Episode 5- Auld Lang Sine (Old Long Since)

Started by Scott Archer, May 13, 2015, 01:02:09 pm

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Scott Archer

I don't care if I die between now and Friday, this is going ahead!
This will probably be a longer episode due to the shorter episode 4!
If you have had any role in this mSRP then feel free to come! If you haven't, feel free to come! We can sort roles out on the night.
This is 3:30 EDT and 8:30 BST. I'll post in the shoutbox when it is!

Info: After securing passage through Jarulan space, the crew starts to suffer from minor radiation sequence.
One day, about half way through he journey something goes wrong with the tier 3 warp drive and the ships in the fleet are thrown vast distances across space.
Yeager's crew is marooned a long way away from home.

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