Task Force Theta - Episode 3: "Chain of Command" [POSTPONED TO 02/03/14]

Started by Archibald, February 16, 2014, 09:08:26 am

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Task Force Theta - Episode 3: "Chain of Command"

Having escaped the traitorous Admiral Ward the crew of the USS Atlantis now are heading back to federation space to report the shocking events that occurred in Klingon space including the Admiral's strange link with the Tal Shiar and the strange devices that they beamed aboard. When they reach federation space however, when they try to answer the questions that were raised by the Admiral's actions, will they find the answers that they are looking for? Like why does he want the crew to go to Qo'nos? Why did he decide to let the crew escape? And how far does his control extend?. Will they end up coming across even more questions that need answering? One thing is for sure though, they won't leave federation space thinking of Admiral Ward's actions in the way they were before and Starfleet headquarters isn't going to be the safe haven they thought it was.

Required files:
STRP Headquarters 2: http://www.iwantstudios.com/

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Telex Ferra

I don't think I'll be able to make this one Archibald. Sorry.



Well, maybe not now. This episode has been postponed until next week, as we did not get sufficient numbers attending to warrant advancing the plot. (Only 2 people showed up besides myself and Archibald, and only one of those two was actually on the roster).

Telex Ferra

I can't make it this week either  :'( :'( :'(

If you want, you can remove me from the mSRP as the CSO. If I can come, I can just take a junior position.


Unfortunately, this episode will be postponed again, as Archibald informs me that he will be unable to make it.