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Martin Thompson

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Dauntless thwarted Andrews plan. Captain Thompson takes the Dauntless into the temporal rift formed by the future dauntless, back to 2401. There, the slipspace catalyst on board the future dauntless is about to go off. With weapons down, captain Thompson rams the Dauntless into the Future Daunltess, causing them to both be sucked in to a quantum rift that closes soon after.

On Earth, Dauntless is remembered. Havaris Kaiul and Reginald Lefler both get a promotion. Ezela leaves starfleet to go back to work for the Liirians. When her ship leaves the solar system, she orders to fire on the prioner transport transporting Andrew, destroying it noting that "karma, she's a cruel mistress" and then setting a course for home.

Time is saved, the Delta Quadrant goes on, and Star Trek Dauntless ends.

Thanks for all the fun during the past 5 years of SRP and the past 2 years on TLO. Thanks you all, I will never forget this and I hope you won't either.


Congratulations, Martin & everyone involved  :)


Martin, thank you for this SRP. It was a pleasure, and I will never forget :)

Lucas Picard

Same thing goes for me too Martin,
Good show and it was fun to take part near the end of the SRP sorry for not turning up at the beginning to the end
but I really enjoyed myself Thank you so much!

Talus Roben

Well it's been a fantastic ride Martin. Thank you for all the time and effort you and everyone else involved in Dauntless have put in over the years!



Five Years of SRP Episodes. Over 40 Signups. Over 100 Episodes. Multiple Story arcs and multiple heartbreaks.
From the minds of Andromeda, Martin Thompson and Jantrix.

Star Trek: Dauntless started in late 2009 as a spin off to the popular Star Trek: Voyager-A with the STV-A Project. A new ship, a new story. The two ran parallel to each other. Written by various people as they became CO of the SRP as it changed hands, it eventually landed in the hands of Jantrix and Martin. Andromeda had been with the crew from Day 1 with the pair and over time the three created over a dozen seasons. From fighting with Rouge's to Terrans, 8472 to Borg, Fen'Domar to Mitosan but there was always one person on board the crew loved but hated at the same time, a Liirian.

The vessel was a home, a family formed. For years this family faced danger after danger in the name of Exploration, Science and Justice.

USS Dauntless - NX-90000

It was a quiet afternoon on Earth following the service to remember the Dauntless and her Captain, Martin Thompson. He sacrficed his life so that Andrew, leader of the Anti-DSI Terrorist group could not succeed in his plan to change history.

As the rain washed away the flowers lain by starfleet personnel had put down around an empty coffin, Ezela Vento resigned her commission. She left her position as Liaison of the Liir'Shakar Empire to the Federation and took back her position as Captain of the LSV Nok'Kesh, a sisterhood vessel.

As the Dauntless's former crew receive their promotions, orders and prepare for shore leave, Ezela prepared herself to take one final move. Exiting FTL outside of Pluto and under cloak she stalked the Prison vessel as it prepares to leave the system. Decloaking and preparing a dampening field, Ezela says her last words "Karma. She's a cruel Mistress" as she orders the destruction of the USS Constable. 2900 Prisoners and 40 Starfleet officers, Killed in the name of personal justice.

No one ever knew how the vessel was destroyed. And it was remarked as a Warp Core incident.

5 Years later, And the crew of the Dauntless have their own lives to lead.

Captain Reginald Lefler of the USS Akula. The First Starfleet Captain to bring peace between the Tii'Gaan and the Liir'Shakar Empire, 400 years of border skirmishes end. He leads a distinguished carreer but always looks out of into a room, hoping to see Ezela or Martin again.

Commander Havaris Kaiul of the 901st Recon Fleet. His skills gained from working on Dauntless go towards keeping the DSI safe from all sides. He successfully prevents another attempt by the Terrans to enter our universe. Yet he always feels he's being watched by someone, perhaps Ezela keeping an eye on her old friend from the shadows.

Lieutenant Commander Dominic Pasty, Chief Engineer of the USS Istanbul. He keeps a staff picture on his office shelf from the Dauntless. Himself, the engineering teams and his old commanding officer, Ezela. He never sees her again. And he never forgets the lessons she taught him on dealing with commanding officers - "Always lie with your time estimates. If the job will take an hour, tell him three hours and they will think you're a god."

Lieutenant Russel Xokon, Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Istanbul. He never did leave his friends side. The pair remained close friends following the Dauntless. Why split a family up if they're good as they are?

Lieutenant Junior Grade Nuhir D'Mora, while his assignment to Dauntless was short, it got him any job he wanted in the Federation. Daystrom, Memory Alpha, Mars, Atlantis or the Enterprise. He lead a full and successful career as the leader of his own science team.

Commander Starrs never did forget what he learnt from Lefler, even on the far side of the Federation as the COS of Deep Space 21. He got to meet people from across the Delta Quadrant and even his old friends. However his assignment was more than he thought it would be, He's now expecting quadruplets following an interesting experience with a passing Xyrillian starship.

And the remainder of the crew? Well their stories are still as open as the others. What will come for them in the future? Will the future predicted here ever occur? What was it Ezela said? The Quantum Multiverse is a place of mystery, for every choice made an equal reality is created with an alternate outcome, or an alternate choice made.

As for the Dauntless, they never planned to make another. A recreation was built at the Starfleet Museum and on a spring morning you can see the Tulips bloom in the fields of the Netherlands.

But what of Ezela? Why she was never heard from again. After rejoining the Sisterhood only her family ever really heard from her. But she was always around, watching from the shadows. That warp core breach that suddenly fixed itself, that was her. That alien vessel chasing you but suddenly exploded, she did that. She never let harm come to those she held dearest. But what motivated her? Grief? Hate? Anger? Her history alone is shrouded in enough cloaks and darkness as it is, what could possibly be her motivation?


Congrats to all those involved. :)


Wish I could have been there for the final run! Despite missing the end, I greatly enjoyed everything I took part in with Dauntless, and congratulations are definitely in order to everyone who was a part of it!

Mutatio Nomen

Indeed during my short time aboard, it already felt so..epic.

-Numir D'Kora
Science Officer

Martin Thompson

I'm really glad you all enjoyed your time on Dauntless. I hope to see you all again in the future!


I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this and making this topic active again (Sorry Guys!) but I couldn't not thank the brilliant people of The Last Outpost, the admins, the senators and most importantly the members, thank you for a brilliant run and thank you for all of your support.

Writing this story has been a journey, for me I began on Dauntless way back at Voyager-A as the Dauntless's commander, then months later myself and martin took the reigns of Dauntless and eventually managed to bring her to you all where we gained amazing support - Thank you Martin for working with me over these last years, and a special thank you to Reg and Rommy for there dedication to this story and the contributions they have made (Since Day 1), A big part of the Dauntless's back story belongs to you Rommy, and it was a brilliant addition to the arc of this Serial Role Play, thank you for sharing it with us. I'm very sorry that due to time constraints I have not been around lately, but I knew Dauntless Was safe in the hands of Martin and Andromeda.

Thank you all for your dedication, and I hope you enjoyed being a part of this story as much as we enjoyed telling it.