Star Trek: First Steps: SRP Mission Statement

Started by Telex Ferra, April 20, 2013, 02:09:59 pm

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Telex Ferra

April 20, 2013, 02:09:59 pm Last Edit: April 20, 2013, 02:15:17 pm by Telex Ferra
Hey guys,

Klaw and I are entirely committed to providing a distinct and memorable RP experience with First Steps, and to ensure that we accomplish that goal, I have outlined a few goals for us to strive for. Once we start in May, I'd really like your input on how well we are achieving these goals. This may come in the form of just commenting on the episode info thread, or in polls similar to what Grizz and Griffiths are doing for Asteroid Field.

The goals for this SRP are as follows:

We intend to provide a memorable experience by:
1: Providing an entirely accessible remake of Star Trek: First Steps that is 100% accessible by someone who did not play the original.

2: Writing episodes well in advance of the air date, allowing us to use techniques such as foreshadowing that are not possible in SRPs that are written from week to week.

3: Telling a a deep and rich story while still allowing people to have a meaningful impact on the plot* and develop their characters as they see fit.

4: Developing a relatively unseen era in Star Trek with new rules, species and technologies that are succinct and easy to remember and are not so complicated that they hinder enjoyment of the SRP

5: Instill a sense of fluidity in the story so that each story feels connected to a greater whole rather than entirely disjointed from week to week.

*For example, in one episode, Klaw and I will pose a problem to the crew and leave it entirely up to them to solve. That is, Peters and He will largely be involved in that plot, and the solution will be entirely determined by the players.