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Joining us for Season 4? Here is some information that you might need to know!
We are also working on slightly longer story form pieces for each season - but this is the quick read thread!

In 2433, the Temporal Investigations Star Ship Ariana is the first Ariana Class timeship - a new line of vessels set to be Starfleets first line of Temporal Investigation ships.
Kitted out with a Temporal Core and a Temporal Investigation Assistant AI (TIA) - these small vessels are set to map the timeline.
Ariana is the first command of Captain Oscar Savage and the first Starfleet commission of his XO - Marion Dulmur, a former Department of Temporal Investigations agent, displaced from the late 24th century.

As they completed their shakedown cruise, Dulmur disobeys standing orders and brings the TIA system online and she starts their first jump and begins their mission... (We later find out that a future Savage sent his command codes to Admiral Jackson of the Enterprise to relay to Dulmur to make sure the mission starts the way it does)

In season 3, the Ariana has a major refit at Station Asteria, which the crew becomes based from for a number of episodes until it eventually transpires that the crew accidentally ended up in the antimatter universe after chasing Kajan (see TOS: The Alternative Factor and the Kajan section) and they are causing the entire universe to 'wink out.' After coming under suspicion by Echo Fleet, they steal the newly refitted Ariana and return to their own universe (marking the change in the map used from the Ariana map to the Endurance map.)

Their mission is critical - TIA detects several temporal distortions that together have caused a huge temporal shockwave, which, if not stopped, will destroy the timeline.
Every jump leads to a new time and a new location with a new mission that must be completed and each jump starts a new countdown, the crew have 12 hours to correct the distortion before they themselves are wiped out of existence...
After nearing exhaustion following their first few missions, TIA allows a 72 layover in the timestream between missions for the crew to recuperate.

Following the conclusion of Season 3, it is revealed by a future Savage that they have one year of their mission to go.

In Season 1, one of Ariana's jumps takes her into the distant future, where they find a downed Sovereign class vessel. After investigating, the crew find a blackbox recording and a mysterious device.
They discover that the device has a tremendous power and accidentally wiped out the galaxy whilst the crew of the downed vessel experimented on it whilst delivering it back to Earth. Ariana is able to save the future by hooking the device up to her temporal core and restoring a map the device made of the galaxy prior to it's destruction.
Savage orders the device destroyed, but Dulmur hides it away secretly and beings his own experiments on it...

In the next mission, the crew discover a different temporal version of the device whilst infiltrating Area 51 (or what they now know was Facility 31 and the 'Majestic-12' - the group who eventually become the infamous Section 31) but during their mission, this alternate version is stolen by an enemy from their past, Kajan (see Kajan section below.)

At the start of Season 2, as the crippled Ariana drifts further into the black hole that they have been stuck in for 147 years, Dulmur reveals that he still has the device and the crew is able to use it to power the ship long enough to jump away and continue their mission.
Savage, Okane and Dulmur argue about the future of the device but Savage no longer trusts Dulmur and has Okane keep tabs on him. But they do decide to keep the device and continue research on it - with Chief Science Officer Ardoxx heading up the team.

But their continued possession of the device paints a target on Ariana's back, with both Kajan and the Epoch (a future timeship) attempting to destroy them over it.

In Season 3, as their research continues, little information is discovered on the device as Dulmur takes on the team researching it after regaining Savage's trust. But whilst spending time in the antimatter universe, they do come across the device in that universe and attempt to stop Echo fleet from taking control of it but ultimately they must leave it as they escape that universe.

What is next for 'The Device?'

Friend or Foe? Just who is the mysterious character who has plagued Ariana and her mission from the very beginning...

The crew first encounter Kajan on their first mission in the second episode. They discover an ancient civilisation is receiving alien assistance from Kajan and they will go on to conqueor the rest of the world and in the future, obliterate Vulcan. The only way to keep history on track is to commit genocide...

Sometime later, and about 75 million years in the past, the crew encounters Kajan on an Earth like Mars. An unknown alien tries to kill the away team who are unable to escape due to temporal interference.
Kajan reveals he is here to stop Savage from committing the atrocity of Jaja IV, with Savage insistent he doesn't know what Jaja IV is, Kajan laughs, and speaking as though he knows Savage, raises his weapon while telling him "You still don't get it do you? Time travel.  I'm here to stop you BEFORE you can do it" but just before he can kill Savage, Ariana manages to beam an injured Okane back, distracting Kajan long enough for Savage to escape.
Kajan's temporal transport destabilises the Martian atmosphere and the inhabitants, along with Savage who is still stranded on Mars, evacuate to the neighbouring planet of Earth. Ariana is eventually able to beam Savage back from one of the evacuee ships and comes under attack from Kajan's vessel but are just able to escape.

During Savage and Dulmur's mission to Area 51, they encounter Kajan again who kills several of the base personnel and steals a past version of the device (see the device section) and a vessel which he uses to escape. It becomes apparent that the device found aboard the crashed Sovereign class ship in the future, capable of destroying a galaxy, is now in the possession of Kajan...

The crew again encounters Kajan after they jump 4 billion years into the future and witness the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda - he comes aboard Ariana and tells the Captain to destroy the device, which Savage refuses to do. He then leaves just before Ariana is almost swallowed by the super massive black hole at the centre of Andromeda.
As Ariana jumps again, Kajan confonts them in the timestream and opens fire, demanding that Savage destroy the device and if he doesn't, Kajan will destroy Ariana.
Savage is able to take manual control of the temporal drive and just escapes Kajan.

Towards the end of season 2, Ariana is betrayed by a future timeship named the 'Epoch' which is stealing resources from the past. During the course of the mission, Ariana is crippled and Savage and Okane are kidnapped by Captain Harmon, Epoch's captain.
But unexpectedly, Ariana is saved by Kajan, who engages and disabled the Epoch before taking it for himself. Savage and Okane are returned to the Ariana and Kajan promises that they will meet again before jumping away.

At the start of season 3 after Savage, Dulmur and Okane are abandoned on a planet they were mining for dilithium by TIA; Kajan again performs another good deed by using Epoch's temporal transporters to return them to Ariana. Savage wanting answers chases the much faster Epoch through the timestream and gets Ariana caught in her wake and accidentally sent into the anitmatter universe (see TISS Ariana section.)

The crew is unable to find Kajan or discover why he has gone from trying to destroy them to saving them.

Join us for season 4, the epic conclusion of the Ariana mission!

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