RPG-X Call of the Void SRP Crew Skin Pack

Started by Arron Dominion, September 15, 2020, 01:10:32 am

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Arron Dominion

Hello Everyone!

I decided to wait until we were a little closer to October before revealing this even though Grizz gave me permission to do so earlier.  Grizz requested a skin for use in a future plot (no spoilers included) for Call of the Void Part II.

I introduce:

It is only one character at this time, however I am open to working on others if we need to.

Here is the trailer I put together for this release:

And you can download at the following locations:




Make sure to download from one of the above locations before this SRP starts.  Also, I structured the model files in this release in a way that other female characters in Main or other similarly constructed uniform sets could share this mod.  Feel free to use the assets for this or other works.