S03E02 - "Heraean Games" - 08/02/14

Started by Grizz, February 01, 2014, 06:14:09 pm

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Production Code: 3x02
Episode Title: "Heraean Games"
Writer: Grizz
Air Date: 8th February 2014

A search and rescue operation back across the Neutral Zone gives Commander Klaw additional time to assemble the resources required to launch a second supply convoy in the hopes of evading the mining vessel on the warpath. Lieutenant Thrace and the science team continue their investigation in to the Narada's Borg augmentations - with disturbing results. All the while, Captain Mason continues to delay facing the music for the missing medical frigate which set these events in motion. En-route to the source of the distress call, it becomes increasingly clear that the Taylor Peace Agreement holds little weight in these new, desperate times - forcing the Hera to reach it's destination the long way round - and put some of it's trust in an old acquaintance. Gaila.

You will need:

Solaris [ USS Hera ]


Putting trust in Gaila?

That can't end well.


An Introduction to 'Heraean Games'
(10 Teasers Shelved Indefinitely)

I have known for the last twelve months that the third season would start with quite a bit of time away from Pioneer, so I hope you have got your affairs in order, because this trip is going to take a while. As preparations continues for the next aid convoy, the crew are off on something of a lone side mission to quietly recover the medical frigate from the first attempt - without drawing attention to themselves - which isn't going to be a simple task. Along the way there are a number of obstacles to navigate - each of which challenges each department - Tactical, Engineering, Science & Medical - while Mason & Barnes face some dilemmas of their own. Speaking of which, he seems to have been able to use Hobus as an excuse not to tell her about Walter Peirce. Oops. We also encounter Gaila again, for the first time since the opening episodes of Asteroid Field. In what capacity? Who am I to say.

A word of advice, following on from last week -  I want to build on the character reactions to recent events. This is still a crew that have mostly been on the edge since the Season Two finale, with little downtime. Between set pieces, there's going to be a lot of breathing room for you guys to play with. While many of you will still have slow-burning goals, please do take the opportunity to make the most of some personal time. So come prepared for it! It probably won't last...