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Started by Alexbond, October 12, 2019, 12:17:59 am

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Hello all. Found this site and thought it was quite interesting. I'm real busy, but I'd love to get involved if I can! I'm a Bachelor of Music Education so time is a bit wonky.

Where's a good place or person to talk to in order to get more information? I'm not the best at searching through forums nowadays.




Welcome to TLO!

If you want information about Non-Trek games then contact either me or RadioActivitii.
If you have questions about RPG-X then you can talk to either Grizz or Shoot.
General information? You can ask the President, or any of us really.


Welcome to TLO! If you have any interest in RPG-X you can learn more here!,9967.0.html


Hi! Welcome to TLO!


For many of you forum people, long time no see!
I've been having a nose through the forums for ages, figured I may as well say hello!

Quite a bit of downtime in the evenings again (Huzzah!)

Expect me to bother you more :)