Download RPG-X

Both versions of RPG-X include:

  • The latest version of RPG-X (2.3) and its dependencies
  • The latest rpgxEF game engine
  • Rank and class files for playing on The Last Outpost’s servers

Furthermore, both versions are free and legal to download and play. Using them is the best and quickest way to ensure your installation works with our servers!

Star Trek RPG-X: Ultimate Edition

RPG-X Ultimate Edition is the most comprehensive standalone installer ever released for RPG-X, designed and distributed by The Last Outpost. RPG-XUE contains the latest RPG-X client, as well as virtually every mod and file dependency a new user could possibly need. It’s a hefty download at 4.28 GB, but if you’re just getting into RPG-X, this is the most convenient package you can get!

Download Ultimate from The Last Outpost

Star Trek RPG-X: Standard Edition

RPG-X Standard Edition is the smallest installer available. While RPG-XSE doesn’t contain any of the user-created mods developed for RPG-X, the file size is far smaller than the Ultimate Edition package, coming in at only 1 GB.

Download Standard from The Last Outpost