the hot water getting marbled by the tea infusing process, she pulled out a PADD and started reading letters rendered in LCARS font while taking hand-written notes with a digital pen she pulled out of the side of the PADD. She did not look away from her PADD, not even to remove the tea satchel from the water, which had now turned into a deliciously fragrant brew of which she intermittently took a sip She did not even look outside, where the weather became even worse, the buildings on the opposite of the square now barely visible from where she was sitting. Stoically, she finished her tea, put the pen back into the PADD which in turn went back into her coat, and gestured the Caitian. "Was everything to your liking?" The Caitian pointed to the now empty tea cup. "Yes, thank you miss."
"Anything else I can get you?" she said, while taking the dish with the empty teacup and the unopened wrapper from the table. "No, thank you. I should be going again."
"Alright then. Enjoy your day ma'am, and I hope to see you again." Again, she nodded, smiled and sniggered at the Caitian, who walked away towards the bar behind which the dirty teacup disappeared.

Standing up, she put on her scarf and coat back on and picked up her gloves from the bench, which she slid onto her hands while moving towards the door. Triiing ding ding. The inclement weather greeted her with a cold gust blowing snowflakes towards her face. Triiing ding ding. She stepped into the snow and turned towards her left, traversing the square's snow-covered cobblestones with care, passing the other large window of 'Alectrona Corner'. Moments later, the man who had walked in just behind her finished his drink aswell, gestured the young Caitian waitress, stood up and also moved towards the door. Triiing ding ding... Triiing ding ding. Having walked past the two neighbouring establishments, she pulled her pink wool hat out of her coat jacket. While putting it on her head, she pushed the button on a small commbadge concealed in the palm of the hand she just used to grab into her pocket. "It seems our suspicions have been confirmed Val. Pass on the message. They need her." She put her hands back in her pocket, seemingly to keep them warm, but actually to conceal the communications device, and walked off into the now raging snowstorm, leaving nothing but her silhouette for a brief moment before disappearing completely into the distance...

Star Trek Dauntless: The Krenim Conflict

Event Information

Date: Sunday the 12th of July 2015

Time: 20:00 BST/ 15:00 EDT

Location: The RPG-X Spicy Server

   •   Station Iowa (Included in RPG-X UE)
   •   USS Dauntless (included in RPG-X UE)
   •   uss_dauntless_alpha_bridge


In 2400, Starfleet expanded their activities into the Delta Quadrant. They set up the the Delta Science Initiative, DSI, to explore the quadrant using ships with Quantum Slipstream drives. In 2404, Starfleet encountered a race of subspace beings which were dying due to damage Slipstream engines caused to subspace. Starfleet improved their engines to prevent this, however, the subspace beings weren't the only ones affected...

The year is now 2415. Five years ago, the DSI lost one of their lead science vessels when it's commanding officer took it trough a spatial rift in order to stop another vessel attempting to destroy subspace in the Delta Quadrant. It has since been replaced by the USS Audax. The Audax returned to Starbase Atlantis from the new Annunaki homeworld where it attended a gathering of the Delta Quadrants' foremost scientifically advanced races during a large inter-species knowledge sharing congres. A few hours after the Audax docks, another small science vessel of a species that hadn't been seen for a long time also arrives at the starbase...

Crew Roster

USS Audax:

CO Capt. T'pel Asil - Model: <model> - Played By: Martin Thompson
XO Cmdr. <name> - Model: <model> - Played By: Mutatio Nomen
HELM Ens.. <name> - Model: <model> - Played By: Brent

CSO Lt. Cmdr. <name>- Model: <model> - Played By: Andzzy
ACSOLt. Jg. Milisa Mores- Model: ImpFem - Played By: Mecinee

CMO Lt. Benjamin Adams- Model: Doctor - Played By: Tanglepaw12

CoS Lt. <name>- Model: <model> - Played By: Criminula

CE Lt. Cirilla Turing - Model: Telsia - Played By: Grizz
ACE Lt. Jg. Simon Gallagher - Model: Tucker - Played By: Scott Archer
Eng Ens. Angel Lopez - Model: Biessman - Played By: angel_lpz_frndz

Starbase Atlantis:

XO Cmdr. <name> - Model: <model> - Played By: SFC3

Other Roles:

Annunaki Ambassador Marduk - Model: <model> - Played By: Grizz
Dr. Noraxa - Model: <model> - Played By: SFC3



If you want to participate in this event, leave an application below. We will be playing on board a Starfleet vessel and as such you can apply as Starfleet crew. I won't open up any specific positions, so leave your preference below as a department (command, science, medical, engineering or tactical). There will also be some special, alien, roles available. Depending on how many applications we get I will post more information on that later.

Crew Records / Valencia Elwyn
May 23, 2015, 05:48:29 am
WANRING,  requested content partially unavailable, USS Apollo Clearance Level 10 Required.

Name: Valencia Elwyn, née ----
Birthdate: 28-7-2332
Race: Human
Birthplace: Barsley Village, Alpha Centauri
-Father, ------ ----, Human - Deceased
-Mother, ------ --------,  Human, - Deceased
-Brother, ----- ----, Human, - Decased
-Husband, Jack Elwyn, Human, - Currently residing on Earth

Service Record:
-Starfleet Academy - Cadet
- -------------------------------
- -------------------------------
- USS Apollo - Chief Science Officer

Current posting
- Retired from service in 2388


Name: H'daen i'Mnaeha tr'Velal
Birthdate: 08 - 07 - 2346
Race: Romulan
Birthplace: Mnaeha, Romulus
-Father, Kaol i'Mnaeha tr'Velal, Romulan - Deceased during the Hobus Incident
-Mother, Ael i'Mhiessan t'Sirol, Romulan - Deceased during the Hobus Incident

Service Record:
Prior to 2384: Unknown
2384-2390: Tal Diann - Second officer on the starship Tal'Venn

Current posting
2390: Rator III Council - Ambassador to the Federation


H'dean was serving on board the Tal'Venn under Legate D'shan at the perimeter of Romulan space when the Hobus star went supernova and destroyed Romulus. He lost his parents in the incident and has been lobbying in favour of scientific advancement over the classical Romulan militaristic approach ever since. He also believes that a peaceful cooperation with the Federation and Klingon empire is key to securing the Romulans' future safety.

After news reached the Romulans about Ambassador Taval's demise, H'dean was one of the more promising candidates to fill in the position after successfully negotiating several high-end sensitive Romulan internal affairs matters while working for the Tal Diann in the past.
Announcements / Site Outage
December 31, 2014, 06:49:51 pm
Hello everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that our website and forum where unreachable during a period of time tonight. Our webhost installed some updates to their Virtual Machine servers which went wrong. This caused a bunch of the servers they hosted, among other our one, to be shut down and hence make our website unreachable. I've been in contact with them and they have fixed the issue and restored the running servers. Rest assured no data was lost, the error only affected our website and forums, not our RPG-X servers and other servic es and our website and forum are now 100% operational again.

-Martin Thompson
Head of Technical
Announcements / Last Outpost E-Mail Accounts
December 21, 2014, 03:01:26 pm
Hello Everyone,

In the past, TLO has provided emails to some of our members. However, the service that manages those emails is no longer available which means we can neither add, remove or look at who still has an email. All tlo email accounts at this moment are still able to recieve and send emails and be used for logging into services such as skype etc.

However, since we can no longer manage those accounts, we are going to swap the email accounts over to our domain registrar, namecheap. This means that the email accounts will no longer be primary email accounts but secondary only. This means that if you have a tlo mail account, you still will be able to send and recieve mail with it by forwarding it to one of your primary email accounts (such as a gmail account). The email account will however not have its own inbox anymore and we are not 100% sure if you can still use it for skype. We suspect the latter will still function, but we are not really sure.

So, what are we going to do? New years day (01-01-2015) at 20:00GMT / 15:00 EST, we are going to move over the tlo email adresses to our domain registrar. From that moment on, you will need to have coupled those email adresses, if you have one, to one of your own primary adresses. I also suggest you back up any mail or other content you have on it just to be sure.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, send me a PM or an email on

Martin Thompson
Head of Technical
Hey guys, just noticed this bug. Don't know if this is a server bug or a client bug, but here it is:

On the TLO Spicy server, using RPG-X V2.3.4B (RPG-X UE) When i exec a .cfg script to changes charaters, it works. When i then exec a second .cfg, i get booted from the server with a:

"ERROR: CL_GetServerCommand: a reliable command was cycles out"

I don't know if this is a server bug or a client bug or that it can be fixed in the code. If its a code bug, whats the best way to get in touch with GSIO01 or James Young? I remember there being an rpg-x ef site but i cant find it anymore XD
This might be a simple question, but how do you do it? How do you link an existing topic to a calendar event? Or is it only possible to have a calendar event if you make a new topic by using the calendar function? If that is true, SRP runners should really start using it.
Creative Corner / RPG-X Class Set Tutorial
August 16, 2014, 01:03:04 pm
Attached is the RPG-X Class Set Tutorial. Hopefully it will be helpfull. Any feedback can be posted here.

Click to View or Download
Creative Corner / Start Here: RPG-X Modding
August 06, 2014, 01:49:13 pm
Do you want to create your own map, model, skin or rank/classset for RPG-X but don't know where to start? You've looked everywhere already? Well, look no further, you are in the right place!

This topic is a short list of the tools you need for modding (a.k.a. creating a modification, add-on content) for RPG-X. It also lists links to more detailed tutorials below which explain several concepts about a single modding topic in more detail. If you would like to see something added here, make a post about it and it will be added.

The following topics are covered here. For a list with links to the tools, scroll down.


To create a map, you need a bunch of different tools to do different things. First, you need a map editor such as GTK Radiant to create the map geometry itself, place entities (usables, models, etc.) in the map. A map editor also comes with a compiler which compiles the map into a level which RPG-X can load. This compiler is called Q3Map2 and has a bunch of commands which affect the result of how your map will look like ingame. You can alter how the lighting is calculated for instance. It can also do some other neat stuff like convert a piece of a map into a model. More on that in the detailed tutorials later.

If you are going to create your own textures for use in your map, you will need an image editor such as Photoshop as well. If you want to create custom models (chairs for example), you will need a 3D modelling tool such as Milkshape 3D. Finally, RPG-X also supports a few forms of scrips. There are Shader scripts, which are small scripts defining how textures look like (for example to get a warp core effect, or a glass effect). There is also a shader editor, Q3Ase, in which you can graphically create shaders and see how they look like in a preview window. There is also the Q3A Shader Manual which lists and explains a bunch of shader commands and is an invaluable tool when working on shaders. There are also Lua scripts (added in later versions of RPG-X), which are scripts that run when a certain entity is used or a certain event fires. Both scripts require the use of a text editor (unless you are using Q3Ase for shader scripts, but it doesn't support all commands that a RPG-X shader can contain, so the use of a text editor is desired).


To create a model, both for use as in game model in maps, or a character model, you need a 3D modelling tool such as Milkshape 3D. A model, just like a map, also needs textures applied to it, for which you again need an image editing tool such as photoshop.

Creating a Rankset or Classet for use with RPG-X
A rankset is a definition of all ranks you can use during an RP, such as Captain, Commander, Ensign etc. A rankset consists of two portions, a text file defining the ranks and an image file defining the rank textures (the ones you see when pressing TAB ingame). For the text file a text editor such as Notepad++ is recommended, for altering the rank textures you need an image editor. A website such as Kuro-RPG is usefull since it provides a lot of pre-made rank images. You only need to put them in a format that RPG-X can

A classet is a definition of all classes you can be during an RP, such as Security, Command, Alien etc. A classet consists of a single file defining the classes, which equipment they have and some other bits. For this, a good text editor such as Notepad++ is needed.

Classet Tutorial:

From GSIO01's Post:

While such link compilation exist elsewhere many of the are outdated and/or not maintained anymore. Also sources for ID Tech 3 tutorials are geting fewer. Therefore I thought it might be a nice idea to create a new link collection here. Feel free to suggest addtional resources and tutorials.

BSP-Level based game Engines by Chrissstrahl - When it comes to learn how BSP based game Engines work and also to how to optimize maps this tutorial is my favority. Even though explaining things with EF2 everything showed and discussed in this tutorial applies to all other ID Tech 3 based games.
Modifying a BSP (Binary Space Partitioning) by Chrissstrahl - A tutorial showing how BSP files (compiled maps) can be modified without recompiling them.
Mapping with Martin - Issue 1: The Starting Point - A Series of tutorials explaining different (RPG-X) entities. Starting with the very important entity: spawnpoint
Complex curved hallways/corridors by GSIO01 - A tutorial showing how complex curved hallways/corridors can be created.
RPG-X Mapping - Lua Basics by GSIO01 - Explaining the basics about using Lua in RPG-X
RPG-X Mapping - Transporters with the ui_transporter entity by GSIO01 - Explains how to setup transporters with the ui_transporter entity
RPG-X Mapping - locations file version 2 by GSIO01 - Explains the locations file version 2


Here is the list of tools which you can use:

Map Editors:
-GTK Radiant 1.5 and the GTK Radiant 1.5 Fix (Recommended)  *
-GTK Radiant 1.6.6**
-EFRadiant (Included in the Elite Force SDK, see below, Not Recommended)

Image Editors:
-Adobe Photoshop CC (Commercial, Recommended)

Modelling Tools:
-Milkshape 3D + Elite Force plugins (or
-Blender with MD3 export plugin

Shader Tools:
-Alternative Q3Ase link

Text/Script Editors:
-Notepad++ (Recommended)
-Programmers Notepad
-The regular notepad that comes with Windows (though this is not recommended)

Other Resources:
-Q3Map2 Wiki - Wiki explaining all Q3Map2 commands
-Q3A Shader Manual - Manual explaining how shaders work. Not RPG-X/EF specific, but still a great help while creating shaders
-Kuro-RPG - Rank images

* Note 1: This file has been rehosted by me since the original download is not available anymore.
* Note 2: There are actually 2 versions of GTK Radiant 1.5, the file you can still find on the internet such as on the official GTK site is not the one I'm hosting here. The one I'm hosting here is taken from a different branch with some UI improvements which are for some reason gone from the still available 1.5 and 1.6.4 versions. Send me a PM for more information.
** Even though GTK 1.6.6 is newer, 1.5 is recommended due to a slightly more favorable UI.

If you still have a copy of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (e.g. are not using one of TLO's RPG-X editions), you can also get the Elite Force SDK. It includes useful tools for single player modding, though the map editor that comes with it (EFRadiant) is heavily outdated and shouldn't really be used. It can still be found on elite force files here:;1063.
Hey Guys,

I just installed the Ultimate Edition and noticed that all my keybindings where different. The numpad no longer controls my 3rd person view and the number keys are all admin functions it appears. Now i know how i can set those back by copieing over my CE settings, but I was wondering if this change is intentional? If so, why are there so many admin commands bound by default? I don't think thats a good default setting tbh.

Hey Guys,

In order to be ahead of the storm, if you experience any bugs with Station Asteria when its released today, please visit Griffins own forum and post the bugs there: in the bug report topic:

He already mentioned himself that Asteria doesnt work with RPG-X Ultimate Edition as he didnt got it workign under 2.3:
Genesis Station / Genesis' Future
April 13, 2014, 12:42:12 pm
Hello Everyone,

As you are all probably aware, I have stepped down from both the IA Head and RPG-X XO positions recently. This has been mainly because my personal focus has shifted away from TLO and I am not putting enough time into my positions here to justify holding them. What does this mean for this SRP, seeing as it hasn't run for 2 weeks now, which was initially due to the season 2-season 3 break.

Well, first off, I did quite enjoy certain episodes of the SRP, however, I did feel that in general, it wasn't very well received. The story was concocted on a drive home one day when TLO was short of SRPs. I tried the concept, but while doing this learned that it was very hard to conduct the story line as I had envisioned it. If it was a series for TV, with actors, sure, it would have worked, but in RPG-X there was a certain need for everyone to stay involved, and that was very difficult to maintain for me with the setting and story that was drawn up.

Secondly, season 2 was initially planned to start us off again at the beginning of the week, but differently. For those of you who remember the end of season 1 (and the beginning), the starbase gets hit by a solar flare which causes the Omega 13 device to overload and react in an unexpected way, reversing time for exactly 1 week up to the point the device was activated. Season 2 would have seen us ending up, after we escaped in shuttles but where caught by the blast, in a paralell universe. This universe would also have a Genesis Station, but goverend by Section 31 in stead of starfleet. Both Stations performing the same experiment in paralell universes connected, both unable to escape a time loop, that was the basic premise (even before Telex and Andromeda both offered their help on writing more bits of the story to expand it. I'm happy you both have helped me with the RP guys, thanks!). But season 2 didn't go like that. Mainly because I was planning on using Asteria for the Section 31 Genesis Station in the alternate universe. Sinc eit hadn't been released yet, i thought to span the time untill release by filling season 2 with the flashback episodes. I did enjoy a few of them very much, but others where really just plain boring and not properly prepared and executed.

That last point is very important for me and I'm now getting to the main point of my post. I havn't put enough time into Genesis Station's second season, not like i did with Season 1, not like i used to do on Daunltess. That has had its effect. And with me now, not retiring, but taking a big big step backwards from TLO, this won't improve.

I am therefore announcing that Genesis Station will NOT continue into its third season, and our story must sadly end here. I do hope that at-least some moments where enjoyable for you guys and i would like to thank everyone who put time and effort into the SRP, thank you guys.

You will probably not see me in RPG-X for a while, maybe never again, but don't let that put you down. Keep playing for as long as you enjoy it! I will still be around TLO from time to time, you might see me popping up in the shoutbox or in other topics. Apparently Jenson was planning on making me an Elderly Person around the site, so I'll still have access to all the creative things you guys come up with.

See you around everyone, and remember:

A new adventure, always awaits!
Announcements / Community Day awards and promotions!
April 07, 2014, 04:46:18 pm
Hello everyone. Community weekend is over, and we held the award ceremony yesterday. Not everyone who recieved an award or promotion was present, so here is the full list of awards and promotions handed out. Congratulations to everyone who got an award or promotion!

As always, the complete list of ALL awards people have received can be found in the wardroom:,1719.0.html

Minecraft Division Contribution Award
Community Service Award
Minecraft Activity Award
Administrative Support Award

Trevor Felex:
Recruitment Award

John Adams:
Recruitment Award
Minecraft Activity Award
Administrative Support Award
Community Service Award
RPG-X Event Star Rank II

Lucas Picard:
Promotion to Officer
Recruitment Award
Community Service Award
The Talkie Toaster Award
RPG-X Event Star Rank I

Recruitment Award
Administrative Support Award

Community Service Award
Outstanding SRP Award
Recruitment Award
RPG-X Event Star Rank II
Fleet Veteran Award

Telex Ferra:
Community Service Award
Notable Leadership Award

Community Service Award

Minecraft Activity Award
Good Conduct Award

Minecraft Activity Award

Dendo Hellen:
Administrative Support Award
Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross

Administrative Support Award

Administrative Support Award
Technical Commendation
Minecraft Activity Award

Character Award

Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross

Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross
Outstanding SRP Award

Martin Thompson:
Jean-Luc Picard Command Cross
Outstanding SRP Award

Promotion to Chief
Good Conduct Award
Community Service Award

Leonard McCoy Medical Award
Outstanding SRP Award

Russell Xokon:
Leonard McCoy Medical Award

The Talkie Toaster Award

Technical Commendation

Technical Commendation
Administrative Support Award
Promotion to Provisional Officer

Mutatio Nomen:
Character Award
Outstanding Roleplayer Award
Outstanding SRP Roleplay Award

RPG-X Event Star Rank I

Fleet Veteran
Good Conduct Award
In-Game promotion to Jr. Officer

Good Conduct Award
In-Game promotion to Sr Officer

Good Conduct Award
In-Game promotion to Sr Officer

Good Conduct Award

Good Conduct Award

Chris Wilkinson:
Good Conduct Award

Good Conduct Award

Good Conduct Award

Alex Galloway:
In-Game promotion to Recruit
Good Conduct Award

In-game promotion to Recruit

James Kaney:
Promotion to Chief

Improvement award

Season 2 / S02E07: Omega 12 - Part II (01-03-'14)
March 07, 2014, 05:37:40 pm

Omega 12 - Part II

Sunday August 1st, 2370.

The once quiet planet of Sisypha-II has turned into a conflict zone with Section 31 running unauthorised experiments on their space station on one side and the Planet colonist threatening to fire on said station on the other. On top of that, a damaged starfleet vessel is on their way, believing the station to be their closest safe haven for emergency repairs.

With both parties holding a gun to each other's head, Dr. P'Trell is rushed for time completing the Omega 12, Mr Bonchune is feeling the heat from two sides, the crew are on edge and not paying attention to what is happening on their own station as Ms Chen assumes a new identity as starfleet engineer Vivian Li in an attempt to infiltrate the station and put a stop to their illegal experiments...

Here is a list of characters that you played last episode. I don't remember who everyone was, but I'm sure you'll remember yourself:

Station CO Mark Bonchune (SFC3)
OPS Bruenor Entreri
COS Jennifer Slater
CMO Jack Anderson
CSO Thomas Grant
CE Travis Foster (Klaw)
Assistant M'Ral (Andromeda)

Be sure to get the required files for 2.3 if you don't have them yet! You can read / post any questions about  getting 2.3 to run in this topic:,6511.0.html

Date & Time: Saturday 22th of March 18:30 GMT / 13:30 EST. The episode will run for approximately 1.5 hours.

Server: (The RPG-X EF 2.3 Server !)
-Default files:,5981.0.html

-Station + dependancies:;14340

-RPG-X EF Beta 2.3:,6511.0.html
Crew Lounge / S02E06: Omega-12 Part I Review Topic
March 01, 2014, 03:41:25 pm
The delegation from planet Sysipha-II arrives and is greated by the station crew. The are escorted to quarters to prepare for the meeting which is supposed to take place a bit later. Ms Yunjie Chen decides to go on a tour of the station on her own. During this "tour", she encounters a closed science lab, is told by Mr Foster Engineering is off limits and Mr Anderson that the sickbay is also locked down and generally not welcomed in other parts of the station aswell. When Mr Bonchune catches up with her, he only reitterates that there was an "accident" and that its best to start the meeting as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the USS Vesta should have been on their way to the starbase to deliver the final component for the Omega 12, the Flux Regulator. Ms. M'ral however detects only a small shuttle on approach but knows that the device in on board, suprising Dr. P'trell who wonders how she knows that. Once the shuttle arrives, P'Trell retrieves the final component and requests M'Ral adn Mr. Grant to install it before heading to the meeting room.

The crew has gathered there to speak with Ms Chen and the rest of the planets delegates. Ms Chen asks a few insinuating questions to which the crew don't have a straight answer. After some lies by the crew and Ms. M'rel walking out of the room mumbling something, Dr. P'Trell tries to remedy the situation by "admitting" that a hostile ship has been spotted in the area and the station was under lockdown as to not worry the planets residents. It is already to late however and Ms Chen shows a schematic of the Omega 12, telling Admiral Bonchune and the crew that she got this trough a backdoor via one of the crewmembers. P'Trell and Chen have a falling out on which Chen leaves the station.

The Omega 12 is stil being prepared by the science and engineering crew when Mr Entreri receives a distress call of a starfleet vessel which was damaged in a Nebula nearby. Disregarding Mr Bonchune's order to stay way, they head for Sysipha-II in the hope of getting emergency repairs. This causes Bonchune to order a full station lockdown, they can't use Starfleet poking around during the experiment.

Soon after, the starbase is contacted again by Chen from the planet. She informs the crew that the planets leaders have decided to withdraw from the Federation and that Starfleet needs to cede control over the station or they will open fire on them with their planetary side weapons platforms. During a backroom converstation, Chen gets informed by her superiors that if the station won't stand down, they'd rather not risk a conflict and want to send Chen up to the station, in disguise, as starfleet eningeer, to sabotage and stop the experiment. Chen gets surgery to look like a different person and receives a new fake ID: Engineer Vivian Li...

Dr. P'Trell has obviously seen Chen, Chen is revealed to be Vivian Li and the two are clearly not friends. Why did they act so friendly in Season 1, which is set 10 years laters? Why did they not recognize each-other when they first met in Season 2 Episode 4?

We noticed a slightly incompetent Section 31 crew during this incident, but Ms. M'rel really seemed distracted during the events.

At-least we now know what Admiral Iwata informed Ms Delacourte about, Li's papers are fishy, because they are fake, but will this be discovered? We know it remains unknown up untill May 7th 2380, when the Omega 13 reacts with Calypso's Solar flare and... well... you will have to see what happened next in Season 3...

I personally really liked this episode and have been looking forward to it for a while now. I'd like to thank Telex from bringing forward the plot on this one and sparring with me on working it out. I've heard a few reactions here and there already, but please post your thoughs there. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let yourself be heard as we cant change anything if your not telling us! So yes, thoughts, feedback and ideas, post them below!

Season 2 / S02E06: Omega 12 - Part I (01-03-'14)
February 24, 2014, 03:07:16 pm

Omega 12 - Part I

Saturday July 31st, 2370.

Above the planet Sisypha-II, orbits a small space station. Manned by only a handful of starfleet crewmembers, the station appears to be a small and remote diplomatic outpost. But on the inside, an illegal experiment is run by a young Andorian scientist, an experiment set up by Section 31, an experiment that attempts to master the flow of time. The success of the experiment could give the shadow organization, which is seen as more myth than rumor, the power to remain indefinitely shrouded in mystery.

The Federation colonists settled on Sisypha-II in the hopes of finding better lives and furthering their understanding of the Universe. But when they find out what is really going on aboard the station, an explosive conflict begins to brew.

NOTE: We will switch over tot he 2.3 server for our last 2 episodes of the season. Be sure to get the required files for 2.3 and test it out IN TIME before joining the RP! You can read / post any questions about  getting 2.3 to run in this topic:,6511.0.html

Date & Time: Saturday 22nd of February 18:15 GMT / 13:15 EST. The episode will run for approximately 1.5 hours. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CONNECT IN TIME AND TRY OUT RPG-X EF 2.3 ATLEAST ONCE BEFORE JOINING TO PREVENT ISSUES AT RP START!

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