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Season Four | Episode Nine | The Hippocratic Oath
Episode Director: C. Jackson & S. Archer

Required Maps:TBC

A doctor shall do no harm, but will our doctors decision do more harm than good?


Technical Report - 15/10/2019

New backend RPG-X feature added

While working on the new theme I realised something I was working on which will query our game servers and display their status (like GameTracker does) would allow me to implement a feature that was pending.

The RPG-X servers will now automatically revert back to the default map if the server is empty for longer than ~30 minutes.

This feature was suggested to help ensure our servers are available to users who may not have all the maps.

When the server has one or more players the system should not interefere with the session, should you experience any issues, such as randomly getting switched back to RPG_POSEIDON_B please inform me.

Head of Technical Reporting: Callum603

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Season Four | Episode Seven | The Final Jump
« on: September 27, 2019, 01:21:06 pm »
Season Four | Episode Seven | The Final Jump
Episode Director: C. Jackson & S. Archer

Required Maps: rpg_end (Asteria Pack), uss_nimitz

3 Hours from the Ariana Disaster...
Captain Savage & Commander Dulmur have differing views on how to proceed, only one of them will prevail.
Ariana will make her final jump, but will it be to save her crew or doom them?


Technical Report - 20/09/2019

SERVER2 was infected by a crypto currency mining malware causing Spicy & Teriyaki to go offline

Due to a malware attack on our SERVER2, Spicy & Teriyaki were knocked offline as theh attack was attempting to use ~2800% of our CPU resources.

As good practice, the server OS was wiped and reinstalled along with redeploying our services from clean backups.

I have also taken the liberty to severely harden our server security, this has been increased to a much harsher and higher degree than after the previous attack on the EE server affecting the London RPG-X server.

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that no personal data was accessed as the attack was isolated to our SERVER2.

This has also given me the chance to get Spicy & London running exactly the same, fixing a couple of issues with Spicy and making managing both servers a whole lot easier.

A full security review of the TLO servers will be performed in the coming days and I intend to roll out some security changes in an attempt to make us much more secure.

Thank you for bearing with us during this downtime.

Head of Technical Reporting: Callum603

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Sunday 15th Postponed
« on: September 14, 2019, 01:55:43 pm »
Due to IRL events the episode planned to air this Sunday (15/09/2019) is postponed until the following week - 22/09/2019.

Season Four | Episode Five | Contamination (Part Two)
Episode Director: C. Jackson

Required Maps: rpg_end (Asteria Pack)

After an emergency landing on a nearby class M planet, believed to be uninhabited, Ariana and her crew must deal with the fall out of their landing.

Captain Savage will meeter a former foe who's in distress, how he handles the situtation may shape the future of his command.

Mini SRPs / Poll By Bacon_Season; mSRP Times
« on: September 06, 2019, 11:24:02 am »
Poll posted on behalf of Bacon_Season.

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Season Four | Episode Four | Contamination
« on: August 31, 2019, 10:27:51 pm »
Season Four | Episode Four | Contamination
Episode Director: C. Jackson

Required Maps: rpg_end (Asteria Pack)

Ariana is badly damaged, her systems are failing and the temporal shockwave is coming...
Captain Savage has no choice but to violate orders to save his crew

Announcements / London RPG-X Server - Maintenance
« on: August 21, 2019, 04:56:52 pm »
Hi everyone,

Due to an issue over at EE, the London RPG-X server will be going offline on Sunday @ 4PM BST.

The server it is hosted on will be undergoing a full reinstall due to a malware issue (resolved for the most part, just good practice to reinstall after such a thing)

I fully intend for the RPG-X server to be back up in time for Temporal Leap and am aiming for it to be back up before Tyrella.

Apologises for any inconvenience caused by this.  I will update this thread once the server is back online.

Announcements / Design A Theme Competition
« on: August 17, 2019, 10:11:34 pm »

Calling all designers, technical needs you!

It has been brought to my attention, numerous times, that the current theme is rather disliked, especially by Serris  :P

I have been planning to run this competition for a few months now, but have only just really had enough time to dedicated to building a new theme.

The winner of this competition will work closely with myself to hammer out a new design, you will get exclusive (along with Cabinet an POTLO) access to a development build of this site and an upcoming forum upgrade, you will also get your name immortalised in the footer of the website
Designed By <your name here> And Built By Callum Jackson

In order to enter this competition you need to submit to this thread an image of the TLO home page ( redesigned by yourself (you can of course edit the layout etc).  Along with this image you should include any extra details or images that you think would help describe your theme better.

You do not need to know CSS etc, I will build whatever theme wins this competition.

You have 2 weeks to come up with your design and submit it to this thread, after those two weeks are up all themes will go to a member vote lasting 1 week.

Competition Schedule
Accepting Entries - 18/08/2019 - 06/09/2019
Membership Voting - 06/09/2019 - 13/09/2019

Competition Entries

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Episode one began where the story will end, Captain Savage and Kajan meet face to face, alone, for the first time.

During this encounter Savage reveals to Kajan why he opted to carry out a plan that Kajan has been trying to stop Savage from doing.

During this flashback we see Captain Savage try and realign the temporal crystal matrix, in doing so he is shown what could become of him and his crew.

Savage sees an argument between Dulmur, Tate, & Savage on the bridge, arguing over which course of action to take, Savage caves and lets Dulmur carry out a plan that could save more lives than his own.  The plan doesn't work, but Savage thinks complying with Jaja IV's request to leave and not retaliate may help them in the future.

Upon arriving back home, Savage is shown that this was not the case, Jaja IV advanced beyond the Federation's level of tech and they were there to wipe the quadrant out.

In a last ditch attempt to save what remained of the present, Savage charged the temporal core one last time and jumped them to a short while before the battle commenced, using in warp maneuvering the Ariana is positioned close to the attacking fleet as they are warping into the quadrant, Savage uses the ships auto destruct to blow most of the fleet up before the battle ever begins.

In the aftermath of this vision, Savage opts to keep what he saw to himself, whether this will cause problems for him in the future he doesn't know.

Kajan begins to tell Savage his story...


Season Four | Episode One | Beginning of The End
Episode Director: C. Jackson & S. Archer

Required Maps: ariana

Kajan and Savage finally meet face to face!  Captain Savage describes an incident he had aboard Ariana 9 months prior as Kajan begins to reveal his true intentions.

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,9728.msg71349.html#new

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Title lost in a temporal anomaly...
« on: August 01, 2019, 07:50:17 pm »

Events / The Big Community Challenge (Singles) - Season Four
« on: August 01, 2019, 07:18:17 pm »
The Big Community Challenge (Singles) Returns for season 4!

Want to be in with a chance with entering the Earth's Elite hall of fame?  Then click that link below and sign on up!.

In this challenge, you will be put through a series of tests, at the end of each challenge, the member in first place will receive a reward that will help them during the next challenge (up until challenge week 3), they will also receive immunity, which they can use in the following week , (from challenge 3 onwards).  From challenge 4 onwards, the member in last place will be eliminated, unless they have immunity.

We will keep going until only 2 members are left, these members will then go head to head until only one remains.

The winner of this competition will go down in the EE hall of fame along with receiving the grand prize of £10 Gift Card (or game to equivalent value), Special Member Award, your name will apear on EE streams for your reigning period, a special yet to be revealed prize & all the bragging rights you can muster.

If you wish to participate in the third season of the community challenge, then use the link below to sign up, the first challenge will be on 09/08/2019.  This competition will last a maximum of 3 months, that will be enough time for roughly 12 challenges.  If you miss a week, you will be disqualified, if you miss a week but have immunity, you will be classed as being in last place and be safe for that week only.

The Rules:

  • Missing a week will automatically put you in last place
  • Teaming up on challenges is permitted, but only one person can win
  • Immunity gives you immunity from being eliminated from the next weeks challenge
  • Rewards will give you a helping hand for the next weeks challenge
  • If you do not have the game that the challenge will be on, you must inform the game master the week before the challenge
  • You will not be told what each challenge is, until the time of the challenge, you will be given a hint however
  • Challenges may receive extra hints throughout the week at random intervals by browsing the website
  • Cheating, use of admin, hacking, exploits, or similar are not permitted and will lead to instant disqualification and you will be banned from participating in any community challenge season in the future
  • Challenges will continue until only two challengers remain
  • This is a PG-12 Event
  • All challenges will be streamed live, you will be given your challenge hint 24 hours prior to the challenge, but you will be told what game it will be on, 1 week before the event.

Betting will be open to all other members, you can bet each week for 10 EECoin, the total pot will be shared out between whoever win the bet.  The final challenge betting will see a starting pot of 500 EECoin, bets should be Private Messaged to the Game Master.

CHALLENGERS! When signing up for this event, please include a few random facts about yourself, what special skills you may have to help you win this challenge, and anything else you feel is pertinent.

You can sign up here right now -

First challenge is Friday 9th August @ 20:00 BST, lasting roughly 1 hour.  Each subsequent challenge will be on the following Friday's at 20:00 BST

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Season Four
« on: July 10, 2019, 01:13:18 pm »
Captain Savage reaches over and presses the ship wide comm button on his arm rest...

=/\=All hands this is the Captain, we should be passing through this temporal anomaly soon and be able to resume our mission.  Could all hands please report in=/\=

Savage tapped the button again to close the channel, glancing at his PADD waiting for his crew to report in.

Season 4 is coming soon, could all SRP participants who will be joining us for our next chapter please let us know below.  We're still discussing when exactly we'll be returning but I fully expect it to be soon-ish.

If you are new to this SRP and wish to sign up, then please head over to our crew manifest -,9728.0.html

This SRP will continue to run in it's usual time slot of Sundays @ 20:30BST / 15:30EST upon it's return.

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