How to apply to join SIS!

Started by criminula, June 19, 2013, 12:24:13 pm

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Want to join SIS? Choose 3 open positions from the roster here, and then create a new thread using the following template:

Character Name:
Preferred Positions (Top 3 in priority order):
Best times for you:
Bit of character backstory (Optional, but nice to know what sort of thing you did before SIS):

A few notes. Firstly, with preferred positions, please include team number next to each position. If enough spaces are filled, I will open some of the closed positions. Secondly, please check the roster and other active apps carefully to make sure you don't pick the same model as someone else. Finally, I would have liked to run SIS at the old Dauntless time, but that isn't possible for me, so please don't suggest that timeslot. Weekday availability would be nice to know, as it may likely be the most practical way I can do it.

Any queries, post here or PM me. I'm around on steam (criminula) and skype ( if you want a chat!