Captain Rick Peters

Started by Klaw, April 14, 2013, 11:47:33 pm

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Name: Johnathon Richard Peters III

Date of Birth: Sept 18th, 1989 (Age 37)

Birthplace: Montgomery, Alabama, United States of America

Position: Colonel, United States Air Force, Executive officer of the NOVA initiative.

Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Military History from The University of Southern California

Bio: Peters was born in Montgomery Alabama in 1989 to his parents John and Rebecca. He is the youngest of 8 children, and the only son in the family.

At an early age, Peters found school more than difficult - nearly impossible. He lost interest in his education, up until the point where he was starting to consider college. Peters attended USC and earned two degrees there, and later went back for his masters in Engineering. Peters' decision to join the United States Air Force was not well thought on by his peace-loving family.

Peters signed on and attended Officer school, making his way up, Peters worked largely in the field as a tech specialist - establishing and maintaining computers and networks on the field. The job was a cake walk, until the base he was working on in 2013 was attacked by a terrorist group. This minor skirmish served as a turning point in Peter's life; he claims it put life in perspective, and yet - some may argue he's combating with undiagnosed Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Never the less, the conflict, which he speaks very little about, changed his attitude, but heightened his work ethic.

Peters has been very vocal with the Ironman project benefactors about the thought of having anyone from "Communist China" on board his ship, let alone commanding it; but because of his work ethic, "Orders are orders". Peters now waits for the crew on board the SS Ironman alone, and in deep thought; looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime, and the chance to leave Earth behind forever.

Telex Ferra

What's this, one of our episodes is titled The NOVA Initiative and it's also on Peters' bio. Can there be a connection ???


Quote from: Telex Ferra on April 20, 2013, 01:34:59 pm
What's this, one of our episodes is titled The NOVA Initiative and it's also on Peters' bio. Can there be a connection ???

Pfft! Of course not! What do you think this is? Some sort of LORE-factory? :)
It's a good day to die! When you know the reasons why. Citizen we fight for what is right! A noble sacrifise, when duty calls you pay the price! For the federation I will give my life! (Starship troopers got stuck in my head)