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Started by nat19101988, June 26, 2013, 09:15:58 am

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hi all dose any 1 know how to use the mapping tool gtkRadiant am looking to get a model of a warp core and transporter pad but caint seem to find.

thanks nat


Using GTKRadiant is an extremely complex process that takes a lot of time to learn. You're best off leaving it until you have a mastery of the basics of RPG-X.


i have watched videos on the programe ive got all the basic but things like adding in warpcores and transporters caint see to find anything


You don't just "add" them, you MAKE them. You have to design and put them in yourself, 100% on your own. That's how mapping works. This isn't a drag-and-drop tool.



I'm a resident mapper in these parts (Watch out for Frigate V2 releasing sometime this week :P)

When I first started out, everything I made was big, blocky... and honestly - Hideous.... but I loved it, because it was mine! it took me A LOT of time to learn about things like entities - new shapes, shrinking the grid to make smaller brushes, etc.

Everything you build will be built from scratch - and, honestly there are three utilities that I used, that I think would be beneficial to any and all new mappers out there.

Youtube (Search for GTK Radiant tutorials)
Will and Ants source files (So you can reverse engineer their work, and see how it works.)
Ubergames If you enter their forums, and go to the mapping section.... You'll find A LOT of information to help you out.

However, the absolute BEST thing you can do is - spend some more time learning the intricacies of RPG-X - That way, when it comes time to map... you'll not only know how (Thanks to the stuff above) but You'll also know WHAT to build :P

Martin Thompson

And if you are talking about entities, (which are the things in a map that tell the game where a door is and how it moves, and how the transporter in RPG-X EF works etc), you need to do an extra thing, because GTK needs to know what entities are supported by RPG-X. At the time of posting this i dont have time to explain it in detail, but basically there are 2 things:

-Brushes/Patches: the things you actually see, like the physical warp core, the door, etc. Everything that renders in a game is either a brush or a patch.

-Entities: The things that you don't see but are there to make stuff happen, like doors, lights etc.

Furthermore, have a look at what Klaw posted, thats good advice ;) Just use radiant and see if you can make a first easy map. Start out with just a box as a room and go from there. If you have any specific question after that, feel free to post them. A general "how does gtk work" question is pretty hard to answer.


get this message in GtkRaidant every time i bsp the map: 

Error opening C:/Program Files/Raven/Star Trek Voyager Elite Force/BaseEF/baseEf/maps/nat testNo brushes selected.
: Invalid argument

Martin Thompson

By default GTK tries to start Elite Force every time you build a map. Somewhere in the settings/options you should disable that. To test the map, just make sure the .bsp file of the map is located in BaseEF/maps of your RPG-X installation, then start RPG-X, open the console and type /map yourmapname

Also, try to avoid spaces in file names, im not 100% sure that might cause problems but it is safer not to do that.