Star Trek: First Steps: Crew Roster and Applications (Applications are OPEN!)

Started by Telex Ferra, April 11, 2013, 10:41:20 pm

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Martin Thompson

Character Name: Willem Janssen

Character Age: 36

Top THREE Desired Positions:
CE (or any of the engineering positions), CSO (or any of the science positions), COMM

Character Country of Origin: The Netherlands (off course!)

Model: Kray (as always)

Times that work best for you: Well, we usually have dinner at the old Ishi/ AB slot so i would probably be late, for me anything between 15:00 and 18:00 gmt on a sunday is better (We usually ahve dinner at 18:00 so if we woul start then i would be most probably late to every episode).

Telex Ferra


(Just as a note - I hope you don't mind - but I went ahead and filled in my blanks)


Character Name: Aziz Karimov
Character Age: 31
Top THREE Desired Positions: ENG, TAC, SCI
Character Country of Origin: Uzbekistan
Model: Kim
Times that work best for you: Pretty much any time except for 11AM-1PM EST on Sundays. Availability may be somewhat sporadic--but I will do my best.



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Ensign - Top 3 (Least to Best): Doctor, Engineer, Security - Lionel George Nypup - Age 22- pupbenny- Durk - Commonwealth Of Australia

Time that works best for me: Saturday Or Sunday, (Starting Time) 15:00-17:00 GMT.

Lucas Picard

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Character Name: Pepe Benito
Character Age: 20
Top THREE Desired Positions SCI, ENG, TAC
Character Country of Origin: Spain
Model: Pasty
Times that work best for you: from 1800hrs GMT to 2100hrs GMT

Telex Ferra

would ti be possible for you to pick a model besides kim because Jenson already chose it?  :-[

Telex Ferra

Mutatio Nomen

Done and done. I'd also like to add my model is Nelson. If there is going to be flags of origin as such, it definitely needs to be the Scottish flag, no Union crap here please. :P

Very much looking forward to this!

Talus Roben

Character Name: Evangelous (Angelo) Christou
Character Age: Late 20s
Top THREE Desired Positions MED, SCI, ENG
Character Country of Origin: Greece
Model: TBD
Times that work best for you: Weekends


Character Name: Kevin Stokes
Character Age: 28
Top THREE Desired Positions: Tac, Med, Sci/Eng (They carry equal weight IMO)
Character Country of Origin: Canada!
Model: Not Sure Yet
Times that work best for you: Current proposed time works beautifully.
Additional Comments: This will be awesome!!! :D

December. Cheer for everyone!

Telex Ferra

Ryan Stokes

Character Name: Ryan Baker
Character Age: 25
Top THREE Desired Positions: MED SCI ENG
Character Country of Origin: Italy
Model: Odell
Times that work best for you: Whatever time is assigned

John Adams

Character Name: John Adams
Character Age: 34
Top THREE Desired Positions: ENG, MED, TAC
Character Country of Origin: United States
Model: Chase
Times that work best for you: Whenever.