Serial Role Plays

Disarray amoungst Romulan colonies in once-Federation occupied territories has forced Starfleet’s hand. In a final bid to restore peace, the Third Fleet moved in to the Tyrella sector, and the Romulans soon retreated. The Romulan neutral zone was re-drawn so that the Tyrella sector fell under Federation control. One system within the sector, was Accobar. The Accobar system is pierced by a vast asteroid field. Within, an abandoned Romulan communications outpost, under Federation renovation. However, the history of the station remains unknown. But one thing Starfleet has already found out, is that the Romulans want it back.

Led by Subcommander Sel’tar, a breakaway faction who once inhabited the station, have already made an attempt to reclaim the Accobar System by launching a full blown attack of the newly christened Asteroid Base-Alpha. Although the crew were able to prepare the station in time, and drive back Sel’tar’s forces, the events of the day changed the situation drastically. The powers that be within the Romulan Star Empire refuse to acknowledge the existence of Sel’tar’s rogue followers, leaving the Starfleet crew on their own on the brink.

But the day Sel’tar tries to once again reclaim her station lies in the future. Until then, there are questions to be answered, ancient civilisations to be explored and mysteries to be unravelled as Star Trek: Asteroid Base returns anew to RPG-X. This is only the beginning…

The USS Dauntless, launched in 2401 was the testbed for the Federations Quantum Slipstream drive. With computing power finally reaching the level required for the complex quantum field calculations, the Dauntless was build with the latest in Federations technology. Dauntless, together with a select few other ships, was assigned to explore the Delta Quadrant. There, they met many wonders, species both friendly and hostile, spacial phenomenon and re-discovered a few of the places the USS Voyager had been to.

In 2406, the Dauntless encountered the Terrans, the humans from the mirror universe, due to a slipstream accident. Data on this incident however allowed the Terrans to develop a technology to send entire ships to our own universe, and they did.

The Terrans managed to tear a rift to our universe and they send a wave of ships trough, beforestarfleet forces in the Delta Quadrant where able to seal the rift. The current status of the Terrans is unknown. The place where the rift was, a weak spot in subspace, is now guarded by the USS Zac Johnson, the sister ship to the USS Dauntless. The Dauntless was heavily damaged and decommissioned after their last encounter with the Terrans.

It has been six months since Dauntless’ decommission and its crew has settled into their new jobs. The USS Discovery-A, the ship assigned to the Delta Quadrant Starbase, Starbase Ariel, is on a small recon mission in the Delta Quadrant. They are mapping a local nebula. After a few days, they discover a ship, badly damaged, hiding in the nebula. They find the ship’s captain still alive, but all its crew dead. The captain of the ship is treated in sickbay whilst the crew of the Discovery finds out the ship is a Mitosian patrol ship. As the only federation vessel to have contact with the mysterious Mitosian owners of the vessel, the Dauntless is recommissioned and its crew reinstated and dispatched to investigate…