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Started by Callum603, March 14, 2018, 04:57:43 pm

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What a brilliantly great question, one that deserves a proper answer.  So I will answer it in the form of a piece of creative writing summarising the entire season one.  This will come in a completely different thread in the season one archive.

This SRP has been moved over from Earth's Elite as part of the RPG-X partnership deal, this SRP has already ran a full first season.  The first season will be fully recapped, as mentioned above.

Temporal Leap follows the Captain and crew of the TISS Ariana.  The Ariana is a new experimental Temporal Investigations Starship, the first ship in the Temporal Investigations division of Echo Fleet.

Commanded by Captain Oscar Savage, they must traverse the time stream to right that which is wrong, they have no control over their destination and they only have 12 hours at each drop out, if the ship remains out of the time stream for longer than 12 hours, they risk being hit by the temporal shockwave they are running from and risk being lost to time.

In this SRP we can go anywhere and anywhen, we will meet familiar as well as new faces along our journey.

At the time of posting this there is no confirmed time slot for this SRP, but myself and Scott will be discussing it very shortly and will hopefully be able to confirm within a week.

Feel free to sign up now if you wish to do so.  The manifest is located here - https://last-outpost.net/forum/index.php/topic,9728.msg71339.html#new.  You may list a reserved position as your first choice, but the current holder will have priority for the position.

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