Ishimura's Future

Started by Andromeda, March 26, 2013, 02:58:52 pm

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March 26, 2013, 02:58:52 pm Last Edit: March 26, 2013, 03:00:24 pm by Andromeda
The Future of Star Trek: Ishimura, an SRP by Andzzy

It has come to my attention that Ishimura may face being shut down because we've not done an episode in awhile due to postponements.

Now. Everyone voted for 18:30 GMT+0, Which I know very well is fine and good for a large number of people as Asteroid Base used that exact same timeslot and it rarely had attendance issues.

I know the School Season is starting up again after the Easter Holidays, however there are some who frequently don't attend and many who have not signed up.

We would like to know what we can do to make the SRP more appeasing to you, but unless you actually tell us, we can't do anything.

We have two things to vote on here.

1) Vote on a time change or not

2) Vote on shutting it down on Mine and Andzzy's Terms

I urge you to think carefully. Ishimura has only really started and has a lot of potential still. There's a lot yet to come and a lot of our stories are going to be centered around your characters. Episode 7, Fountain of Eden is actually centered around TWO Characters who's Class rarely gets to do much other than sit down for 90% of the episode and push a few buttons.

I also urge you to think carefully as your vote is final. Unlike some in TLO, I do not allow for an option to Recast your vote.

Feel free to voice your opinions here. However be advised that myself and Andzzy have tried very hard to get your input (E.g. the Q&A Thread which only SFC3 really uses). There's nothing we can do to make an SRP better without your input. Other than hyping it up with some over the top trash about each episode to the point you get deluded by it. We are making an SRP with you, the player, in mind.

One Last Thing.

Try not to allow any negative Personal feelings you may hold towards Andzzy or Myself to cloud your judgement. As it could be unfair to others who want to keep Ishimura as an SRP.


Hello everyone,

A few days ago, Telex Ferra informed me as part of her report to me about the status of SRPs that Ishimura had not run for several weeks, and that she believed Ishimura needed to closed because of this inactivity. Though she has the power as RPG-X CO to make this decision on her own, she did seek out my opinion on this issue, and I concurred with her assessment. Today, Telex informed Andromeda of her decision in her capacity as RPG-X CO, and advised Andromeda that they would need to announce the closure of the SRP by this Friday. Telex also advised Andromeda that if he wanted to, he could re-submit Ishimura in an upcoming SRP poll to determine what our next SRP would be.

As Andromeda was made aware--this decision has been made and it is final at this stage. Therefore, I have removed the poll as the decision has been made (which was not made clear in the above post/poll) and have locked the topic.

Anyone with any questions, comments, or concerns can contact myself or Telex Ferra.